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Either Steve Bannon has been bought and paid for or he's a man with zero integrity. Because if he's telling the truth, he should have spoken up long ago, not just when it's time to sell some books. Trump is being targeted once again, as are #Pedogate researchers like our friend Melissa Zaccaria, known on You Tube as The Honey Bee.

Well, enough is enough. It's time to stand together and demand the prosecution of the REAL criminals, or we will surely all die separately.

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LUKE 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

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I do not know how he lasted all this time.
Everyone knows that this is an idiot and a moving puppet before and after his election
But the questions of America control the Jews, "Israel" or vice versa.

It is a good sign these elites are panicking 2018 will be the year they start crumbling

Indeed that is what I believe. They are in a BIG panic. 2018 will go down in history!

Lock them all up. They have to pay for their atrocities before humanity can move forward.

If we had to wait for justice before making progress, we'd never have invented fire. Or chipped rocks.

Don't hold your breath waiting on corruption to be revealed.

Make it happen, and make forward progress, regardless.

I think the whole "or we will surely all die separately" bit is a tad over the top. A little fear porny.

Spoken like a true hangman, or at least someone who believes they have nothing to fear, whether out of being affiliated with the hangmen, or ignorant of their assaults on the vulnerable.

Have a look at the biowarfare research facilities that have been salted across Ukraine in recent years, and perhaps you might reconsider whether it is over the top to fear the hangmen demonstrably preying on vulnerable people today.

After all, wherever you are, your people could be next - unless you have reason to know they won't.

If you do, please, enlighten us.

Well, I'm a non-interventionist so I'd never be a hangman. I just don't fear stuff like this because it's so way over the top that it's obviously propaganda. He says we're "ALL" going to "DIE." Even if I was afraid of the mysterious elite supposedly trying to kill us all, it would still be a very unlikely outcome. Sure, some people are going to die horrible deaths tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. I'm not going to live my life from now until it's my time to go afraid of every shadow, cloud, farming technique, government weapons program, etc. In reality, there's a pretty low probability that any one of us will die from any of those reasons, even though for sure some of us will.

Also, I have nothing to fear because "greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world." My God wins.

Ah, well enjoy your invulnerability!

As far as I can tell, nothing in this post was a claim 'we're all gonna die!', although I'll note that everyone that predicts we're all gonna die is right.

We're all gonna die.

Hundreds of millions died in the last century from various government actions, war, starvation, plague, deliberately used to kill poor people.

Some folks fear known threats, and seek to circumvent them, but, hey, if you're invulnerable, then who cares!

Just live that dream, buddy!

Well, I quote from above:. "Well, enough is enough. It's time to stand together and demand the prosecution of the REAL criminals, or we will surely all die separately."

I'm not sure how you could read this and not see it. Also, I don't claim to be invulnerable, that would be stupid. We are all going to die someday, true. However, we can't really do anything to avoid that. What we can control is our state of mind. If you want to live in fear, that is your choice.

Looking out for possible danger and taking appropriate steps to prepare is wise, but living in fear of catastrophe is not wise or healthy. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. You may think my faith is foolish, but peace of mind is priceless. I pray one day you'll find it, sir.

Well, I clearly didn't read closely enough, so appreciate your pointing out that figure of speech to me.

Maybe 'I have nothing to fear, cuz faith' means something different to you, but, in the context in which you used it, it means you evidence no concern about the litany of evils you mention, at least that's how I read it.

If you're so peaceful you take no decisive action to protect people from the very real evils and threats they face, then I hope my snark has prodded you, right in the faith. If you are taking decisive action, besides prayer, then I didn't get that from your comment.

Anyone can miss things, no worries. F ankly, it seems to me our point of contention is your definition of fear. I do not think fear and concern are the same word. Other than that and the snarky attitude I think we mostly agree.

My original post wasn't intended to address the specific concern you voiced, but my last one did. The entire last paragraph of my previous post did that. My comment was simply about sgt's overly dramatic comment that I feel are unnecessarily fearful.

And frankly, I don't think the things you mentioned are at the top of the danger list, and I don't believe you can accurately assess the motives behind the historical examples of them as you seem to claim to be able to do.

"... I don't believe you can accurately assess the motives behind the historical examples of them as you seem to claim to be able to do."

I reckon what we can do is look at what happened, and consider why it happened. We can never know what was in another head, but we can exclude things.

Just like science, all we can do is disprove what is impossible.

I hope you are right regarding our concerns about evil machinations bad people undertake. Given that you feel those matters aren't at the top of the danger list, I don't think you give credit where credit is due: evil people are the worst enemies we face, and do unimaginable harm.

While we can't do a damn thing about volcanoes or typhoons, evil people are something we can, and must, act to defend the innocent against.

This is a geas I reckon you would agree Jesus put on us when he said 'Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the hurt', or words to that effect.

If that's the kind of Christian you are, I am fully supportive of your acts. Sunday Christians are of no merit, as faith without works is no more than deception.

Sooo... no Sacred Cows... no politically correct shit we can't talk about?

Trump & Bannon is a WWE show. A distraction needed to tie up the MSM for a while

Notice the only ones fanning the flames are CNN, NBC and the rest who hated Bannon only months ago but like a shift in the wind love Bannon today? They have no morals.

Upvoted and ReSteemed!!! Thanks for all you do Sean ♡

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Could Bannon and Trump be in cahoots, performing some sleight of hand, drawing attention to this silliness, while the real trick is going unnoticed? I hardly dare hope that there is some real magic being performed that will make America great again. I would like to see more campaign promises fulfilled, and more elites held accountable for their crimes.

You and I think a lot alike. Usually when Trump gets a big controversy going there's something underneath brewing, what could be so big right now?....negotiations over the wall, the dreamers and the budget negotiations. The legality of the dreamers would be my guess, trading legal status for the wall.

I think you've spotted their play. DACA and the wall are certainly delicate issues, and Americans have mixed feelings on both, from what I can gather. We like to be kind, but we also don't want to be overcome by foreigners who don't want to be Americans but want to exploit our system. FAIRNESS is the fundamental issue for Americans, when we think about immigration policy. Our politicians have lost their moral compass and have forgotten about fairness and rule of law, methinks. They want to distract us while they engineer a solution that will put money in their pockets while allowing them to keep their power. DACA and the wall may turn into an Achilles heel for DC.

Clif High says " Yet more 'secrets revealed' over all of the first 2/two weeks of January! Ought to be tasty for those who gnaw on reality."

Nice post. My take is that America, a highly developed country has a very vibrant judicial system that could stand the test of time. So, I am confidence that at the end of the trial justice will be done, and the culprits will be brought to book. I follow and upvote you.

Well, living here, I can say the US justice system is a joke. The state wins about 99% of all cases prosecuted, and the police are never convicted of even the most clear cut cases of murder. It's a minor step up from banana republic.

Sadly, you are very wrong about the American courts. There is no more blatant venue for corruption in America, if not the entire world. Lawyers practically hand briefcases full of cash right over the bench to judges, and this has been ongoing for as long as I have lived.

I am an old man.

Most culprits, if they have money, get away with it.

Sean, just be careful about what you promote as "Real News".

Debbie W-S may be guilty of a lot of things. But, an anonymous post by Qanon stating that she ordered the Seth Rich murder, is NOT proof of anything. It is speculative hearsay until it can be proven.

Facts trump opinions. Keep digging for the facts, Sean.

very interesting ....trump ....smh but sometimes I agree on certain things he say I'm Hispanic but born and raised in Brooklyn, new York ....proud American and will die for my country which is the USA


well said! I upvoted and follow yoy!

Melissa I hope your ok. I been trying to get a hold of you all day. Seems most people don't care that you have been threatened. But I take this shit seriously. This isn't a joke. Be safe dear. Contact me and let me know your ok.
Ringling brothers Trump Bannon circus. When are people going towake up to the fact that these people put on an act for us. They do it all the time ACT of congress etc... There are only two sides here. Them and us. Trump was is and will be a globalist tool for the NWO. He was never "one of us". I hear a lot of people say that but they aren't billionaires....him and his buddies are.
The only way we get our bill of rights back is a fight. And we won't loose. They will. Run the numbers and you will see we out number them 300 to 1 with everybody they can muster.

Odds of 1 to 300 are horribly slanted in their favor, because they are in possession of 99% of the useful weapons and infrastructure to wage battle with.

If I had a machine gun, and my enemies were armed with pointy sticks, I'd be happy to face odds of 300 to 1, because I'd be sure I'd win.

I don't want the Bill of Rights 'back' (if it was ever more than a ruse). I want the actual rights people possess to be respected as the common conduct of interpersonal and international affairs. This hasn't been the ordinary way of doing business EVER.

While the founding fathers, to a man, would weep to see the degrading level of chattelhood we exhibit today, they would also take heart at the technology that empowers individuals an order of magnitude more than organizations. It takes time for technology to filter down from institutions that first receive it, but that time is inevitable.

We will be free, but not by fighting. We will be free by outcompeting dinosaur business models.

Ignore their scams, and they will go away.

This is very well said I have to say

I can’t decide where I think Trump is a complete idiot or a good person.

Believe me, being in the Uk - I think we’re run by a bunch of muppets and being dragged out of the EU is the worst thing my country have done...

But then America has Trump. Can’t decide which is worse! Happy days everyone!

Well, given that Jersey is owned by the Queen, and Jimmy Saville was a personal friend of most of England's power elite (preying on the children of Haut de la Garenne, where they are still digging to find the bones of murdered children) from Margaret Thatcher to Prince Charles, I suspect that having a temporary Trump is better than having one for life.

Isn't it possible Trump could be a smart, and evil, man, rather than either good, or stupid?

I find that possibility far more likely, given the nature of politics.

Enjoy your Brexit!

An international politics, elite personality trump

This is why i hate politics

very nice

It is a well sign these elites are panicking 2018 will be the year they start crumbling. @sgtreport

i like your article. and i already folow you. if you have time visit my bog @ yulissari

wow!!! you are great post.Nice post. My take is that America, a highly developed country has a very vibrant judicial system that could stand the test of time. So, I am confidence that at the end of the trial justice will be done, and the culprits will be brought to book.


Blow it wide open so it never happens again! The dam is finally breaking!

I firmly believe that Honeybee was threatened in the same way that Alefantis (if that even is his real name) threatened Ryan O Neil (was that his name?) when he found the "kill room." Take care Honeybee. I'm praying for you and all of the victims of these monsters. They will be taken down and hopefully sooner rather than later.

We have heard a lot of claims about the swamp being drained. Qanon has made some claims that are proving to be demonstrably false.

If it isn't just a Larp, it's disinfo. Q has stated that KSA has more financial influence than the Rothschilds, and this is provably not only false, but ludicrous.

I strongly agree with your statements regarding corruption, crimes against humanity, and freedom. I am sure you state them forthrightly. It is extremely important that your voice, and those of all independent researchers, aren't colored with taint of disinformation.

I urge you to carefully review the claims of Qanon, particularly, as this has apparently been revealed as a larp conducted by @defango and the puzzle-masters linked to corrupt intelligence agencies. I am sure you, more than anyone, wants to be sure you aren't being used by the deep state itself to propagate disinformation, that will be used to discredit not only you, but all independent researchers.

Just as the hippies have turned out to be a propaganda campaign used to discredit the antiwar movement in the 1960's ('Weird Scenes from Laurel Canyon', Dave McGowan), using the millions of sincere but misguided Americans to promulgate propaganda, the machiavellian intelligence apparatchiks of the deep state seek to do the same to those who are working to reveal criminal corruption, tyranny, and war crimes today.

No one can be immune from error in an age of digital media manipulation, when Newsweek criticizes Nazis out of one side of it's mouth, and presents them as good 'ol boys, out the other, depending on their affiliation with either enemies of the deep state, or allies, when AP takes pictures of Iranians rallying in support of their government, and passes them off instead as acts of revolution.

If your review reveals that Qanon has provided even one demonstrably false claim, only forthrightly showing how you were misled, and refuting that disinformation can preserve your reputation.

Everyone makes mistakes. Honest people own them, and retain the trust of those that rely on them for news.


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sgtreport!! Thank you, your Post.

please vote my post

Beastly politics.........hate it

As big Jim Garrison observed in JFK, "...only cowards make crank calls." I'm sure it is so with this pathetic individual. Nevertheless, I hope Honeybee stays safe and takes all necessary precautions as she keeps up her sterling work and may God bless & keep her (and all who strive to expose this nest of vipers!).

I like how calm and confident the Honeybee is as she talks with the hick who phoned her in an attempt to intimidate her. She did the right thing by posting this recording, shining light on what's going on.

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