Tuesday4poems #3 : Lost Love

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It's week three of my weekly poetry contest already and it feels so good. We've had the opportunity to read so many wonderful entries so far and it just keeps getting exciting. This week's theme is lost love.

You know the judges: @zizymena @bookoons and @rebeccafl


To participate....

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  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post for more visibility


  • Use the tag #tuesday4poems and #poetsunited so I can find your post easily
  • (Optional) Comment the link to your post under this post
  • Your poetry post must be in line with the theme of the week
  • Submission of entries closes on the fifth day of this post.
  • Winners will be announced when post pays out


1st - 1.5 SBD
2nd - 1 SBD
3rd - 0.5 SBD

I hope to make the total giveaway prize to be 30SBD and also get to be upvoting all entries for this contest in no distant time and if you love this concept and you will want to contribute to this effect, please do so.


Many thanks to @mermaidvampire and @surpassinggoogle for their contribution to the success of this.


I will be anticipating your entries, so get your pen and paper and start writing.

I'm @daniel-otaniel

Remember that when God thought of greatness, he created you to show for it.

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Wow, nice theme sir @daniel-otaniel, i think its a hard one


I agree with you, especially with the difficult part. Regards!


Thanks @cradle ....I'm sure you will do great

Here is my participation. The theme of this week, interesting, although a bit strong. I hope you like it!



Morning from here mam @rachelcreative, wow i really admire how fast you create your freewrite poem for this week competition. Indeed your entry is beautiful


Thank you. I tell you a secret, this poem is in the most I have taken. If it appears beautiful, thank you very much. I really liked what I wrote, although as I said the subject is difficult to cover, and much more pleasant the end I gave it, being moving.

I hope your participation !. You, you really write art.


By the i saw you resteem the color the butterfly game... i like to join in that contest to , but i dont know how to get the stencil and colour it, may i know the app you used mam??


I'm a poem enthusiast, honestly i love reading poems rather than creating one.. hahahahahaha it so hard to make a poem


Great work @rachelcreative

Again you the first to submit an entry...kudos to you

Hello, what happened to the contest?