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Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship and the strength of the foundation should never be jeopardised. I see that many young boys and girls form a bond on false claims which is fuelled with more lies. This may get you the girl/boy you always wanted, but that relationship would surely not last long and even if it does then it would never be a satisfying one.
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A distant relative of mine, a wealthy man, had three sons. He loved his sons, but the younger one, slightly dyslexic, was dearer to him. He ensured that he divides the assets that he owns equally among his sons. While the elder one was interested in the business and middle one in the farm he gave them that and kept a good sum of money and a house for his dearest third son. He also ensured that he settled his youngest son with a honest educated wife.

Everything seemed well until the old man left this world. The boy's, who were once a close knit family refused to see each other thinking they would have to share their share of property that they have inherited. Anyways, time went by. While the younger one's wife was expected to be more mature, turned out she was a fool. She finished up the huge fixed deposit and also tried to sell the house to swindle the funds.

It is sad that the old man's experience couldn't judge the girl who is now demanding a divorce because she couldn't sell the house. Her husband is now completely broken and his brothers have broken all ties with him because he was rude to them earlier. It is sad that how relationships changed.

Had the old man made it clear that his younger son cannot sell the house in the start of laying the base stone of this relationship, the girl would probably back off and the young boy would be saved of this heart ache.


I just posted a tdp and saw yours when I pressed post. It’s in the same mind vibe. Sad I am , sadness it is. Life and we as people are sometimes to self cantered

Money is biggest string attached in any relation, When money come in relation, it can spoil any relation. If you have no money everyone will left you except your parents, it is sad but it is
hard reality of life.

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