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“911, what’s your emergency?”

“We need help, there’s a massacre in progress!”

“Where are you, sir?”

“At the stadium, send help, quick!”

“Which stadium? Can you describe the situation? Is there an active shooter?”

“It’s a slaughter!”

“There’s fighting?”

The caller stifled a noise. A laugh?

“Sir, can you please describe what’s happening?”

“We’re done for!”


Thanks to the superior skill of the visiting team, the Tampa Bay Rays would indeed go on to lose that baseball game, 0 to 13.

Thanks to call tracing technology, the prankster would go on to receive a summons to appear in court.

This was my entry in the 100-Word Micro-Fiction Contest being hosted by @thewritersblock.

@DollarsAndSense is a father, veteran, participant in the rat race, freelance writer, and volunteer EMT. Want to read more of my fiction?

Wait Calculation, Chapter 1 - A Sci-Fi Novel

Unless otherwise noted, all text and images in this post are my own and may not be reused without my permission.

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Good luck friend.

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Haha, no not funny.... HAHAHA


Abusing the 911 system is NEVER funny. This public service announcement was brought to you by dollarsandsense.

Funny. One of my favorite things about flash fiction is the twist at the end. It's so satisfying. You've done a lot here with only 100 words. :-)

Love the Writers Block Contest great @dollarsandsense yup hang up quickly.

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Great work, @dollarsandsense! My heart was pounding as I read this. I can imagine some joker pulling this prank. And yeah, they should get a good swift kick in the arse for it!


Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah people who think this kind of thing is funny are deranged.

haha! very good sir dollarsandsense very good! there's no time limit on this one? was it hard to do a story in 100 words?


Once I had the concept in mind, it wasn't too bad. It takes a little tweaking to get it to just the right word count, but it's doable!

I think the deadline for submissions is next Saturday night, so you've got plenty of time if you want to join in!


lol! I could probably do one about how I don't want to do one and that might work. might offend someone though so I guess I better pass. I'm about as creative as a fence post.


It’s a fun way to try your hand at writing!


haha! yes Ma'am I agree and I might try it eventually if I get inspired or offered a big enough reward! lol. thank you!