P3T Play Update: Our Vision

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The P3T team has been quietly working behind the scenes on a few initiatives to make P3T into a powerful platform that continues to pay dividends to token holders for a very long time.


We've had many submissions from a variety of developers already and a few projects are nearing completion and almost ready to launch. This is exciting for the P3T ecosystem as there are a variety of benefits:

  1. All of the dapps launching via P3T Play will have been audited by the P3T development team to make sure the contracts are safe.
  2. Developers wanting to keep their code private will not have to verify their contracts if they don't want to since they will be audited by P3T and trusted by the community.
  3. There is a large pool of Tron Dapp enthusiasts in the P3T ecosystem waiting to find the next best tron dapp.
  4. A portion of the TRX the users play with for every game in P3T play gets filtered to P3T holders as dividends.

After we have a few dapps launch, we want to create a statistical list of the P3T Play dapps on the P3T Play tab. Somewhat like what you see on current dapp tracking websites. Then we can have some fun competitions for the dapps there and incentivize more developers to build in the ecosystem and tap into the P3T community. If you're a decentralized application developer and would like to build something on Tron for an existing community, please visit our site and fill out the Google form for P3T Play: https://goo.gl/forms/EhA4lvYqLuUscg8Q2.

This is just one of a few initiatives we are taking to make the P3T tokens have lasting value. We have some other exciting things to announce soon, but don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. We've been working hard and our hard work is coming to fruition.

Thanks for continuing to stick with us. We're not going anywhere. This is the beginning of a long journey.



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