Erdogan dies of Heart Attack ...

in turkey •  5 months ago  (edited)

twitter is on fire with rumours..

At least THREE Arab media outlets reporting Turkish President
@RTErdogan dead of a heart attack. If true, this will have massive implications for #Turkey, Syria, Iraq, #NATO, Russia.

Unconfirmed Reports say Turkish Dictator Recep Erdogan had died after hours of surgery of a massive coronary (heart attack) #turkey @TRTWorldNow @bbcwn
reports claim at least 3 middle east news outlets reporting erdogan dead ...

Latest .. no one has any idea , everyone is schtumm ..looks like he's stiff already

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absolutely !!!

Erdogan is a MASSIVE LOUDMOUTH and narcissist... rumours circulating now for hours that he's Tickets are gaining creedence every second this egomaniac stays silent