About Museum Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall in Taiwan

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Celebrating new year most people will go to vacation. But if you can't get out of town, you can also visit local attractions.On this post I want to invite you to explore one of the historical sites that are still on Formosa Island (Taiwan). Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall.

View Building from bihend

A building was erected to commemorate Dr. Sun Yat-sen as the Proklamator of the Republic of China who has an extraordinary character, revolutionary career and brilliant vision. The museum was built in 1969 and finished on May 16, 1972. Buildings that prioritize the museum's vitalization of culture and art were inaugurated by the First Taiwan's president, Chiang Kai-sek.

View Building from in front

Sun Yet-sen museum was managed by the Taipei government, in June 1986, the building was then managed by the Ministry of Education. President Chiang Kai-sek put the first stone to build this museum in 1965, by holding an official ceremony. The grand design of the building was designed by the famous architect Wang Ta-hung who was chosen based on the contest.

I was standing beside of Sun Yet-sen statue

Sun Yet-Sen is a key leader of the Chinese Revolution or Mr Proclaimer widely recognized, both in Mainland China and Taiwan. Sun Yet-sen was born on November 12, 1866, and died at the age of 58, on March 12, 1925. He is a political figure who is a member of the Koumintang Party, and works as a Doctor, Politician, Writer, and Revolutionary.

View 101 from Sun Yet-sen's yard

The Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall is located in the Hsin-yi District next to the Taipei International Trade complex. On Sundays, the museum is crowded with visitors both local and foreign tourists. At first this building had a function as a place to show off historical heritage during the Revolutionary period. Sun. But now this museum been used for staging arts and culture, which already has a world-class performance room.
All forms of progress are aimed at promoting philosophy's Sun; Love universe, An egalitarian society, and the purpose of life help others[]

Here's my Vlog was visited Museum

Location information
● Section 4, Ren'ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan

About Museum Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall in Taiwan

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can't understand your language but i love these places! :)
especially taipei101
happy new year!


Happy New Year for you too
Wish all be better and gyud Luck for us

Twenyata taiwan memiliki bangunan bersejarah juga,pasti bahagia sekali jika bisa berkunjung kesana,,,terimakasih kak etty sudah kasih pencerahan ,hehe,semoga kakak sehat selalu di taiwan


Taiwan sebuah negara yang memegang teguh kebudayaan dan sejarah, Bang @ustazkarim.
Amiin -
Semoga suatu saat bisa singgah ke sini. Sukses jua untuk abang di sana

Hello~ @ettydiallova ~ My best wishes for a New Year That full-fills your dreams and hope Happy New Year.^^!


Happy New Year @trips.teem
Happy and good luck for us forever

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