Heroes of Death

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“Oh come on Bob, you said you wanted an experiment, but you said nothing about the parameters.”

“Sweet Jesus! When I said fighting, I didn’t mean to the death!”

“You wanted a test of the rays’ effectiveness. Real world conditions, your words, not mine.”

“You’ll pay for this; I’m calling the General.”

“Whose idea do you think it was for a fight to the death? Mine? No, his. He’s already got a cleanup crew headed here. Thirty minutes from now there will be no evidence that any of this happened.”


“No buts. It worked. We’re going to be heroes.”

This story was written for TWB 100-words challenge: https://steemit.com/contest/@thewritersblock/introducingour100-wordmicro-fictionchallenge-msw1c2domk

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You should get a 100 words book going or something for toilet reading. Not that I wouldn't read it other places other than droppin a deuce, but their short and interesting and seem like a good way to pass the time while sitting on the throne. I'd buy one :)

That is a brilliant idea!! @preparedwombat, let me know if you want to co-author. We could have fun with this. :-)

Please do it! These stories are like taking a page out of a novel (that doesn't yet exist), just a snippet of info, but the story line could go on and in many different directions. I want the first copy!

I'm really tempted by this. I love micro-fiction! (And I run a weekly 50-word story challenge.) I would totally read a book of 100-word short stories.

The story...
The picture...
Sure brought back memories of playing with my friends in middle school!
Poncho and Leo, Tim Kincaid...(I forget the name of the girl that hung out with us)

Our ray guns were sure lethal though.

I love this story. It's creepy and hilarious in a rather bizarre way!