One of the Most Important Traits for Any Investor/Trader

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Whether you invest for the long-term, trade short-term or do a mix of both (I do a mix of both, but more heavily weighted on the long-term investing end of the spectrum), there are certain key traits that will impact your success or failure in the game of markets.

I'm obsessed with studying great investors who exhibit these key traits. I think that there's a lot to learn from a handful of the greatest investors of all time.

There are key similarities and key differences. There are different approaches, different assets, different circumstances, different technologies.

One thing that I've noted about many investors is that a key trait for any successful investor is to stand out.

When I say stand out, I mean thinking and acting differently than your peers.

A successful investor can get into the mind of the average individual and average investor. They can peer into this window and see how the average person thinks, but they also can think completely outside the box.

They can think on both ends of the spectrum: just like everyone else and also completely different from everyone else.

A great investor can weigh these differing ideas in their mind and then factor them into a potential investment.

When it comes to investing, thinking like everyone else won't get you very far. You need to be able to not only come up with original ideas, but you also need to be able to spot opportunities in places where others aren't even looking or thinking that it's worthwhile to look.

You need to understand the fundamentals and you need to think macro AND micro.

I've come to learn that life exhibits so much yin/yang. It's everywhere you look. The ability to pull on both strings at once is what will separate a great investor from an average investor.

When it comes to crypto, do you think you've found an investment that's outside the norm? Have you found a way to leverage your unique abilities in a way that nobody else can?

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