A simple example about whats happening with turkish liras

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One year ago, I came to exact beach in greece and ordered a frappe (some kind of ice coffee)

It’s price was 1.5 euros and still 1.5 euros. But last year it was 6 TRY while today it costs 10.5 TRY.

I have some pakistani commenters that turkey’s economy is very good thanks to ruling party - here you go, do the math.

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İthalata dayalı ekonomilerin klasik hüzünlü tablosu. Bu mantıkla dolar 10 TL yi de görebilir.

Unfortunately fiat still drives the economy, crypto has the potential to be beyond the impact of politics but its still only potential as it still takes fiat to buy your frappe

That's nothing on the situation in Venezuela though. There was something like a 5000% inflation rate in a week.

I found this post gave an interesting insight.


You can now double the size of those stacks of cash though. At least.


Yeah, we’re nowhere near to Venezuela.

Our exports are not grouped at a single natural resource. Also, tourism has boomed this year due to devaluation.

But still, this is a huge devaluation in such a short timeframe and we will see its bad consequences in this year.

Pakistani why

Good post

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