Trumps wants a weaker Dollar

in trump •  17 days ago

According to Bloomberg ( Trump want a weaker Dollar.


Of course a weaker Dollar would be better for the economy, as American goods would be cheaper, foreign goods more expensive.

This would make Americans buy more local and not be able to afford foreign goods. They would also be poorer and thus likely to work more.

As someone who lives in the US this would suck however. Being poorer can never be a good idea.

I thus suggest to slowly but surely exit into something that is more stable or appreciates. Cryptocurrency and crypto solutions like DAI my be a saver bet.

For us this is ultimately bullish as it strengthens the fundamentals of crypto.

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That may come sooner than he thinks. If the Chinese create a petro Yuan backed with gold, the dollar is toast.
But it does not mean it is bullish for cryptos - as long as their value is measured in US dollar. A BTC may then cost $100,000 but what can you buy for the 100k then?

Not only cryptocurrencies are/will be more stable, but they also will help Trump weaken the dollar :D
So we might have an uncommon ally.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend :P


Exactly, couldn't have said any better!

This is bullish indeed simply because there will be more $$$ sloshing about on the markets looking for a place to be parked at.

That's because of all the debt we have just print more reduce the value reduce the debt

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