Kia's Driverless Future! - #PropagandaWatch

in truth •  last year 

In this first installment of the #PropagandaWatch series, James breaks down the latest advertising/conditioning campaign from Kia preparing us for the driverless future. Who will save the residents of Neverland from the perils of traffic jams? Why, Peter, Kia, and driverless technology, of course! Blecch.


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Propaganda watch will surely be an interesting series. Maybe you can cover that stupid EU game 'Taxlandia'.

Thanks for the tip. I hadn't seen that yet but will check it out.

The Prophesied World wide Antichrist System in the Making, come join the Smart grid ! What could go Wrong ? A part from Total Enslavement

hey james - what do you think of the whales controlling the content of steemit through oppressing people with well funded bots.

kinda reminds me of the nwo censorship's techniques

That is hilarious ❗️😆 These idiots have to be juiced up on some kind of heroine 💉⁉️ Can’t fix stupid 🤤