Cave of the Seven Sleepers in Tarsus, Turkey

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Tarsus Cave of the Seven Sleepers

The Cave of the Seven sleepers is called Eshab-ı Kehf Cave or sometimes known as Ashab-ı Kehf Cave. The name of the cave is named after the Arabic word "Al Kahf" for the people of the cave. This cave is located in Northern Tarsus in the ilce District.

When you get to this district, you will find a little house for you to pay to get in.

There is a little description about the Seven Sleepers in this Cave.

The cave is situated right at the foot of a small hill.

You will see a lot of people walking down the stairs to go inside the cave. There are approximately 15 to 20 steps down into the cave.

Inside the Cave

It is believed by the Islamic and Christian people that there were 7 sleepers who slept in this cave under the persecution of the Roman emperors.

They hid in here for years.

And finally they died in this cave.

The Islamic people come here to remember these seven sleepers.

Inside is kept quite clean.

When you finish the tour and come outside, you can always enjoy a camel ride.




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Location information
● Dedeler, Ashab-ı Kehf Mağarası, Tarsus/Mersin Province, Turkey

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Cave of the Seven Sleepers in Tarsus, Turkey

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