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RE: No Image When Sharing my Steemit Post on Facebook! What Do I Do?

in #tutorial3 years ago (edited)

Sharing your posts on Facebook is useless as people share thinking that they will get upvotes but they usually don't upvote a post that's been shared by someone and this mentality is reflected by everyone
And in the end no one gets anything out of this futile effort


The goal is not to use Facebook for upvotes as people are mainly not on Steemit anyway, but to bring traffic to the post like you would normally do for a WP blog.

I was talking about the post-promotion groups.
Sharing post to promote steemit is a really good idea

I don't know about those groups.

There are groups on Facebook where people can share their posts and get upvote
This is good in theory but people don't upvote they just share their posts and that's it

Yes, it's usually the case in those kind of arrangements and it's a waste of time for everyone.

Yeah you are right.
People want to get upvotes but they don't care to upvote others

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