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RE: Donald Trump National Address: "We Aren't Nation-Building Again, We Are Killing Terrorists"

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Our government keeps shoving the "Support The Troops" slogan down our throats so even if you don't support the war you gotta cheer for the troops,right?! It keeps the cycle going so the Military Industrial Complex and all those that profit from it can keep on getting paid.

There's a reason they love getting 18 year olds that are impressionable to sign up and join early on, it's easy to make them very loyal at that point and build a family.

We waste our money, resources, ruin our environment, ruin families on both sides, invite more hate upon us all so the top guys can make their tidy profit.

It's just sickening.


You allow your kids grow watching and playing violence movies and games, you allow kids growing with weapons near as normal things, you live in a country where police shuts down a guy with no reason. When kids go to school with weapons and kill everybody, you don't do nothing. This is why 18 year olds join early as they think going to war is easy like in a videogame, they do it for their country, but their country doesn't give a shit of them. They are just a number of war victims that had to die in order to get some oil and get richer... let's change USA, land of freedom with USA, land of lies

Kids joined wars way before video games

Yes they did and some of them died for a better future for their country and they would be ashamed and angry to see USA from today

I really wouldn't put much blame in the video games, I'd say most people that love video games would rather play video games than go to war.

A lot of it that isn't mentioned much is that joining the war is a bit of a welfare state. Didn't do good in school, can't afford college,etc.. well come join the military and get to learn for free, just need to sign your life to us for a few years..

We even see with Colin Kapernick from the NFL how everyone got on him bad for not standing for the flag ( by the way the military pays the NFL to do the anthem before games) . It's all these little things to make it seem like the most respected thing anyone can do is "defend our country" even when it means that we go to war with countries for unjust reasons.

And then you have the people that die in war where the family and friends can get easily offended by those who put down the military since they gave their life for "us" and no one wants to think they went to war to protect the opium fields or to make profit for the guys in the military industrial complex.

The biggest thing that kills me that is that the more the USA focuses on war, so will all the other countries..we are in kinda shitty financial times and medical costs are through the roof..but we always find a way to have money for wars to kill people but never enough to heal the people.

Very sad if you ask me.

I agree you you... the video games were just a way to say if children grow rounded by violence they will be comfortable with it as adults. Less education and less money influence too into signing up. USA want to rule the world and because of this behavior many will give their lives for a lost cause... they will drag the entire planet to a Third World War and they will lose... so many lifes lost, so many places destroyed and all for what? Look at Siria.... trump said he doesn't want refugees in his country as all of them are potential terrorists... well, stop giving money and guns to the enemies and stop throwing bombs into refugees homes... but no, too much political interests as making weak the European Union because all of this situation. We need to handle refugees and terrorist attacks because of course if all the situation would be peace and love and no panic what country will support the war they are doing?

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