The God Concept part 9; Lucifers Rebellion.

in truth •  10 months ago 


In the beginning - before there was a beginning - there existed naught but void.

A timeless , space less non-existence.

Into this void entered the all - permeating thought which was the desire for self realization.

This desire for self reization creation self realization.

This thought desired to know what it was ; what existed.

it realized that nothing existed but IT did.

It realized that because it had thought - it had beought itself to a state of existing.

This thought was thus all powerfull.

Thuis thought grew into being as pure power and all attractive energy.

This thought is the first cause that grew into THE ALL.

This is GOD.

This state of purity of vibration is what is refferred to as such in its many names, in all religions.

This is the ONE GOD that is talked about in manichieism ,

The ONE GOD who birthed itself into Gods aka the angels to seed planets with life.

However, some angels grew to rebellion against Gods benevolent will.

This is called the Lucifer rebellion.

Who cares if God is all powerfull - Luciferians must have thought - I am his son.

Lucifer was the first angel to grow against Gods will

This being was one God of GOD who thought that to truly have free will - one must be able to err.

if not - life itself must be a conspiracy.

since life is not a conspiracy, but a miracle called existing energy, or existence, GOD allows the freedom to err.

However, these angels believe that this is not only a freedom - but more true than what is benevelont.

They think that they are smarter than the father who hath birthed them and yet if he was not they could not be.

Thus they must not want to be.

They create veils on the one truth by enacting false ego or death upon other angels and seeded life.

They thus create and sew malevolence , where otherwise it would exist not.

This clut is also known as every malevelont cult from saturnalia to scientology to the brotherhood of death, the bilderberg group, and the committee of 300.

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