Are YouTube Contests a Waste of Time? 10 Reasons Not to Create and Participate!

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Are YouTube Contests a Waste of Time? 10 Reasons Not to Create and Participate!

Why am I not running a contest on YouTube even though it works to rank videos higher, even though a bunch of top YouTubers are doing it, and even though I've run contests before?

Will you please watch this video and find out because this might save you a ton of wasted time, effort and energy and perhaps even violations on YouTube?

If you have a channel or if you are just a viewer on YouTube, you might be able to save time and energy not participating in other contests.

Are YouTube Contests a Waste of Time? 10 Reasons Not to Create and Participate!

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Now, why am I not doing contests even though they work so well?

Because I don't like being on the receiving end of them.

Because I've run contests before, I know they do work well, and yet one of the big reasons I'm not doing contests: YouTube has a pretty stringent contest policies and guidelines.

Are YouTube Contests a Waste of Time? 10 Reasons Not to Create and Participate!

Now, I know they are not often enforced at least relative to the number of contests I see that don't appear to follow them, that doesn't mean they can't be enforced though.

If we have learned one thing on YouTube it's that often things can slide for a long time like ads on videos that probably shouldn't have had ads on them, then all of a sudden, there is a massive wave of enforcement.

I would imagine, at the rate we are going, the contest policies are going to get a massive wave of enforcement in the near future because there are so many YouTubers not following the guidelines.

You have probably seen videos by now, here is what the contest does.

The contest says, "If you like this video, subscribe and hit the notification button, and then post a comment saying you did it, then you'll be eligible to win."

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Many youtubers are not following rules in the absence of information of rules. For this reason there are such conditions.

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I think number one reason is that who runs contest don't have enough motivation to send all those prises to people who live around the world. Imagine yourself sending a prise to India, or Nigeria. Who would do that?

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