Game of Thrones Season 8 Full Trailer is here!

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Night king cover.jpg

No more teasers, no more short snaps in HBO trailer. The full season 8 trailer here and it is glorious! It seems to hyping up two major battles. The battle for Winterfell and the battle for the throne. By whoever will be left alive to fight Cersei and the Golden Company.

Seeing the dragons flying over Winterfell gave me goose bumps. Arya is amazing as always. Seeing Brienne at the front line of battle and Jaime after taking a hit and still keeping his vow, that just makes me super excited.

If there is something that this show has that no other can replicate its production value. This looks amazing. Every outfit, every digital effect, every wig. They spared no expense. I think we will not be disappointed in the end by the show.

How excited are you? Our watch is almost over.

Game of thrones full cast.jpg

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Winter is HERE! :) I have been, like millions of GOT fans, waiting for the 8th and final season. I am excited and sad at the same time for April 14th to come. 6 mini-movie length episodes is still not enough. My hubby and I have been binge watching GOT from the beginning again to tie us over till the premier episode of season 8. Plus we're watching fan theories on YouTube to keep us busy till the show starts. Great update. I've Upvoted the blog post :)


That's awesome! I too spend a lot of time watching theory videos. I highly recommend reading the books. They are fantastic. But good thing we'll be getting a spin-off tv show so we won't be outside the seven realms for too long.