I will always treasure and adore Interview With The Vampire.

in #tv2 months ago


But I'm not religious about it. I'm open to the reimagining of the story.

This new show changes a lot about the character of Louis, and I think that all of them make him more interesting. His relationship with Paul is heart-breaking.

The actor playing Lestat is embodying the character from the novel, informed by all of what we learn of him in the sequels. It's a performance that lets you understand the attraction, the charisma, and the self-loathing and his deep deep wells of rage. And physically, Lestat is pretty and terrifying at the same time. He looks SO strong.

And holy fuck, is it gay. No subtext. it's a full on love story with sex and passion and all the rest, toxic though it may be due to the power dynamic.

I'm astonished because I expected a hack job. I did not expect this...loving...reimagining. It clearly loves these characters and the books SO much.

I miss the young idiot Daniel of the books, but Eric Bogosian is winning me here...and there are hints of who he used to be.

Well done.

Those kisses between Louis and Lestat. Yikes.

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