President Gabbard Vs Meh Centrists 2020

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President Gabbard
Meh Centrists

We know that since Bernie Sanders was bruised both physically and politically being forced to step aside for the corporate classes chosen candidate from 2016. We all saw that it didn’t pay off for them because they just don’t get people outside what they would consider “their class” so they were doomed to lose the general election because their plan was to field a universally hated candidate up against an entertainment guy!

And in a weird coincidence, we are having to get our most accurate news from night club comedians like Jimmy Dore so yes everyone has plenty of entertainment, we just need this neoliberal BS to go away and never come back.
In Washington D.C or Westminster, this is laughed off as rubbish but they can’t see the effect they have on people from our perspective and there are more of us than all the people that would know exactly what neoliberalism is, why most of us hate it and have no interest in them their rejects like Hillary who simply give us the perfect opportunity to say “FU for not listening to us” by voting for him instead.

They can laugh, they can repeat the jokes on mainstream media hundreds of times a day. We know what’s happening because we waited for everyone else to tell see progressivism is what's happening, those at the very top have developed a culture masked often as “capitalism” – “Just Business”. That culture has made it so there is no middle class, there is just those at the very top and everyone else like us, which they do consider as the bottom.

Those laughs just won’t translate into the end game currency which is black and white votes. Those of us that have found out what life is like when you know with confidence and not arrogance that you know what it means to be a good person who wants all of us to progress together as if there was a team humanity to support in everything we do together. Of course, morality is a shape-shifting variable but there is a clear disregard for it that is all too often on display in the governments of today.

An interesting problem occurred in 2016 which started the death of neoliberalism. Before it wasn’t a term so well known until left-wing "brexiteers" became a thing, suggesting that the European Union is a “neoliberal construct”. Time and Time again this was the argument being used where a powerful group become corrupt and no longer serve the people but whichever corporation is bribing them the most.

In this US at the time, it was unhidden that the sabotage of the Bernie Sanders campaign and the sheer disregard of the Hillary campaign for poorer areas of the US that gave US independent media explode with popularity which exposed that it was both the promise of the end of neoliberalism with Bernie voters switching to Trump because he at least lied that he was going to “drain the swamp”.

The Swamp, is basically a term coined to illustrate an overly corrupt political class that attract lobbyists, hacks, fixers, celebrated militarism with Randian individualism.

As these are all non-democratic political interventions, they remove the apathy of the electorate to wise up to who is making their lives harder in the political world and what’s discovered about those in “the swamp” is that they are self-serving in a short-sighted disruptive manner to the best interests of everyone else.

When looking at the archetypes for sociopathy, it ticks all the boxes for them to be a match for this political class of unapologetically bad actors. They are not just the type to want to control everything else but the type that believes it is naturally entitled to it. The common denominator is that technology took this dark philosophy from serial killers in the 70’s to the suited and booted white collar crooks of today.

It’s no longer theory that their malicious side is celebrated with symbolism often labelled “Demonic” or “Satanic”. We see this unashamed in the Clinton Machine that has invaded the Democratic Party ever since the late 80’s. We see it in the 2005 US election at the height of the Bush regime change neocon’s and nolib's war monger days where presidential candidate John Kerry is asked on TV about his connection to the Bush neocon’s “The skulls and bones” society. Resulting in a creepy and awkward moment as if the question had overstepped the mark.

The rumours of their practices are as bizarre as the dark symbolism they are associated with. Between 2018 and 2019, attempts were made to curtail net neutrality which were short-lived but never the less exposed just how incompatible the Clinton machine is against a generation of Millennials and Generation Z’s who were born into a failed neoliberal agenda of economic austerity where the super-rich were given socialism in the form of bailouts while most of the poor people paid for it with a pandemic of foreclosures.

USA Today anchor Scott Pelley was given night shifts of despair, covering the broken families suffering the most as a result of the 2008 man-made crash. Although it was abundantly clear that neoliberalism had signed its own death warrant being caught out as a philosophy of elitists, it wasn’t until Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign that the extent of how exposed and unpopular this class had become.

As if by osmosis, the collapse of neoliberalism was then given a swan song as French president Emanuel Macron took his awkwardly long walk to power, only for his ratings to nosedive quicker than his walk. His style of politics Was not only on a downward trend from the get-go, but the hatred for it would evolve into all-out riots by 2019.

Attempts were made in France by the establishment to do a media blackout of the protests which became the “Yellowjackets” movement. Despite Macron’s best efforts, the protests only grew to a couple million strong. Nothing could hide what it meant that they even dumped rubble in front of their governments buildings.

By 2019 the US 2020 election campaign was kicked off with a wave of young progressive politician’s that thanks to Wolfpack/justice democrats from a joint venture between progressive TYT host Cenk Uyger and Secular talk’s Kyle Kulinski designed to primary the democrats that were taking donor money and replace them with true progressives who agree not to take any money from donors. At first, the mid-term elections looked as if the status quo had not been changed until Justice democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who didn’t just beat a corporate Democrat who was taking donor money, but added some Bronx no-nonsense oversight with her impressive outspoken confidence to debunk red scare smears against her.

Sadly not of the correct age to run for president at 29 years old, she inspired Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (37) to run for a super progressive presidential platform based on the Humanist values championed in Hawaii with the term “Aloha” being a level of respect and love for humanity rather than a simple friendly way to say “hello”.
Much like her younger progressive Allie, Tulsi Gabbard also pledged support early on for the Green New Deal that AOC had been successfully winning over the public with.

Both women faced pushback from the corporate Clintonite wing of the Democrats who were now largely isolated as a minority of think tank hacks in the US capital or extreme Zionists at the New York Times. This produced a delicious self-owning when New York Times Bari-Weiss with another own goal by Megan Maccaine made fools of themselves critiquing Tulsi using language or logic that made them look uninformed and in a desperate panic to find any smear that lands.

Weiss made her gaffe on The massively popular Joe Rogan Podcast which luckily resulted in her agenda against progressives backfiring with a boost in unique donors to Tulsi Gabbard's campaign which was still behind the 65,000 individual donors she needed to get on the debate stage. The great thing here is that Tulsi had the confidence to achieve that by simply letting her critiques bite off more than they could chew while she keeps her cool. This is maddening to the establishment and really makes their masks slip.

This was because she knows how to let the smears die without landing. Also correctly analysed by progressive podcasters like James from Save America podcast(vote Tulsi Gabbard) and Kim Iverson. By the time Tulsi’s campaign made it to guest interview on these independent youtube podcasts, her message had been tweaked to avoid language that the right wing use on the subject of the war on terror. This was first picked up when she was interviewed by TYT as she clashed with Ana Kasparian who bungled the first few attempts to draw this to her audiences attention which really highlighted that even the TYT audience was leaning more toward voting for Gabbard than risk Bernie Sanders again rolling over for the establishment to rig the primary.

Again With good timing, the Mueller report was finally released which left a cringe-worthy Rachel Maddow left almost speechless to explain why she had spent 2 years trying to push the “Russia Gate” conspiracy that was clearly a failed attempt by mainstream media to manufacture consent for the Trumps cabinet of neocon warmongers and at the same time allowing the corporate Democrats avoid having to explain how they lost the 2016 general election to a failing businessman riddled with controversy.

In many ways, Trump was exposed as a charlatan who duped most of his base with lies that he would clean the swamp of corruption in Washington, get people healthcare and even failing to build a wall to reduce immigration.

Tulsi Gabbard is now set to reach her grassroots donation target for the debate stage and she is now onto the next phase of the inevitable landslide she is working towards with the same grassroots tactics Bernie used successfully in 2015 an 16 where he closed a 60 point lead.

Gabbard and Bernie are both progressive populists which the establishment still doesn’t get if we go by how honest and non-progressive the establishment candidates such as Amy klobuchar's most boring ever campaign launch which simply started with her telling everyone what she doesn’t believe in such as Medicare for all. Same with Beto and Harris, no one finds centrism appealing or even hard to Identify.

This has instantly hindered all the establishment candidates given the popularity and urgency in the population for an actual health care plan everyone can access like other state services I.E fire rescue, roads and infrastructure. AOC recently dealt a fatal blow to these neoliberals recently by describing moderates or centrists as “Meh” in terms of what they stand for Which now puts the corporate democrats on notice as we go into the debate stage because they simply have no strategy but to keep attacking progressives from the right just like the Republicans who are on the back foot in polling.

Thankfully this progressive Wave in US politics has been somewhat mimicked by Progressives in the UK who are inspired by Tulsi Gabbards cool and calm approach to debates. Jeremy Corbyn has weathered the futility of red scare smears for much longer than Tulsi or AOC which hopefully means a radical progressive change in fortunes or the UK and USA that will no doubt showcase once and for all the no brainer advantages of seeking progress in humanity.

Novara Media’s forward-thinking Aaron Bastani is helping to introduce this post propaganda form of luxury communism with his book release this summer called “Fully Automated Luxury Communism a manifesto”. Perfectly timed to arrive just in time for the debates where the US 2019 class of progressive candidates will be wiping the floor with centrists who have nothing to offer to a positive campaign.

The great thing about Tulsi making it to the debate stage is not only will the progressive policies be an easy sell with voters given the polling shows even republican voter support for Tulsi Gabbard who want another shot at a president offering to end the disastrous regime change wars the US neocons have wasted trillions of dollars and people lives on.
Because Tulsi is already a smooth operator with her style of communication and Trump is about as thin-skinned as a
small toddler, if it comes down to a general election between the two it will be like Tulsi is a head teacher triggering a kid having an off twitter TV tantrum.

2020 will likely be one of the first elections where the media on the internet will be more influential Than TV media which neocons and neolibs are rushing to find ways of making their TV media relevant again. Russiagate will likely kill it in its tracks now that mainstream media has been exposed as a nefarious way of keeping the status quo for large multi-national corporations.


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