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Let the hate flow through you

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Well, I agree. It's hard to find good contents these days.

Trying to put good content out for over 9 years now .. sometimes it feels like it might be better to save the effort and you get the same results.

lol because the good content creators have all left ages ago, after this community, in so many words, told them to go fuck themselves.

What do you regard as good contents? Everyone have different levels of evaluations. What you might call bad content might be good to another. Do you mean a long essay, maybe 1500 - 3000 words or a short post of 200 - 500 words?

I guess you have a particular set of people you watch out to see them post, or maybe you are keyed to certain tags.

A lot of people create good contents daily and maybe what you need is a content hunter to help you hunt them if you can't find them all yourself.

Give me a reason why my posts aren't good contents and I will give you a reason to vote a good content

I think he means interesting content...

All I see is talks about steem, and shillings, and abuses blabla bla... Same old same old.

The problem isn't the lack of "academy quality" content.

I just lacking interesting content lately...

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We all have different things that interests us, and the tags have their purposes. The percentage of people writing steem related contents are a few compared to those who write about other contents. I do not dispute the fact that there are so many users who create irrelevant contents but at the same time, the users who create good contents do not even get noticed.

Why write to say there are no good contents when a lot of good content creators haven't been discovered.

I have only heard that the new steem allows users to curate manually but I haven't seen that in action, maybe the manual vote is based on personal relationships.

"The percentage of people writing steem related contents are a few compared to those who write about other contents"

Maybe in volume, but not in importance.

Well, what has always been the problem is that who have the power to influence what content get attention just don't care. They only car about the "roi".

There will always be circlejerking on any social media, but here the repeated bullshit by whales is always "work hard, write good content and you will grow." Or "buy steem, it will moon".

Pure bullshit.

Just check out how many of these whales vote outside their circlejerk.

That is just why whoever actually create good content will never stay on steemit.

(Another reason is the 7 day payout window. Why would I work on content if that would be the only time i have to receive something, while I can create on other platform and earn for all my life for that content?)

Anyway, my hope for steem has been fading away for a while now...

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You have a strong point here, the users with the power are the ones who influence posts and it is really painful that they do not search for good content creators.

I am still waiting for the changes that accompanies the new steem.

Good contents = contents people give a fuck about.

Engagement - comments - is one hell of a way to detect that.

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