In whom do we trust? Trump or GOD?

in #trump3 years ago

As we continue this venture called life I am constantly being reminded that you cannot trust everyone or everything you hear or even see. As I watch the MSM continue their non-stop assault on the President I find myself asking what is really going on here? When we were younger we were told to always follow the money but I no longer believe that. As I watch things play out 24/7 on an endless display of digital display devices in 4k I know there is something much deeper going on here. I have heard all the conspiracy theories to date and will learn of many more but the conclusion seems obvious. Information and disinformation are constantly bombarding each one of us and there is indeed a dark side to the human race that has a deep craving for that which is neither right nor the best for us. Not really sure what the takeaway here is except that it has becoming painfully aware to me that we are to be gatekeepers as to what we allow into our minds. This includes all information, especially from the talking heads and their continual spewing of deep-state propaganda. Think I'll turn my tv, computer, cell phone, etc. off for a while to get back a little sanity. Oh, and per the title, I trust God over any mortal man or woman and will do so until the end. Blessing to you


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