Is TRON (TRX) a scam?? Lets look at the facts.

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Watch my video discussing the facts we do know for certain:

Why are some people speculating that Tron may be a SCAM?

Allegations have surfaced​ indicating that the CEO of Tron Justin Sun may have dumped a large amount of pre-mined coins onto the market when it has been previously made clear that this would not happen. After investigating these claims I find the evidence inconclusive.

The Tron Whitepaper is said to be mostly plagiarised​, and unfortunately​ this is absolutely​ true. Make sure you watch my video for more details on the subject and to get a better picture of​ what's going on.

The bottom line is that Tron has some great developers who are volunteering to bring Trons very ambitious projects to fruition. So far they have been able to deliver Crypto-Dogs. No one is debating that, however, it's the upper management ​and CEO's intentions that I question.

What do you think?

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Through the process of the translation of the whitepaper, some similarities occurred. This was discussed in a report.

On another note, I have an issue that I think is worthwhile mentioning here..

When your voting for bots, you'll have a better chance at securing a good roi if you're spreading bids across a range of bots. I've noticed that you're placing large bids against some bots. Many smaller bids will get you a bit more and won't look like you're muscling out all the minnows.

Eg. If a bot times out and only 10 people voted at 1 SBD and the total payout was 100 sbd, everyone just made an equal share of 10 sbd (1000%). If someone comes in and slaps down 20sbd just to take the lions share, they've significantly just reduced the overall gains of all of those that made a tiny bid.

In this situation, a tiny bid would have been more equitable and fair.

I think the only time massive bids should be condoned is when you're the FIRST bidder, then others can make an assessment as to whether their return will be good enough for them.

I just felt as though I needed to add this.



Very good point. Thanks Nick!


No problems, Vin. Love your work and appreciate all your effort.

Take care,


Check out this post for more info related to bitcoin and stripe. upvote, resteem and comment your thoughts.


Because of this:

Stripe holds a susbtantial amount of Stellar Lumens. Why should they support BTC when they have to promote Stellar stuff for own profit ;-)


Thanks , very helpful content. Keep posting such Nick.

The SCAM word is thrown around too loosely. Just because a team tries, and fails, does not make it a scam.

I guess only time will tell for sure.

I came here form ur youtube channel
I am gonna use the vincentb tag now onwards
hope i will get help from here and i m gonna do too


Yea, I agree. If it smells like a rat it usually is! Hard to trust Chinese!
I still have a load of TRON....for can always make money on hype!

TRON a very ambiguous project. How can we invest?.


TRON trading on many exchanges,. For instance you can do BTC/TRX or ETH/TRX on Binance.

Definitely its not a SCAM. But its over hyped with in short time.

TRON - a very dubious project. Got airdrop coins. Forgot about them. In January realised that we were holding some of them and sold for 20x. Unbelievable luck. We prefer strong fundamentals to invest in.

Nice article! Thank you for sharing! :D

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good !!

@elpompador Was wondering if you thought this was of a similar make as Bitconnect and how it worked? Are you familiar with what happened there??

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This units logic is sound. Still hold TRX but intentions are inconclusive.

Fuck Tron, over-hyped pile of donkey crap IMO.

I don't buy the 'translation' excuse. A whitepaper is meant to persuade the the investor in this case, to invest. The team is still being built, yet the market cap is still in the billions. People saying that he is Jack Ma' protage is also pure FOMO, ask yourself what does that even mean?

To me, TRON is just another Chinese knock-off of other things that already exist and are more established.

I don't meant to offend any HODLERS, I am sure that TRON will make you money in the long run so keep hodling, but what I have just said is pure facts.


Have you seen the road map?
Have you read about the coin burn?
Have you done actually done proper research?

I think Justin values his standing and how he is viewed by both his country, culture and beyond. To scam everyone in a very public and demeaning way would mean social, career suicide for one of the top 30 under 30.

Doesn't mean he couldn't our wouldn't do it, I am just having a hard time wrapping my brain around that possibility

if he did drop a load or not hats off to who ever hey, and like there saying still plenty in the pipe line

Here's a few pointers:

Referral system that was pyramid shaped

Vague language on how the coin works

Over-promising a daily interest percentage on your deposit

Buying into the system with bitcoin, having those locked in, yet being paid out in USD

A trading bot generating their income with no transparency

What you say rings a lot of truth. Unfortunately, I got into Tron at 0.22. And since then, have watched it slide. And yeah, I got the same over-hype from reading Justin Sun promos all over the place. But they are not ringing true.

That being said, which crypto do you like? :-)

Thank a lot for information, allways goog information.

EHHh I don't think it is a scam, more like some people at the top don't have there heart in the right place.

Thank's for this video.

I was scared when I saw the title of this video. I have a good amount of money in tron. Bought in at 0.04 and I think it has a lot of up side. But you made some really good points in the video. I loved all the information. I still really believe in the project and you made some valid points about Justin. Regarding tron have just decided to hold until the end of the year and see where its at.

I hadn't heard of this news about TRON thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to look into it, and I hate to go off topic but I wanted to welcome you to steemit. I dont want to spam your post about TRON with unrelated material, so I made a post about it using your tag because it got way too long for a comment and then I had fun with it! Welcome to steemit @elpompador!

of course its a scam how delusional can you be.

After reviewing the the mainnet launch I'm still so on the fence about TRON. Most of the presentation was focused on numbers. How many git commits they have vs another protocol. How many followers or impressions Justin Sun has on his twitter account. At moment I feel like TRON is being run on hype and one day its going to come crashing down. And to your point about the broad focus of the platform, if they keep saying they want to be the "BEST" they better find some focus.