DJI Ronin-S | How to Balance

in tutorial •  5 months ago

If you purchase and get assembled a DJI Ronin-S, your first task is to balance your camera. As with any gimbal, this can be tricky, and the instructions you receive with the unit isn't always clear. So we created this tutorial on on how quickly and easily balance your Ronin-S. I hope this is helpful.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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can't wait for mine to arrive, looking forward to seeing some nice stable shots from you!!


I'm happy so far, but just as everyone's not light. I wouldn't call it necessarily heavy but it has some weight to it when you get the camera on there. Well built though. I'm pleased so far.

I have soooo much to learn in regards to cameras, lighting and various accessories that I need (want). Thanks for showing us how to use these properly in plain language so common folk can understand. Great tutorial! Take care.


Thanks for watching. It's a great tool for stabilized footage with larger cameras. There are some smaller types available that also work well depending on the needs.

Lord. That is one beautiful gadget! I can't wait for the day I'll be able to get one for myself. This was lovely to watch Captain!


Yes it is pretty fun to use, but fairly heavy though so you really have to be committed to putting it to work.

It's nice that they made it so that users can see the camera screen. I always balance my Moza Air and then realize that I have to open the screen so I can see it and then I have to fix the balance. Very nice work on the video. Looks like that hardware is pretty solid.


Yes the design is good. I've been waiting since it was announced back at the first of the year. DJI makes pretty good stuff so I've been impressed with the build quality and ease of use, but I'll have to say, it is heavy.

That would be a nice piece of equipment to have! :)


It's a fun gadget to have around and use. I love the look of good stabilized footage

Man I want one of these!