Netflixing Reference: 2017

in tv •  2 years ago 
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These some of the great series which you reviewed from time to time and looking for many more in 2018.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Today is the last day of 2017, so no more words.

Happy New Year 2018.

Thank you.

Give me some more reviews @talanhorne

Wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful.

You made a collection of great reviews in 2017 and hope in 2018 you will do more and do best! Wish you a happy new year friend!


I will. Thanks for sticking around for so long.

Happy new year.

@talanhorne sir... wel done and perfect work sir...
Actually I'm really like watched tv series...specialy romantic movie...
I wish U all the Best and Happy New Year 2018 sir....

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Excellent tv series, Great post. @talanhorne
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Wonderful post i like your post thanks for sharing useful information @talanhorne
have a good day..

@talanhorne, Totally awesome Netflix series you wrote this year. Thanks for inform to steemians.

Very amazing list! I will go through each review and will see which one I pick first to watch. Thank you very much, @talanhorne! ☺💚

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Wow! What a great list of movies and tv shows @talanhorne!!! It's sunday here and this list is very very helpful to make my sunday full of fun. Thank you! ☺

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Wonderful post i like your post thanks for sharing useful information @talanhorne
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Amazing post and great content sir. Awesome tv shows and movies. These all have a great story and concept. I love to watch tv series and movies in my free time with my friends. Superb choice of yours sir!! I like your post very much.😊

Thank you so much @talahorne sir for sharing this post with us.

Have a glorious day!!

Wonderful TV shows and movies sharing this year under the Netflix series.
Thank you for the support. Will hope next year you'll do continuous work.
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Happy new year to you @talanhorne.

Wow! Brilliant and amazing post sir.
You are so much talented and professional writer too. Great work sir and nice content.
I learned many things from your post sir.
I'm so thankful to you. Thanks @talanhorne sir, for sharing this post.😊

Have a great day!!

Congratulations @talanhorne
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

In 2017, you made a collection of exceptional reviews. Nice summary...!!!

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awesome reviews over the time 2017 was great with all your posts and reviews recommendations :)

good movie reviews .thanks for this post.
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I was really enjoyed with your movie posts. Perhaps had some horrible looks some movies. Sadness, happiness and love indeed all once. Thanks for the support.

2017 list is amazing now can't wait for 2018 all the best and happy new year

Hello @talanhorne,

Extraordinary good movie reviews & writings you have done in 2017. Wish you a happy new year & all your works & blogging needs to be success in this 2018 too.


Great reviews collection i think i should bookmark this post : )

Great work and Happy New Year 2018 @talanhorne
have a great day

I just started following you recently, so I missed most of these the first time around. Tjanks for sharing this! I'll look forward to 2018!

Glad to have you aboard.

Watched many of the movies and should say your reviews never disappoints looking forward to see more in 2018

Wow great reviews you have done the list just keep getting better
Happy New Year dear have a great year ahead !!

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Great TV Series Reference. @talanhorne
For your post propagation.

@talanhorne - Sir thank to you I could watch a lot of good movies & TV series in 2017... Hope to see your best reviews in 2018 too Sir... God bless your works & Happy New Year...


Happy New Year.

That is a great reviews .good job
100% like and resteem

wow this is awesome..thanks for sharing a crazy tv series watcher :)

oh fanatic bro step by step daily you have made that much post wow time flies away so quickly
Happy New Year

Thank you bro for sharing this it's a great recap too of amazing post's

Great job this year making so much great content!!!

Wow really a very good post are doing a greate and hard work..really i hearfully appreciated sir ..the way of presentation is looking nice..thank you for sharing with us...@talanhorne

Woah, so many movies, so much time, thx for share, i hope see someone o these. see ya

wow nice collection.
Well done

Those are indeed great numbers ,really hoping it will increase in the 2018
Happy New Year buddy !

Nice post.

Hi there! Im new to steemit and will have to check these out! Im from Vancouver, Canada but live in Mexico, so Netflix is my go-to. Thanks! Have you watched Peaky Blinders yet? Im hooked; it's got an awesome soundtrack too!

Have not yet checked out Peaky Blinders. I have a long to-watch list, so I can't be sure I'll get to it. But I thank you for your recommendation.

You're welcome. It's pretty intense though!

Death Note (2017) was a terrible movie,I expect better than netflix

The angry birds was fine

happy new years


Good post
Thank for sharing

impressive netflix tv series & movie reviews collection of 2017. happy new year @talanhorne

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

Happy new year dear @talanhorne
have a great year full of happiness,prosperity and love

This is Really really like watched tv series. great work.
Wish your happhy new year

Happy New Year & Wish to read more reviews in 2018 too.

~Followed & Upvoted

A collection of excellent movie & tv series review. Happy new year~

Happy New Year great way of signing off 2017 have a great year ahead

thanks for all the post link of the reviews you have done thanks
happy new year

That is a amazing work and 2017 Netflixing Reference.
thanks for sharing.

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