ROFL..the media is NOW using U6 to measure unemployment, after ignoring that stat under oblahblah

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But look how fast the media went from ignoring the U-6 under Obama to crowing about it under Trump. It literally only took the media three months to rediscover the U-6.
The First Black President? Black Unemployment Levels Near All-Time Lows


One more thing: If you search for "unemployment rate" under "news" on google, you will struggle to find much mention of the US' very low unemployment rate -- almost as if Google is hiding stories about it as FakeNews which is also Racist.

And almost as if the media is simply not reporting much at all on the fact that not only have we fallen under the 5% figure generally cited as indicating "full employment," but are approaching the record-low 3.9% achieved for only a short time in the Clinton Tech Bubble.

Here's the link to the Ministry of Truth Narrative...
The government reported a 4.5% unemployment rate, but here's the realistic number

The headline unemployment rate might not be the best measure of jobs????

Ace retorts

It was under Obama. Tell me, CNBC -- what's changed in just three months?

There is a reason the media is known as FakeNews and as The Ministry of Truth...because they are lying bastids, whose "objective standards" change based upon DNC approval each morning ;>

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Good hypocrisy posts are a great read! Keep them coming!

My challenge is splitting my efforts among Democrats AND Repubs. It's been easier in a Trump presidency, though when I call out leftists, I still get labeled a Trumpster!

Keep up the good work!

the repukes depended on anti-democong feeling to hold office...after it became obvious they had no true intent to counter democong (uniparty) corruption, they lost a great deal of loyalty from their own voters.

and thanks for the encouragement!

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You use Google? Use StartPage. Wait…that one is “enhanced by Google.” Same dif. Of course, Google owns Android, Youtube, and has inked deals with Mozilla to make it the “default Search Engine” for the foreseeable future. Found that one out after a somewhat recent update, after all the other choices disappeared. No problem, though – you can manually add them back in. Super convenient!

We can expect a continuance of biased nonsense from these dishonest fraudsters. They know people just want to do what's easy, so most won’t care when Google’s influence continues to rob them of the remaining sources offering a differing point of view.

Some suggestions to circumvent Google: Quant, DuckDuckGo, and Ixquick? Anyone have ideas on this?

Good post, once again, Stevescoins. Pic is killer!

Search engine manipulation is an area I haven't done any work in

it looks like you have a good basis to write a Steemit post here!

You ought to write up a blog here and tag it #informationwar
also comment the link in a reply here so I know to see it

Here is the first part of a series I am doing. Google provided a good launchpoint with their news, today. The other parts will delve more into the manipulators and how we can effectively circumvent their platforms, what options we have...etc. Ideas from other posters are welcome. Thx!

Did a draft already for it, but working on several things. Trying to get something up still, tonight. Thanks for tips. For sure, going to tag everything with #informationwar

I'll let you know when it's posted.

always too much to read, too much to write ;>

I wonder how biased any government statistic is?
It appears that they use stats to hide rather than to reveal.

lies, damn lies, and statistics

Enjoyed reading this.

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