Just Promoted Steemit on National Radio!

in #triplej3 years ago


I got pretty excited today when my text got read out on our national youth radio station - Triple J!

Hack (the news program) had an episode about block chain ‘cowboys’ in Puerto Rico, and were asking about what the listeners think. This was my text:

I researched blockchain for work and am now a massive fan. I use a social media site based on a blockchain (called Steemit) and firmly believe it has the ability to revolutionise the world and bring the power back to the people

Tom (the host) then said something along the lines of people thinking it can change the world... and the expert guest said yeah, it can.

It was cool that he read the whole text including the mention of Steemit. Hopefully it will inspire a few people to look us up!

The whole episode was pretty interesting actually. They were talking about what’s happening in Puerto Rico and the tension between some locals, and the Bitcoin billionaires who want to make it an innovation hub.

Here is the link to the podcast

I think the best bit was that when I told my mum she said “that sounds impressive - whatever blockchain is”.

Did anyone else hear it? I know @westcoasteagles heard it.


Yeah I heard it. I always want to text in but it's not aired live in WA so by the time I'm hearing it it's too late.
Good job

I lived in WA for a while and used to get a bit frustrated about that too. At least they give notice to call in for Dr Karl :) ...Mind you this is the first time I’ve actually had my text read out anyway.

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