The people who are against Trump need to realize something

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Everyday I see people attacking or complaining about the president. In fact all day, everyday. Either online at places like facebook, twitter or on pretty much every single mainstream news source. Its relentless. And most if not all of it is based on lies, misconceptions or even pure fantasy. If only those people who are doing it would realize they are ruining the one chance the US has at breaking the grip that the ruling elite families have had on the US for hundreds of years.

Is Trump a perfect from it. He does however love the USA and wants to actually try and fix its problems. What he isnt though is a muppet that bows down to the royal bloodline as have the previous 44 presidents. This fact alone will probably get him killed. There is a short window of opportunity for him to make the changes necessary that will enable the american people to be free of this evil ruling class for at least the foreseeable future. It has been done before in the past, but of course this group of evil people never stop trying to push forward their agenda. This bloodline has ruled the planet since the days of the pharaohs and they do not plan on giving up that power any time soon.

Personally I do not believe in voting for anyone. I know the system in pretty much every country is totally rigged and fake. We can talk all day about solutions and maybe I will do that in future posts. But for now, the US has a REAL person in president Trump and the people need to get behind him 100% so that he can at least get rid of most of the swamp before they kill him. And you best be sure they are going to try.

Forget all the garbage you are hearing. And forget the garbage that has surrounded him. You have to remember he is literally one guy against a sea of sick and twisted pedophiles and criminals. He has very few real supporters directly connected to him so this will be an uphill battle all the way.

If he can do half of what he wants to do, the entire planet will be better off. Once people start to see the criminals going to prison in the US, it may start the ball rolling in other countries. We all have a lot of scum to get rid of.


The media is keeping quiet about his arrests of hundreds of pedos in California alone, the situation has gone far beyond out of control.

actually its thousands....many thousands and its about time!!!!

The death cult has taken over while the people slept.
Namaste brother

I have your back. Follow us. Upvoted and resteemed my friend. Same page here. Thanks. Makes me feel better after having to tell one steemleftian that his Colbert segment was rediculous. Checkout my comment if you can. I gave him truth and he came back name calling as usual. Mute. Great rant man

Democrats/liberals are the dumbest creatures on the matter where you go. Of course there are some that are not, but are they really liberals? lol

Agreed. Very good summary of the situation. Upvote, resteemed and followed.

Dear leader give us the order we will follow you
Donald is the only one who nows what's good for us all

Well I am going to assume this is a joke......and no he isn't the only one. But he does have the advantage of having the worlds ear right now and at the very least he is waking people up that may have been sleeping. And he is very entertaining to say the least. This guy makes me laugh every single day.....and in a good way. I can't say that for any other president I have heard in the last 50 years.

You are right he has the worlds ear because he ripped it off
And I am laughing too- at a bad pro wrestler in the whitehouse
The only benefit after 4 years will be that a good junk of money from that exon oildeal with the Russians will land in trumps pockets- follow the money

Obama promised change and he just wasn't the change that you expected from a U.S. President. Trump is trying hard but there are so many roadblocks from both Dems and Repubs, it is an uphill battle. He is a fighter and that's what I like about him, I'm tired of the PC garbage that got us here in the first place.

no doubt......what you just said shows just how many criminals are in power on both sides and what he is up against......I wish him all the best!

There is a big ball of negative momentum in Washington that he has to overcome. So far he isn't winning, just barely holding his own. Hopefully he keeps going.

And delivers the change that Obama promised but failed to deliver.

I hope



He is a wrecking ball and has come to destroy the status quo.....they all know this and they are all fighting for their survival. It's a race to see who wins.

Agreed. True change agents end up tipping over a lot of apple carts. Obama was to change as Hillary was to truth. Trump is to disruptive change as the sun is to rising

Upvoted & followed. Well spoken.

One important aspect to note is who stood beside Trump during the elections. Both Hillary and Trump had Jesuit support, and their chosen vice presidents were also Jesuit-educated.

These are facts which are difficult to fit with simply coincidence and I think there's more to Mr. Trump than most of his supporters realise.

Do not be so quick to follow someone simply because they say they will bring change. Obama said the same things as Trump. But we know what happened.

Lets judge his actions and his fruits.

Yes, President Trump is already blessing America with the fruits of his labor!👌

Debt getting paid down.

Illegal criminals are being deported, which is making America safer.

Record job creation is underway, with Black American joblessness now at 17 year lows.

Investment and confidence is up.

Stockmarkets are at record highs!

Outstanding work and results, in just 5 short months!🐸👌

I agree.....but you have to remember something...he is just one man sent in to fight against a sea of pedophiles and criminals that occupy both major parties and all top levels of pretty much everything. He has to hire someone for the positions that need to be filled and I don't see a lineup consisting of "good" people waiting to be hired. He has very few people he can actually trust to do the right thing. If anything he is waking people up to the many lies that are spewed by the media and if that is all he ever does, I would say its a job well done.

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