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What a CRACKING SHOW!! . We just finished season 1 and how entertaining this show really is. Who knows if it is rigged and if the actors are real customers, but it sure is fun!

Yossi is the owner of an upmarket pawn shop in Beverly Hills, and everything comes into this shop, literally. There has been items from on stage with Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone's robe and gloves from Rocky, to the real gun used in the James Bond movie Octopussy.

Some clients who come to Yossi's store are on the hunt for extravagant jewellery, some owned previously by celebrities and some is just uber expensive. there is jewellery from Elisabeth Taylor, Marylyn Monroe the list is endless.

Then there are the characters, Yossi is very funny, with his flirting with women to his super hard offers where clients are completely kicked in the guts, often offered less than half what they were envisioning for their precious items. The two girls in the shop are Ara and Corey and the two are experts at "staring vacant bitch face"!! with the manager of the store Dominique constantly bantering for Yossi's respect.

If you love wheeling and dealing and haggling, you will absolutely love this lighthearted and entertaining show! !
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