ICO's, who is Satoshi, is the earth expanding and other deep rabbit holes!

in truth •  last year

Ever dive so far down a rabbit hole that when you hear other people talk about a particular subject, that you hear a million flaws in what they are saying and yet know that in a million years you could not explain it to them? This is where I have been lately, in that rabbit hole.

It sort of began with me following up on some of the stories about China Banning ICO's, which led to an Andreas Antonopolis video where he explains brilliantly how in order to understand ICO's you have to be able to hold two completely conflicting thoughts in your mind at the same time. If you care to hear it you can find it here:

For whatever reason that led me down another path that dropped me into a discussion with Cliff High talking about everything from China to Crypto currencies, to the expanding earth based on predictive linguistics which is fasinating enough all by itself. This tied so many things together that I don't even know where to start. I read a couple books decades ago about the earth being hollow, well sort of, more like inner and outer shells expanding and contracting. Much latter in my life I dove into a 7 book series written in 1850ish time frame titled "The History of the Origin of All Things" that went into great details on the creation of the solar system, planets, etc. Also supporting the idea of expanding earth shell. So the video discussion with Cliff High trigger many old switches and made me dig out old dusty books my younger self read long ago. The Cliff High video, for those interested, is here:

This ultimately led me back to a question that surfaces every so often, not that the answer matters, or does it? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? After seeing the inpromptu, and very interesting, if not unexpected, speech given by Dr Craig Wright at the bitcoin conference back in Jul precceding the BTC/BCC Fork, which I have replayed many times, I have retained a nagging belief that Dr Wright was definitely involved, but not alone. I digress, It was not his name that took me the next leg into the dark hole, it was Nick Szabo. After devouring most of what I could find of this man speaking, and mind you he is another tripple digit IQ person my little self is trying to unravel, I was left with another nagging belief that he was also involved, though again not a sole adventure. Somehow this led me to Hal Finney who was very obviously involved in helping with the initial code, and, in addition, received the very first bitcoin ever transmitted from "Satoshi" himself. With nothing but respect for Hal Finney, as he has recently passed away from a long fight with ALS, there is not much available in the way of video of him speaking. Ultimately I found one of the most amazing 2.5 hour podcasts I have ever listened to with Nick Szabo and two others that left me amazed and on the verge of blowing some main breakers. This podcast held me completely captive, and left me with no hesitation of saying not a single minute of time spent was wasted. It also left me with even more questions to answer and books to read.
This video can be found for those interested here:

Now, mind you I do not have a tripple digit IQ (that I know of) so all this left my head a bit overloaded and I had to go ride Harleys, play in the dirt, and spend more than a few nights sitting in my tree swing (like a porch swing in a tree) to reboot.
Couple day latter I hear Bix Wir launch into a rant about how Alan Greenspan was the man who created the bitcoin whitepapers and code and on and on and I found myself thinking "where would I even begin?"

I try to keep a very open mind as to how we got to where we are, where we are projecting ourselves in the future and how all the competing agendas of 7-9 billion people will play out in real time. I try to see ahead of the crowd, seeing not what I want to happen, but what will most likely happen, as all the players all make thier moves, each trying to out think various moves ahead of one another and "win". I constantly ask myself "what do I believe?" and "How is it my thinking can be wrong?"

All in all it has been a fun journey deep into the rabbit hole, but I had to come up for some air. Don't think for a minute I am not already thinking about diving back in. We live in amazing times, where things that have been essencially impossible are suddenly not only possible, but being played with in various ways. I could not be happier to be alive in this secific span of time.


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