I Am Going To Tell You A True Story, Briefly, Just To Get It Out Of My Head

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The Yeti & The Mermaid Series, Oil & Encaustic with Rolled Paper Collage, & Pen and Ink on Wood, 2014

Back in 2013, I met a guy that asked me for help. I was in a position to be uniquely helpful to him at that time and this guy was the sickest human being I had ever met. No one wanted him around because he is super controntive, but somehow, I knew it was an act. He had been kicked out of a lot of places that claim that "all are welcome" because of his personality.

This guy has the hardest path of anyone I have ever met. He must be paying back some serious Karma from last time or whenever.

I wrote this story about him - you can read it if you like, below.

Anyway, we live together now in Veteran's Supported Housing in Denver. His father was a CIA Crew Chief under Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense. His grandfather was 5-star General.

His dad was mean drunk and couldn't keep secrets, sadly, and had his eldest son help him out on top-secret research he had to do.

Sadly, the military found out that Bill knew classified information so they had to destroy his mind - they dosed him on heavy doses of pure LSD and psychiatric meds combined. As a result he has Multiple Personality Disorder.

He normally takes a cocktail of Depakote, Risparidone, and Cogentin. Sometimes, he goes off his meds and that's when things get bad and he gets homeless.

When I was in the hospital from the car accident back in April, William switched over to his other personality - Bill - the guy he is right now, because I was not there to provide the stability he needs.

I call this dude "insect-boy" because one night, back in February of 2014, I saw a giant cockroach in his Aura - and he scurried away into the dark - FAST like a bug - nothing like a 66 year old homeless man...

Anyway, all was going ok for the last 5 years until this accident. But last night we had a long talk in which he confirmed my theory about the Military secrets that he will take to his grave and what they did to him.

Now, fortunately, though, we have a group of people who are trying to "help" him - in that we are letting him know that insect-boy is not welcome - we want William back, and hopefully he will be triggered back to being his kindly docile self.

We pray for him - that's what we do. He has 3 sisters in the Bay Area and a brother in Alaska - none of whom want anything to do with him, but they confirmed his story with me so I would not just think he is crazy and paranoid.

In addition, this confirms why I HATE GOVERNMENT and I HATE THE MILITARY. Besides the fact that I am an Anarchist, it shows that the MILITARY and TAXATION and GOVERNMENT is only out to DESTROY LIFE. It is the Anti-Christ. SATANISM. Self-Preservation above MORALITY.

I might have to write more later if weird stuff happens. Right now - during Mercury RX - he's in this altered state. He claims he is still taking his meds. I am not PRO-MED but in his case - I can't deal with this cat when he is off his meds - AT ALL. The meds seem to partition his brain so that the freaky-deeky part is separate and contained.

But this guy - Bill - doesn't like the meds. He likes to be FREE and wild. Law enforcement does not like it though and he will find himself at Fort Logan, shot up with Halidol if he is not careful.

Recently a mutual friend of ours, hired him to drive vehicles from Las Vegas to Denver. I thought this was a terrible idea, but it's none of my business. This guy gave Bill a red van - which Bill is now living in. He says I am "mean" because I told him that I want William back and that I love him but his current behavior is unacceptable.

He has been bringing homeless street people into our apartment. Today, my BFF is going to go to Home Depot with me and we are going to get a hasp and lock for my room door so that I can lock my stuff up when I leave the apartment.

I live with him, because I was couch-surfing back in those days and God gave us this place to live - and I was to provide med-reminders and stability. It has been such a blessing, but I see now that this guy can never really live on his own, and it's unlikely that I am going to be his caretaker forever, because K and I will eventually move in together - Billiam is not the kind of person you can have come live with you - and I doubt he will want to live in the Veteran's Assisted Living... I can't imagine him getting well now, although in the beginning, back then, I thought it might be possible.

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Bless you for caring for him with no judgement. Yes, "classified" is a heavy burden and not one a child should ever have had to shoulder.

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