Taipei Main Station, a Familiar Place for Indonesian in Taiwan

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Taipei is one capital city in Taiwan that familiar with Formosa Island. There is one big station where many Indonesian migrants went there during their holiday.

The Taipei Main Station is a place that is very familiar to Indonesians in Taiwan. On Sundays, Indonesians will flock to this station. Aside from being a transportation center that have clean area. Station is also synonymous with creativity and optimal use. Taipei Main Station was founded in 1891, during the Qing Government.

There is oranament Christmas tree in the middle of hall.

At the firts time, this station was only uses temporary. However, the Japanese government made this station a permanent place, since September 5, 1989. The design of this building was made by a Japanese architect called Fumihiko Maki.

There is Taiwan Island hanging on the wall

At present TMS has a basement, a mall complete with storage lockers. As well as train lines that connect with International Airports and almost all Taipe Metro (MRT).

Then, why do many people visit Taipei Main Station (TMS)?

Here is many shopping shop

Taipei Main Station Has Underground as a shopping place

If you are people who likes to buy trinkets and shop fun, this place will be a recommendation to visit. Besides being fun, the items are also famous for being cheap and negotiable. You can find any type here. Ranging from knick-knacks, clothing, women's accessories, to toys for children.

What do you want to buy for Indonesian menu?

Here'is Indonesian store in underground

Everything is here. Visiting this place will bring us back to Indonesia. On Sundays, we will find many Indonesian citizens who eat food here. Enjoy the culinary delights of the archipelago, as a means of treating longing for your beloved country. Especially the typical hometown foods.

Taipei is a city of Taiwan's economic capital, and TMS is a large station that connects to various regions. This place is a row of places to visit, if you play on Formosa Island. Because in Taipei there are also historical places, which tell the whereabouts of Taiwan and China in ancient times.

Across the TMS building, you will also meet creative places that offer services or consumer goods. As follows. A mini coffee shop located opposite the TMS building.

Here is mini shop coffee

When I walked in the underground side, my eyes were fixed on the beautiful paintings by a middle-aged man who was in the TMS Underground Mall. A beautiful work, and requires a high level of imagination and creativity. When I noticed, the man was absorbed in his other small paintings, which he was working on.

So it is indeed, if TMS is the choice of every visitor. Because here we will find in every corner the atmosphere is different from the other places.

Taiwanese friends and I

Taiwan, January,2nd 2019

warm regards


Location information
● Zhengzhou Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Taipei Main Station, a Familiar Place for Indonesian in Taiwan

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Terlihat sekali kemewahan stasiun yang ada di taiwan mampu menggugah hati kita untuk bisa berada disana,terimakasih kak ettydialova,semoga tetap sehat selalu disana


Ini merupakan station terbesar di kota Taipei. Bang @ustazkarim. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki yah,agar bisa berkunjung kesini.

Sebuah stasiun yang indah dan menarik sekali,

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Benar Bang~
bersih dan rapi suasananya.

Foto-fotonya sangat keren & menarik, sungguh beruntung sekali mba @ettydiallova bisa berada di sana 👍😊

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