New Journey for 2019: VENA, the Token of Vena Network,Will be Listed on ABCC on Jan 25th

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As the leader of blockchain innovation, VENA Foundation always regard realizing self value and build application as the target.


Vena Network (short for VENA) has a clear roadmap and TRON is a key step. At the end of 2018, VENA team developed two products: VenaBao, a financial product base on TRON and VenaPi, the biggest entrance of TRON. Especially, the volume of VenaPi has reached forty million and the user number is keeping increasing. It is believed that as the blockchain ecosystem is developing, VenaPi will be a deep attendant of many landing applications.

In 2018, VENA is exploring. Investment from LD capital, Consensus Lab and KuCoin illustrates that the team and the product is appreciated by the market.


Now the actions of VENA is the reflection of the strength. After landing on LBank, VENA, the token of Vena Network will be listed on ABCC exchange on Jan 25th, which certainly offers more possibility for the circulation and oversea business of VENA token.

VENA has been resisting on the core strategy of product value since VENA team developed VENA financial platform ( It can be seen that VENA issued token after developing the product, which shows the sincerity of VENA. Since the product is online in 2018, VENA devotes self to finding more scenes for token value circulation, which is the power that support VENA team to go further in a long term.

VenaPi: Connecting the DApp Ecology


Now, the actual trading volume has reached 40,000,000TRX. Located as a DApp browser+wallet of TRON, VenaPi is servicing DApp ecology builders and customers. Among the DApps that have been online, head TRON DApps like HashDice has supported VENA token. DApp is the scene that lands most now, VENA’s being with DApp is the reflection of its value.

After VenaPi was online, more than ten DApps choose to be first issued on VenaPi in three weeks, and several DApps choose to cooperate with VenaPi. VenaPi is recognized by more and more developers, and becoming the actual biggest TRON entrance.

VenaBao: Increase the Value of Cryptocurrency Assets


VenaBao is based on energy loan finance product for customers developed by VENA team, which now supports TRX and USDT financing. Now, over 5,000,000TRX has been mortgaged by VenaBao, offer financing products between 7 days to 1 year. VenaBao cooperates with Knownsec to keep the security of the product. VenaBao offers annual interest of 5%~24%, which is a stable plan for asset appreciation.

Strong Cooperation, Empower Each Other

The VENA team has always attached importance to industry cooperation to create a healthy and prosperous industry track. VENA CEO&Founder Zhu Qing was invited to attend TRON Developers Conference in San Francisco. VENA's excellent product form and accurate positioning have been widely recognized and followed.


Resource Bank, Capacity Leasing, User Finance, DApp Experience, let VENA build a moat of its own. TRON super nodes including CryptoDiva has already done many activities with VENA, and it has been interacting frequently on social platforms. VENA communities have been linked to more than 50,000 people and they deeply participated in many projects and overseas operations.

In the past six months, VENA has traveled to Vietnam, Thailand, the United States, Hong Kong and other countries and regions and has cooperated with more than ten local enterprises. VENA's open vision and deep financial innovation capabilities have also helped VENA win numerous awards.

Won the "New Blockchain Technology Award"

On August 10, 2018, at the 2018 Fenwick Financial Technology Summit (Hong Kong), the FINWISE Awards Ceremony kicked off. The festival has set up four awards: “Outstanding Persons Award for Distinct Blockchain”, “Outstanding Financial Technology Enterprise Award”, “Blocked New Technology Blockchain Technology Award”, and “Outstanding Technology Finance Award”.

Vena Network won the “New Blockchain Technology Award” at the awards ceremony of the summit. Zhu Qing, CEO of Vena Network, was invited to the summit and took the stage to receive the award.

Vena Network will not be afraid of the cold, and will be on the road of “committed to continuously promote the innovation of blockchain technology and tap the value of the blockchain industry”.6.png

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In the last year, i barely have seen such an active and creative project. Good luck Vena.

THX. Vena will keep improving ourselves to offer the best quaility for the supporters.