Pro Tip - How To Sync up Your Audio On iMovie

in tutorial •  last year

In today’s video I am showing you how to sync up the audio you recorded outdoor on your smartphone and make sure you get quality sound onto your video using iMovie.

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I am making tutorials and I am unable to fix the background noise. Can I use the same approach to fix my issue?
Or if you can make a tutorial on that.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


You might need to use special software to filter the background noise out @shubhamsaurav.


You're an expert in making tutorials. So please help me to find out a good software. @joeparys

I support the video 100%.. how can i subscribe to your channel buddy.?


Thank you @adeoyesteem for commenting. Go to and click the "Subscribe" button.

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Good video, and thanks, its very helpful!


@kiddady, I am glad that you find my video useful. Thank you.

nice video

thank you for posting it, several times I had already spent that and did not know how to accommodate it

very helpful stuff my man. keep it coming


I am glad that you like it @oraclefrequency. Thank you for commenting.

your share to add them information, thank you @joeparys