Raw Nerve: Part One — by Hugh Mungus

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"Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness."

― Alejandro Jodorowsky *


"This is where we are right now, as a whole. No one is left out of the loop. We are experiencing a reality based on a thin veneer of lies and illusions. A world where greed is our God and wisdom is sin, where division is key and unity is fantasy, where the ego-driven cleverness of the mind is praised, rather than the intelligence of the heart."

― Bill Hicks *

In our society, we're forced to pay, in order to survive. If we don't pay, we die. Even so, we still believe we're free!

Our departure from reality is so vast here, we'll have to dig deeper than the Mariana Trench, in order to convince ourselves such isn't insane.

The very nature of paying means something isn't free! Thus, how can you experience freedom, if others are violently coercing you to constantly pay them? How can you be free, if you're annihilated, should you refuse to pay?

You can't.

And if you don't find bills and taxes to be violent, try not paying them. You'll be rendered homeless. Existing on the street ― scrounging for food, water and shelter ― equates to suffering, and a rapid death. If you don't feel such is violent, then you should fabricate your own definition of this term, since www.dictionary.com defines violence as:

"caused by injurious or destructive force."

You're forced from your home. You're forced onto the street. You're forced to beg for food. All three are destructive to your survival, so what isn't violent about bills and taxes?!

As previously proven in my other works, both are nothing more than threats:

"If you don't pay us this money, we'll shut off your heat in the middle of winter. We don't care if you're 97 years old, and living in Minnesota."

"Pay us this amount, or we'll steal your car, as well as your home, and refer to it as remuneration for 'back taxes.' "

More sick than a stage four cancer patient in the throes of a massive coronary, isn't it?

You build a house with your own hands, and when you're finished, you're elated. You've just created ― or made ― something, thanks to your own perseverance and talents.

You compose a concerto that took you three years to complete, and countless hours spent mastering the classical guitar ― on which it's played. You're ecstatic! Again, you've experienced the rush of creation, and made something.

I write and publish blogs and books. In order to do so, I research ― reading thousands of tomes and countless documents. When I'm finished, I'm euphoric, as I've just made something.

When you cash your paycheck, or store money in the bank, you haven't made anything. Yet, you're brainwashed into believing that's exactly what you've done.

"Last year, I made $300,000."

"I made so much money this month, I don't have to work for the rest of the summer."

"I'm not making as much as I used to."

Since making is creation, and you're not making anything ― you're simply accumulating cash ― have you ever stopped to consider such terminology may have been intentionally employed to brainwash you into believing you're actually doing something productive?

Retarded folks all the time thrill to "making $500 in tips" or "making more than my dad ever made," even though they've never made any money at all. Neither has daddy-o, nor his dad before him.

If you still erroneously believe you've made money, show me your printing press, your master dies, your engraving tools, your ruling machine, your pantograph and your geometric lathe.

No, you haven't made any money, have you? But you sure have been trained ― like some performing monkey ― to believe you have. And since you equate exhilaration with the process of creation, you feel this sense of euphoria every time you make money, don't you? Even though, you're not doing anything but acquiring naturally worthless pieces of paper.

This is what we're all brainwashed into accepting, when we squander our existences in a blind quest for cash. Back in reality, we've made nothing, and are wasting precious moments we could be using to figure out what this Universe is; who we are; how to escape this planet, should we be forced to evacuate it, etc., etc., etc.

Humanity on Earth can be summed up by the original Twilight Zone installment Five Characters in Search of an Exit ― otherwise known as season three, episode 14.

In this classic of critical cogitation, five people ― a bagpipe player, a ballerina, a clown, a hobo and a soldier ― awaken, confused, inside a massive cylinder. Even though the top of this structure is open to the sky, the walls comprising it are too high and sheer to climb. Thus, the players in this drama are unable to determine where they are, or what resides beyond their confines.

"Where are we? What are we?! Who are we?!?" the soldier shouts.

In the macrocosmic scheme of this Universe ― let alone a possible Multiverse ― none of us knows where we are. None of us knows what resides beyond this prison we call Earth. None of us knows who we are. We've been informed were humans, but what does that mean? Moreover, those who've promulgated we're Homo sapiens have also lied to us we're free, while clandestinely enslaving us.

To the best of our knowledge, we ― as a species ― are atop a microscopic sphere, enveloped by monumental darkness that's cold and inhospitable. Sounds eerily similar to the situation the characters from the aforementioned Twilight Zone episode find themselves in. Most of us haven't begun to awaken yet, but for those who have, we're asking the same questions as the soldier:

"Where are we? What are we?! Who are we?!?"

We can't escape our confines ― planet Earth ― and the five characters in search of an exit can't leave their environment. Unable to scale the steep wall surrounding them, they're trapped. Not capable of venturing off this celestial body, and making a new home, we also find ourselves imprisoned.

"We don't know who we are," the ballet dancer replies. "We don't know where we are. Maybe we're on a spaceship. […] Maybe we're all insane, or maybe this is a mirage; an illusion."

As previously proposed in my earlier tomes ― and originally broached by R. Buckminster Fuller in Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth ― this planet appears to be a massive spacecraft.

It's easily provable the majority of our population is insane, since we allow psychopaths to nuke us, and continue electing them as our "leaders." Hint: Well over 1,000 nuclear tests conducted on you, the populace ― by your own government ― and we can't figure out why we're dropping dead from cancers?!

As far as an illusion is concerned, how much more delusional a scenario do you want than one in which we kill ourselves for intrinsically meaningless pieces of paper ― known as cash? Again, can't eat 'em, drink 'em, nor inhale 'em. Fuckin' useless!

The ballerina continues: "Each of us woke up one moment, and here we were in the darkness. […] We're nameless things with no memory, no knowledge of what went before; no understanding of what is now, no knowledge of what will be."

Each of us simply was one day, and as we gazed at what surrounded us, off this planet, there was blackness.

Look at the characters, themselves, in this Twilight Zone episode. All are varied in appearance, origin and nature, in the same fashion our species is diverse.

Moreover, like the players in this installment, we're all thrown together in our drama. We don't know how we got to this place, and neither do they. All we comprehend is each of us woke up one day, and found ourselves here…wherever here is.

Akin to those in Five Characters in Search of an Exit, we're confused, frightened and lonely. We're confused because we don't know who we are. We're frightened, since we reside in this horrific paradigm in which we can be rendered homeless, starving or dead at any moment. We're lonely because we realize we're born alone, and each of us dies that way.

Would it surprise anyone if whatever created this Universe is Rod Serling? You perish, and there's 5 foot 4 1/2 inches of The Twilight Zone creator, chain-smoking and tellin' you what's what.

It's into this backdrop Hugh finds himself deposited. I understand we're all slaves; I comprehend those who "lead" us are, in reality, our mortal enemies; I realize things like "countries," government and politics don't exist. When I attempt to show people such, I'm ostracized, ignored or attacked.

I wonder if any of the cows awaken to their situation ― whilst grazing in the field, prior to slaughter ― and try to warn the other cattle.


"None of us chose to be born into this world; none of us chose who we would be. But all of us have the choice to change what we've become."

― The Questions We Never Ask *

Watching people travel to Four Corners ― to be in four "states" simultaneously ― is surreal.

What if authority decided the configuration of the "states" needed to be altered, and the Four Corners region was suddenly somewhere else? Would people travel to that made-up place, in order to stand in four "states," as well?

What if authority decided six "states" would now be touching, or eight, or 10? Would people be fatuous enough ― because, at this point, you'd really be one stupid fucker ― to travel to that make-believe place, in order to exist in 10 "states"?

And what if authority decided there was no more Four Corners; and Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah no longer converged in one spot? Would folks stop making the trek to this area? If so, why? The land, at that point, hasn't changed. The only thing that's different is what some authority ― one you've never even met ― is telling you.

Now, don't you feel stupid for believing in concepts as silly as "states"? Those who've created these non-existent territories have you certain you're actually going someplace that never was.

If authority promulgated a point on the planet was the center of this Universe, would people be so credulous as to frequent that esoteric spot, as well?

If authority declared a particular region to be the birthplace of Jesus, would multitudes travel there ― even though there isn't a single historical document proving Christ ever existed? Of course. People make the trek to Bethlehem all the time, to pay homage to a personage who ― by all verifiable fact ― never was.

If someone told you a house existed at a location, and you traveled to that spot, only to find no home, would you believe that domicile existed? Moreover, if somebody attempted to sell you that house ― after you'd visited the locale, and verified there was no residence ― would you purchase that non-existent dwelling? You'd be a fool if you did, correct?

Then why believe politicians ― whom you've never met ― when they inform you "states" or "countries" are real? You can easily prove these duplicitous dickheads are scamming you, by traveling to these supposed regions and finding no borders separating them from other, equally fictitious, territories.

If the bastards are so blatantly lying, why do you allow them to control your existence? Why do you keep voting for them, and placing them in positions of power?

You won't buy a non-existent home, but you'll pay "taxes" ― extortion fees ― to non-existent countries?! If you don't see the lunacy in following such a ludicrous course of action, send this blog to somebody who isn't mentally and spiritually retarded.

At what point do you realize you're being used by authority? How many people have to openly profess their hatred for the IRS, before we stop conjuring up the lamest excuses to justify government? Since we've already been nuked by these bastards thousands of times, what exactly will it take for us to eradicate this controlling force that has always been the mortal enemy of humanity?

When a person is willing to believe in that which provably is not there, that's a person who's been brainwashed, and can no longer think for himself. Such is someone we'd all be wise to avoid, since that human can be manipulated into doing anything, including committing murder. Hence, soldiers ― people indoctrinated into killing their own race, and paid for doing so.

We laud our erroneous, and self-appointed "superiority" over other species on this planet, grateful we're not as barbaric as cannibals. Of course, we overlook the monumental hypocrisy here.

As humans, we kill our own constantly. Well over one million murdered in Iraq ― the vast majority of them civilians ― is proof of such. How many Homo sapiens were obliterated by other Homo sapiens in Korea, Vietnam, or what folks have misnamed World War I and II?

People kill other people all the time, and it's not only condoned, it's rewarded. Soldiers receive medals for slaughtering fellow humans.

Quite often, murder isn't even viewed as such. Should military ― from the fictional territory known as the United States ― murder military from some other, equally fictional country, it's portrayed as heroic. Of course, if a U.S. soldier is killed in combat, it's categorized as just that; murder, and labeled an atrocity in "America." Same fuckin' action, two hypocritical and illogical responses.

Furthermore, at least cannibals eat their victims ― thereby not wasting food — and thus killing for a purpose. Soldiers murder other people all the time, and don't consume their casualties…since that would be abhorrent!

Somehow, slaughtering people and eating them ― thereby providing nourishment ― is seen as repugnant; but brutally murdering them, and wasting the sustenance their dead body could provide is okay. I'm not condoning cannibalism, but what weirdo came up with this obviously irrational code of ethics? Humans killing other humans is never justifiable.


"Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother." *

― 1984 **

  • "I am not Winston Smith."

― Hugh Mungus

** Orwell, George. 1984. (1949, 1961). New American Library. Page 298. ISBN: 0451524934

Writing these blogs is more difficult than watching daytime television without slashing one's wrists. That arduous nature doesn't stem from a lack of ideas, nor the pain of creation. I love writing! The problematic part comes in the fact I have to kill myself for 3,600 minutes a week, in order to retain a roof over my head, so I can find four hours ― every seven days ― with which to scrawl these words.

This system is designed so that we'll agonize monumentally, should we contradict it. I know: I've had my house stolen by the government.

Thanks to this bureaucracy, I've been homeless, and rendered emaciated; watched my stepfather die a horrific death; observed my mom's brain and body being eaten alive; witnessed countless friends suffering for no reason at all; and viewed our species slaughtering itself for absolutely fuckin' nothing!

Hitler's minions believed him, didn't they? So did Genghis Khan's. Ancient Roman citizens rationalized their society ― a blatantly bloodthirsty one ― was superlative. Doesn't it stand to reason future generations, gazing back on the war machine known as "America", will view us ― the blind populace supporting this force that demands we kill our own species ― in the same light?

Of course they will, if we don't annihilate ourselves prior. "America" has harnessed the ability to eradicate all of humanity on Earth. There's nothing more detrimental to our species than that. Nothing!

Neither Hitler's ignorant followers, nor Khan's, nor the duped masses of Rome can claim such. Yet, we still view ourselves as "the good guys." Hence, we're demented and deranged!

When brainwashed from birth to believe something ― even if that something is a flagrant, horrendous lie ― most adhere to it. Take manifest destiny. It's an "atrocity" when other "countries" slaughter indigenous populations, in their quest to acquire land. That said, when the "United States" engages in the same modality, it becomes our "fate," or even our obligation, and a wondrous endeavor.

Same action ― the desecration of our own species ― but liberally sprinkle PR, otherwise known as Edward Bernays Sauce, and something heinous becomes something admirable. When mired in a nightmare, but informed over and over it's a dream, most choose to believe the latter. If those around them follow the same path ― accepting something that's insane ― it's easier to promote the lie, than oppose it.

All these talking heads on the TV can't be wrong, correct? Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow are such "well-schooled," "successful" people. They must speak the truth, right? And, of course they'd never lie to me. Not even in a system in which humans are paid to lie constantly.

You're supporting a force that's created nuclear weapons, and detonated them on you thousands of times! Blitzer, Cooper and Maddow ― as well as any "news" reporter on mainstream TV — are singing the praises of, and promoting this system.

I haven't believed in authority ― government, religion, school, etc. ― for decades. In that time, I've harmed no one, and helped enlighten people to the truth. What has government done during that interim? Destroyed, destroyed and destroyed.

Kick this crap to the curb, people! Take your autonomy back. Don't you abhor being slaves, or have you never heard of Stockholm syndrome? ****

**** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…

Even though government has nuked you at least 2,053 times, you show it adoration. As bureaucracy strong-arms us to pay extortion fees ― concealed as "taxes" ― we continue to support it. Unless one is unhinged, how does one exhibit love for those who are obnoxiously monetarily rich, while the rest of us fight to survive?

Again, how can you look at whichever corporate clown occupies the White House, and honestly assert he's your servant?! He lives in a mansion, for fuck's sake, while you're narrowly staving off starvation!

In order for authority to rationalize its existence, it's imperative the populace is kept in a constant state of suffering. Such is the only way hegemony can justify its presence.

"Look at how many people are starving. We can help."

"Fuck off! It's because of your stupid monetary system they're going hungry in the first place. There's an overabundance of food for everyone. That's a secret as well concealed as the fact that Oprah sucks. These people aren't eating because they don't have the money with which to do so, and you know it!"

You don't kill a weed by spraying its leaves; you rip the fucker out by its roots. You'll continue to go round and round ― in circles that get you nowhere ― if you vote, talk politics, believe in government, conclude "countries" actually exist, support a monetary system, join a church, enlist in the military, etc. You can think for yourself. You don't need that horse shit…

You never did.


"Today we may have more information than any other generation, but what good are answers, if we never begin to ask the right questions?"

― The Questions We Never Ask *

"They can't be that stupid. They'll never go for it!"

"They're not stupid at all. In fact, they're quite intelligent ― far more than we lead them to believe."

"Then how do we pull this off?"


A pause. "That's it?"

"As simple as it gets."

"It just― Well, it just can't be that easy."

"Of course it is. In their nascent state, they're simply neutral, and programmable; blobs of clay, ready to be molded into whatever we desire."

"They don't know they're neither inherently good nor evil?"

"No. We brainwash them to believe it's simply their nature to kill one another ― destroy their own, and everything around them; fill them with false guilt and fallacious sin. We lie to them they'd decimate their own species, if it weren't for us."

"They actually believe that?"

"Believe it?! They cling to it. They end up begging us to 'save' them, even though we're the ones exterminating them."

"Wouldn't they see through this?"

"We don't call it begging; we refer to it as 'voting,' and lie to them it's for their benefit."

"How does that work?"

"We pretend they're given a choice. In reality, they're only provided a couple options, and those are dupes anyway. Whichever they choose, both carry out the bidding of the same master: Us."

"Very clever."

"There's nothing clever about it; it's just cruel."

"But how do we ensure they keep voting?"

"Again, brainwashing. We deluge them with 12 years of it, and refer to it as school."

" 'School'?"

"Yes, and we inform them such is necessary. In addition, we flood their waking moments ― outside of school ― with this same indoctrination."

"What does the brainwashing consist of?"

"Simple divide and conquer. We tell them there are invisible lines on the planet, and then pretend they're real."

"They believe in them?"

"Without question."


"We lie that those on the other side of these lines are their enemies. They're led to believe everyone inside their territory ― encompassed by the fake lines ― are their friends; everyone outside, their foes."

"Is it easy to carry this plan to fruition?"

"Quite. Those on the other side of the non-existent lines tend to have a divergent skin tone, and speak another language. Hence, we portray them as different…even though they're not."

"So, the turmoil only exists within the minds of the populace?

"Yes. And it isn't enough to solely divide using the fabricated borders. Those within these imaginary territories must fight against each other, as well."

"And how do you get them to do that?"

"We inform them there aren't enough resources on Earth, and they'll naturally kill each other to hoard what they need."

"So, there's no shortage?"

"Of course not. There's an overabundance of resources on their planet ― so much so, they could feed, clothe and house every one of their kind several times over."

"How can you conceal something so obvious?"

"We place screens in front of their faces that lie to them constantly, and supplement the indoctrination already begun by schools. The brainwashing is overwhelming; they can't escape it."

" 'Screens'?"

"We've named them televisions; TVs for short."

"So, they're forced to view these 'TVs'?"

"No. That would be too overtly coercive, and run the risk of exposing us. Suffice it to say the televisions are highly addictive. Humans end up craving them to the extent of a drug; feeling incomplete without them."

"But if viewing these TVs isn't compulsory, won't these humans ― as you call them ― stop watching them, once they realize what's being done?"

"Some will."

"So, how do you mitigate that dilemma?"

"We marginalize those who have seen through the lies in front of those who are already addicted. As a result, the ignorant ostracize their own kind ― who are simply revealing us; disclosing reality."

"Again, this sounds brilliant."

"And again, it's nothing more than cruelty. Wait until I enlighten you about money."

" 'M― money'? Am I pronouncing that correctly?"


"What is that?"

"Useless swatches of fabric we brainwash them into murdering themselves, in order to obtain."


"Self-imposed genocide, and most of them never even realize it."

"But how―?"

"Again, divide and conquer, a strict diet of indoctrination, and the promotion of erroneous scarcity. There's no need to attack them with conventional weapons. That would expose us. Via this modality, they enslave and slaughter themselves for us.

A pause. "And you're certain this will work?"

"Of course…We've done this before."


"National character is only another name for the particular form which the littleness, perversity and baseness of mankind take in every country. Every nation mocks at other nations, and all are right."

― Arthur Schopenhauer *

Billy Joel can only claim "she's ahead of her time" for so many years, before you realize she may be wearing adult diapers at this point, or even dead by now.

Humanity on Earth has become more stagnant than fetid toilet water in an abandoned apartment tenement. Most people wanna hear this as much as they wanted to hear the Macarena for the 8,000th time in the '90s. Such stated, truth is truth. And the truth is: This system we support was designed to enslave and slaughter us.

There were a colossal number of homeless humans 500 years ago, and there are a tremendous amount of homeless humans today. Prodigious portions of our species were starving when the year was recorded with three digits, and copious quantities of Homo sapiens are dying of hunger now.

Authority ― in its various forms ― has been the underpinning tenet of any society. Hence, doesn't it seem highly plausible our suffering is caused by authority? Was such pain present before government, money, religion ― today's current forms of control? Who knows? That was a period before recorded history.

If you had a cold for the past two years, wouldn't you attempt to deduce what was causing your malady? Wouldn't you become suspect of the things in your environment? Perhaps you moved to a vastly different climate 24 months ago; maybe you got a dog at the outset of that interim.

If you logically deduce things on this microcosmic level, why wouldn't you do the same on a macrocosmic scale? Why do people blindly assume this system we're following is beneficial, moreover optimal?

Along the lines of fallacious foundations, let's address "countries." The idea of "countries" is nothing more than a sleight of hand.

Folks venerate this "nation," and vilify that, only seeing as far as "China," "Russia," the "United States," etc. ― none of which exist, of course. Want proof? Just fly above the planet, and look down. When you don't see those borders we're brainwashed to believe in, you have all the evidence you need.

While people support fabricated territories, those who control this paradigm ― and thus dominate humanity on this planet ― surreptitiously reap the rewards.

From a transaction perspective, engineers running this ruse are the superlative masters, since they've duped us all. Even so, business people will ignorantly support this paradigm, never knowing they themselves are perpetuating a system that's literally killing them. That's correct: CEOs and revered executives who blindly support this order are the most inept business people in existence.

At least I know I'm a slave ― aware of who my masters are in this schema. Those high up on the corporate ladder ― who have no idea this is being done to them ― are swindled consumers, sold the ultimate "lemon." Still, I'm castigated for my lack of "business savvy," while they're lauded for their market acumen.

To quote R. Buckminster Fuller from his book Critical Path:

"Finally, bigger ships got out of the Mediterranean and into the Atlantic, around Africa to the Orient, and then around the world. Thus, 'those in the know' rediscovered that the world is a sphere and not an infinitely extended lateral plane. Great battles ensued — waged under the flags of England, France, and Spain — to determine who would become supreme master of the world's high-seas line of supply. These great nations were simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery. Always their victories were in the name of some powerful sovereign-ruled country. The real power structures were always the invisible ones behind the visible sovereign powers." **

** Fuller, Buckminster, R. Critical Path. (1981). St. Martin's Press. ISBN: 0312174888

Even though I'm aware of the above, I'm belittled, while multi-millionaires and CEOs ― who have no clue these scams are being run on them ― are revered as consummate business people.

That's what you get when dealing in an illogical society. In an irrational paradigm, would you expect those who are intelligent to be lauded, or morons to be praised? Obviously the latter, since we're talking an illogical society.

It's the same reason I'm chastised for being a "poor provider," due to the fact I possess very little cash. Numerous folks denigrating me have children, thereby bringing innocent life into a paradigm in which 40% of any human demographic alive today will contract cancer. Many of these kids are conceived post-Fukushima ― an era in which that statistic will exponentially increase, due to three nuclear reactors in meltdown.

Based upon these cancer facts, and these alone ― not even considering we all exist under the constant threat of nuclear Armageddon; over half of us survive on $2.50 per day or less; we kill ourselves for inherently useless pieces of paper, etc. ― who do you think is the "poor provider?" Me, or these people who selfishly keep having kids, and thereby subject blameless souls to this Hell on Earth?

Again, to cite R. Buckminster Fuller from Critical Path:

"There can be no planetary unity until all the sovereign nations are abolished and we have but one accounting system — that of the one family aboard Spaceship Earth.

Ample food and growing capacity exist on our planet to feed well every world human. But the sovereign nations and their international-trade-balancing system, and the individual hoarders of foods and other goods within the separate nations, prevent the distribution of the foods." ***

*** Ibid

May god be less.


"Life is short and truth works far and lives long: let us speak the truth."

― Arthur Schopenhauer *

You sense you're part of something larger, but feel prevented from understanding what that is.

"There has to be more to my existence than wasting away in this cubicle ― calling and harassing people ― so I can accumulate these useless pieces of paper called cash!"

"Why won't bill collectors leave me alone? Don't they care I'm perpetually one paycheck from homelessness?!"

"All I want to do is explore, invent and travel, but all I ever do is work!"

Of course you're part of something more prodigious. Just look at the night sky. That's what we could be comprehending, but instead we struggle to keep a soul-crushing oligarchy ― which we, ourselves, perpetuate ― from executing us.

When it comes to that monumental scenario you perceive you're a component of, here's a clue: Politicians and military officials are opening up about the UFO topic. Why wouldn't they? The system they support is more illogical than using battery acid as lube during a masturbation session.

Hence, numerous folks in positions of "power" are asserting we're being visited by otherworldly entities. Most of these bureaucrats don't comprehend this entire system is ― and always has been ― rotten to its roots, but at least they're finally discussing something of relevance.

Take, for instance, Mike Gravel ― former senator from Alaska, and outspoken advocate of further UFO investigation. Gravel was on the board of the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, attempting to determine if there was validity to the unidentified flying object conundrum. It was here Mike concluded, for himself, UFOs of otherworldly design have been visiting Earth for quite some time.

According to Gravel:

"There probably are a thousand sightings a month, worldwide. […] But the United States government has been the most recalcitrant in recognizing this, officially. Now, the White House says, 'Oh, we know nothing about this; there's no files on this subject.' And that's really an outright lie, and crap, because we receive testimony from military people over and over again indicating there certainly was something there. […]

[T]here is an extraterrestrial presence monitoring our planet, and monitoring it extensively […]

I think that they are monitoring us from these unidentified objects ― flying objects […].

Now, keep in mind, these people ― or whoever they are ― are far superior to us. They have at least traveled 37,000 light years, and so they have a system of propulsion ― a system of energy ― that our scientists can't fully comprehend. […]" **

** https://youtube.com/watch/…

Eventually, ol' Mike gets pretty close to concluding what history has proven time and again: As long as there's government, it's impossible for the populace to be free:

"Right now, in our development, we are run by the military, and the power elites who do not want to change the present structure of energy distribution on the planet. […]

The solution is not the government. That's where the problem exists. The solution is with the people, and the people need to be able to become lawmakers. All they do right now is give their power away on election day." ***

*** Ibid.

So, Gravel comes clean, but is he the only government representative who's spoken adamantly on the subject? Not even close. See my other publications for a slew of officials who've blown the whistle on the biggest revelation in our species' history. Such stated, I'll provide a few more salient examples, proving this is a topic taken extremely seriously in the bureaucracy.

How about Paul Hellyer ― former Canadian Minister of National Defence ― who has the following to proclaim:

"I am sure that there are aliens that are aware of what I'm doing; probably more than one species, because they communicate by mental telepathy, and consequently they can read your mind, and you can't hide what you're thinking even. So, they would know exactly what everyone's doing, thinking, and I'm sure I'm no exception." ****

**** https://youtube.com/watch/…

Not something you'll hear from el presidente, as he pumps ya' full of lies:

"Holy fuck! The government might shut down! What are we gonna do?!"

"How about rejoice in our immediate freedom?"

Hellyer explains:

"My interest in UFOs was not very great until eight years ago. When I was Minister of Defence, of course I got sighting reports, but I was too busy unifying the Canadian Armed Forces to be able to worry about them. […]

There's no question the US government took this whole idea of advanced technology very seriously, and started back engineering and spending a lot of money on it soon after the crashes at Roswell in 1947. […]

The security rating [in regard to UFOs] was higher than for the H-bomb, and still is. That's the way it works. […]

There had been lots of [otherworldly] visits to Earth ― probably going back thousands of years. But the level of activity took on a new dimension after the first atomic bomb was set off in New Mexico in 1945, and all of a sudden, the number of sightings increased.

And my thesis is that because they know something we don't know ― and that is every atomic bomb that is put off on Earth has an effect on other parts of the cosmos ― they were concerned about it, and I use the idea that the children are playing with matches. They're afraid that we're gonna blow up our planet, so that it would be uninhabitable both for ourselves, and for visits from them, and they didn't like that idea. So they came down in larger, larger numbers […]" *****

***** Ibid.

Whoa! Didn't catch that one during any stupid senatorial debate. Then again, these are only two examples of prominent figures in this fucked-up freak show who've spoken out.

How about Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin ― formerly stationed at the Pentagon ― who had this to say, in regard to interactions with superior military officers:

"It seemed giant-like when I saw it because it was the first time I'd ever seen anything like this before, and all eyes were just peeled on that particular thing. And when he told us what it was, it was eerie there. You could've heard a pin drop in the room, when it was first mentioned.

He said it had been taken from one of the [UFO] craft that had crashed in New Mexico. […]

I was told that what they had there for us to deal with came from the New Mexico site, but there were other sites, and there were other crashes. They did not say where. They were not pinpointed, but it was made quite clear that that was not the only site that they had gathered information from, and also materiel. […]" ******

****** https://youtube.com/watch/…

When it comes to UFOs, Lovekin's testimony covers a plethora of topics. For instance:

"In this country, during the early '50s, numerous bases were built that would allow the president, and Congress and VIPs to go in case of attack. […] And Mt. Weather, Virginia, was one of those. […]

[T]here was equipment up there to deal specifically with the UFO problem. […]

UFOs had been sighted around Mt. Weather, not only on one or two occasions, but on numerous occasions […].

Stories about radar lock-on [to UFOs]; yes there were, and several of those stories came out of Ohio — Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. But several others came from California, Texas, Washington — from what I can recall — but I would say there probably were between two and three hundred cases of lock-on. [...]

Did I ever hear that we had picked up signals which could not be identified, or if they could be identified, were they coming in from strange craft that perhaps had given us, or put us under surveillance? And yes I did hear that […].

In fact, several of the reports had come in through pilots' radios. So, whatever intelligence we were dealing with, at that time, knew how to deal with us. They knew how to communicate with us. But that they were of extraterrestrial origin; that was the belief. […]" *******

******* Ibid.

Let's just pretend none of this is happening, and go back to Rachel Maddow performing anilingus on rabid raccoons. Again, take a page out of Howard Beale's book and, "turn off your television sets!" You're part of something immense ― something Universal you could be exploring ― but instead you settle for Grey's Anatomy, Justin Bieber's shriveled sack, and a myriad of assholes you hated in high school, but now watch nightly in two-dimensions from a screen in your living room.

So, who the fuck is Andy Danzinger?

Andy Danzinger is the man who said this:

"We were flying from Kansas City to Waterloo, Iowa. I was just a first officer in a commuter airline turbo prop. […]

I noticed off to my right — and I was sitting in the right seat — was a white disc, just kind of thin, barely visible behind the clouds. […] It was pacing us. […]

After about 40 minutes, we started our descent into Waterloo, and as we started our descent, and looked up, here's this giant, red ball just above the clouds." ********

******** https://youtube.com/watch/…

Poppa "A" was Barry Obama's pilot during his 2008 campaign to become Biggest Asshole on the Planet. Danzinger was also the man who asserted the following, when asked why pilots ― many of whom see aerial enigma ― often don't report them:

"You don't wanna be brandished as being crazy. That was one of our concerns before we actually reported it to air traffic control. We discussed it amongst each other: Is this something that's gonna jeopardize our career?

The government discounts every single report that ever seems to come out. The news media tends to — or at least, in the past, has tended to — ridicule every UFO report." *********

********* Ibid.

In fact, Danzinger didn't disclose his aforementioned encounter in 1989, until decades later:

"I've got a few friends who've called me and said, 'Wow. Maybe this is gonna finally get this stuff out. I've seen stuff, and it's about time that somebody came forward. You're actually getting some press, and maybe people will start believing this a little bit more.' " **********

********** Ibid.

You hold no credence in the existence of UFOs of otherworldly nature because you, yourself, have never seen them. Such stated, you do believe in "India," "Russia," the "United States" ― or any other "country" ― even though you've never seen the make-believe borders around these alleged territories; never seen them because they don't exist.

As a result, you have to ask yourself, "Is this rational thinking, or have I been brainwashed for years into believing in things that aren't there and, thus, aren't real?"


"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe *


"A person who informs on another or makes public disclosure of corruption or wrongdoing." **

** http://dictionary.com/browse/…

Most whistleblowers in the United States cling to a nightmarish contract called the U.S. Constitution. They'll watch their government commit genocide, yet profess loyalty to a document that attempts to eradicate their own natural abilities.

You're born, and authority exerts its will, in an effort to enslave you. However, if we choose not to adhere to the dogmas of control ― be they governmental, national, religious, etc. ― our race becomes free.

One only needs to read the U.S. Constitution, in order to comprehend authority has given itself the "right" to rule you. That said, only you can allow it to do so. If we, as species ― which is seven billion strong ― refuse to acquiesce, then we're free.

Of course, we were free to begin with, prior to government, religion, school, etc. Such stated, we've chosen to be slaves to psychopaths who implement these institutions.

Whistleblowers elect to remain oblivious to the fact the U.S. Constitution was written in secret, by a bunch of monetarily-affluent slave owners. Moreover, this contract magically bequeaths "rights" to those who penned it, and attempts to obliterate the natural abilities of the masses.

On top of this, the U.S. Constitution was never signed by a single member of the common population, let alone the entire populace. I never gave this bullshit my "okay," nor has anyone alive today.

At what point do we shriek, "This has been a ruse from its inception! I was brainwashed for 12 years with 'I pledge allegiance to the flag!' I'm a slave!"?

"Leaders" of any "country" want you to become a traitor to your own species by killing other humans. Now that's racism! And you've fallen for it. You claim you're "British," "Chinese," "Russian," etc. You vote, and use phrases like "proud to be an American."

You embrace the military ― which is nothing more than Stasi for those who've hijacked humanity. You acknowledge the authority of those who've placed themselves in charge. You turn a blind eye to the annihilation of fellow humans all around you.

How long do you think it will be before those we've put in power come for you?

"The NSA, and CIA and intelligence community, in general, is not audited. That is, there's no accounting for how they spend the money — how effectively or not — so it's a set-up for corruption, and fraud and waste."

― William Binney, former head cryptographer for the NSA ***

*** https://youtube.com/watch/…

No shit, Bill. All government's been a scam, since inception.

Whistleblowers continually seek Congress or the Senate, when it comes to enacting justice. "Government lied to us?! Motherfuck! I'll take this to Congress, and see what they have to say about it!"

Binney laughingly informs us we need to vote, in order to fix the situation.

Appealing to Congress or the Senate, in order to make government accountable for its evil, is futile! Congress and the Senate are government. What do you think Congress is, a group of antique dildo collectors? Congress is government! Duh!

When you picture the Senate, you don't envision a softball beer league, or a scrapbooking club. You think government! Then why would you ever appeal to government to rat itself out?!

As long as this system is in place, those in Congress and the Senate live lavishly! Do you really think they'll relinquish that for morals they obviously don't possess?!

If some white supremacy group goes on a killing spree, you don't ask them to adjudicate their malfeasance. For whatever fucked-up reason, though, you feel government is gonna check and balance itself?! Why? Because you were brainwashed in school ― a school funded by government ― there's an invisible force keeping our "leaders" in line?!

You probably believe in Jesus, too, don't ya'?

Look around you. That force is nowhere to be found. Politicians bathe in money, while the rest of us barely have enough cash to bathe. Period!

"Impeach this," and "impeach that"? What do you think is gonna happen when you appeal to government ― the supreme court ― to exact justice on itself?! Nothing!

If Jeffrey Dahmer were alive, would you ask him to determine if he was guilty of murder? Of course not! Then why do you ask government to levee a sentence on itself? One hundred times out of 100, they'll deliver a "not guilty" verdict. Why would somebody stick their own neck in the noose, especially when that somebody is corrupt?

REPORTER: "So just to summarize, prior to 9/11, the NSA was collecting billions of phone records on American citizens, without probable cause; that they had kinda planned on doing this from the beginning, and then they used 9/11 as an excuse to really ramp that up. Is that accurate?"

WILLIAM BINNEY: "[…] [T]hey were planning on doing it before 9/11. What they did was they used 9/11 as the excuse, or the basis, for implementing it. […]

Once they started ingesting data, […][it] averaged around 320 million records of long distance phone calls, between U.S. citizens, inside the country, every day. That didn't count all the other communications they were managing, too. The domestic spying started with that." ****

**** Ibid.

William Binney was the NSA's head cryptographer. When he realized his own government was spying on U.S. citizens, and lying about 9/11, he put his lips together, and blew.

REPORTER: "So, we had multiple levels of security failures from our intelligence community on 9/11, and where's the list I can find of people who got fired because they didn't do their job?"

WILLIAM BINNEY: "It would be on a blank sheet of paper. Okay? There's your list. I mean, they all got promoted, I think. They all got elevated to higher positions, and they got more money, and budgets were increased. Tripled, basically." *****

***** Ibid.

Attempting to inform the public is dangerous. In 2007, government ― a dozen FBI agents, armed with high-powered rifles ― raided Binney's home, holding him at gunpoint, while he was in the shower. His wife and son were also assaulted, weapons in their faces.

Personal items were stolen from Bill's house, and bureaucracy forced him to shut down a private business of his ― which meant a loss of $300,000 income per year.

Binney's existence was jeopardized, as government threatened him with indefinite prison time, all for telling the truth.

"That was the last straw that told me my government was so corrupt there was not much left of it worth saving. So I had to do whatever I could do to expose it, and get it out to the people […] and get outside of government, because obviously all they were gonna do was cover up for the crimes they'd been committing." ******

****** Ibid.

Still, William talks of devotion to his country. It's as if he believes those who created the most recent version of this pyramid scheme were fantastic, and a few bad apples fucked up a good thing along the way.

"See, you can't trust our current government. They just don't tell you the truth, anyway. […]

It's all hypocritical, and they're all basically criminals, in my mind." *******

******* Ibid.

"Basically"? Either you're a criminal, or you're not. There's no gray area, here. "Well, I kinda committed murder."

Brainwashed, Bill ignorantly thinks the U.S. was once a democracy…even though it was run by money-hoarding slave owners from the start; the populace never in control of anything! Again, democracy is a government by the people. Those existing on the street, and begging for money, are "the people." Does it look like they're governing anything?!

The population have always been monetarily poor, while politicians, filthy rich. If the people were in control, don't you think they'd make certain they had all the cash, or at least didn't want for anything?

Bill, you said it yourself:

"They [the government] never came out and told anybody what they're really doing; or what their real understanding, or what their secret interpretation is. That's because they're too afraid; they're cowards. They're hiding a secret interpretation, applied with a secret court, in secret, by a secret government." ********

******** Ibid.

I know it sucks admitting you've wasted your existence on this planet supporting evil. That said, what's better: Perpetuating this system that will destroy you, or eradicating it, and freeing our species? No fuckin' contest!

If we get through this, future generations will look back at you the way you reflect on the blind minions who followed Hitler, and made the Holocaust a reality. Realize, Adolf only ordered 11 million destroyed; this sick plutocracy, currently in place, has seven billion facing nuclear obliteration!

It's okay to say: "I've been duped." There's nothing unethical in being taken for a ride.

Until whistleblowers rat out those who've hijacked humans, and feel loyalty to our species, as opposed to some non-existent thing called "America," we're fucked. Folks like the late Jacque Fresco, Mark Passio and Peter Joseph may be able to usher in a new paradigm of freedom. That said, they may not. I'm not certain how much longer I can hang on by my fingernails, drowning in pain.

On this note, I know there are others in the same boat. Thanks to the Internet, I've read tales of those who couldn't pay their rent, or became ill, and weren't able to afford health care. They were attempting to enlighten the masses, but could no longer stem the wave of annihilation. It's fuckin' tough, man!

As a true whistleblower ― one exposing atrocities perpetrated on humanity ― you risk being killed by those you're attempting to save.

If you still believe in religion, the U.S. Constitution, the school system, "nations," etc., you're killing us! Wake up to reality!

What else are you supposed to do: continue pretending to believe in ― and thereby supporting ― dogmas designed to kill you?

"When you're faced with an overwhelming, life-threatening crisis — as in the Titanic being hit by an iceberg — and you happen to be aware before anybody else is that the ship is gonna sink, and there aren't enough lifeboats, and you know how to build lifeboats. And you try to deal with that in however long the Titanic had before it went down, you're likely to run across three types of passenger on the Titanic:

You'll run across a type that's basically deer in the headlights: 'Ship's been hit? What does that mean? What do I do? I don't know what to do. I don't know where to go? Should I do that? I don't know!'

That's one group.

There's another group that says, 'We get that the ship's gonna sink. We get that we're all gonna die, unless we make some lifeboats, and do it fast. Show us what to do.'

And then you have a third group that says, 'This is the Titanic. It's absolutely unsinkable. Un-fucking-sinkable, so we're goin' back to the bar for a drink, and all you doomsday sayers can actually just take a hike.'

Now, if you're the one who knows how to build lifeboats, which group of people are you gonna help?"

― Michael C. Ruppert *********

********* https://youtube.com/watch/…

So, here's the situation:

Those we've allowed to "lead" us live opulently. The rest of us suffer to survive. If these "leaders" expose this truth, they'll forfeit their "wealth." Do you think they're gonna skip merrily down that path?

If you do ― which seems to be the case, since you vote, believe in government, call yourself "American," etc. ― you've been in the closed garage with the car runnin' too long.

Do millionaires walk down the street, dispensing cash to everyone? Of course not. Then why would you expect those in power to forfeit what they've worked so hard to steal?

Susan Lindauer was a CIA asset ― chief liaison between the U.S., Iraq and Libya ― who came clean on corruption within the system she was serving. As a result, she was kidnapped, imprisoned, and nearly force-fed a chemical lobotomy of Ativan, Haldol and Prozac ― by her own government ― that would've rendered her a breathing vegetable.

Less than 30 days after she divulged a 9/11 cover-up, fully-armed FBI agents swarmed her home, abducting her. Under the Patriot Act, Susan was thrown in Fort Worth's Carswell Prison for an indefinite sentence.

Not provided a trial, Lindauer underwent a five year indictment. Due to anxiety caused by the fact she wasn't informed she'd ever be released, her hair turned white. Her existence was shredded, as her phones were tapped, and her house wired.

Government attempted to extend her incarceration to 10 years ― without trial ― planning to keep her drugged the entire time. Mainstream media refused to cover Susan's ordeal; categorizing her a crazy, religious zealot. All this because she told the truth.

Lindauer refers to the Iraqi wars as "mass genocide," asserting at least one million children have been slaughtered, due to what the U.S. has done. She declares the United Nations is withholding the true count on childhood war deaths in Iraq, since factual numbers expose genocide. **********

********** https://youtube.com/watch/…

Although Susan has endured a horrific ordeal, she still speaks of "defending the Constitution." Brainwashed to the core! The Constitution ― which does everything it can to strip the populace of its natural abilities, and enforce subjugation ― needs to be eradicated.

Don't believe me? Then try walking down the street, handing everyone you pass a piece of paper with the declaration: "I have the right to take money from you." How many people would relinquish a dime, let alone fistfuls of cash?

Obviously none.

Yet, the U.S. government gives itself the "power" to purloin prodigious portions of your paycheck, simply by penning this omnipotence into the Constitution, and referring to it as "taxes." Moreover, you pay them!

Until we start fighting this battle as one human race, we'll continue to get nowhere! Claiming you're "American," or any other nationalistic moniker, is treason to your own species.

Most of us have placed our beliefs in "this country" or "that," the same way one chooses a favorite sports team. Due to these "countries," we're teetering on the brink of nuclear obliteration.

"When you call yourself an Indian, or a Muslim, or a Christian, or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind."

― Jiddu Krishnamurti ***********

*********** http://azquotes.com/quote/…

You refer to yourself as "American." Thus, you feel devotion to fellow "Americans." Those who've created this term brainwash you into believing anyone "not American" is different, inferior, and your enemy.

Indoctrinated, you're eager to kill "non-Americans" whenever those implementing this system demand it. Hence, you massacre portions of your own species ― whom you've never met before ― and thus, have no reason to hate.

The soldier on the other side of that make-believe line; did he steal your house, put you in jail, and extort cash from you? No. Your government will, though, if you don't pay it's "milk money." Even though you don't know that soldier, you hunger to destroy him, because those who've created this system command it.

"How do you pledge allegiance to a government? […] That's all America is is a government. There's no such thing as 'we're Americans.' That's just trivial bullshit to get you rootin' for the home team, right? You're not an American. You're a guy, […] you're a person, […] you're an individual."

― Doug Stanhope ************

************ https://youtube.com/watch/…

Thomas Drake was a senior executive with the NSA, when he decided he needed to get some things off his chest. Unable to remain quiet over government spying on its own people, and allowing 9/11 to occur, Drake got crushed, when bureaucracy retaliated.

"The government itself commits massive fraud, waste, and abuse, and engages itself in wrongdoing illegality…and that's precisely what the government did after 9/11, on a vast scale."

― Thomas Drake º

º https://youtube.com/watch/…

Government targeted Thomas, raiding his home, as well as his office, indicting him, and threatening him with 35 years prison time. Again, all for telling the truth.

Talk about ruining a guy's existence! The stress endured, when facing such lengthy incarceration, has to be nearly unbearable. Still, Drake speaks of protecting the Constitution he took an oath to defend.

I don't get this. It takes an hour to read, and comprehend, the U.S. Constitution. I know, because I've done it half a dozen times.

Nobody coming away from such a snoozefest feels a sense of freedom. Nobody! You might lie to yourself you do, but when others demand money from you, tell you what you can't do, and give themselves power over you, you don't feel free.

What you do feel is scared. So scared, you'll lie about being liberated…even to yourself.

The preceding blog was written by Hugh Mungus. Feel free to contact the author directly here on Steemit, or via his personal E-mail address: longlivenuno@aol.com

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