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If there's a first love in these reflections, it has to be the Natural Life Energy model. After some 19 years of study and observation, I have yet to find a system for understanding human nature that gives me more insights into the human condition than this knowledge.

There are 7 Life Energies:

- Dynamic Aggressive
- Dynamic Assertive
- Dynamic Supportive
- Creative Assertive
- Adaptive Aggressive
- Adaptive Supportive

Each of us is born with one of these energies at the core of our being. And although we are subject to conditioning throughout life, this Energy will remain as the driving force for how you experience life, positively or negatively.

After all these years, though, I am deeply saddened by my inability to spread this knowledge to a wider audience. I have written about it, done public lectures and taught it privately, but have not found a substantial level of interest in the subject. It is for this reason that in will keep these reflections short. After years of experience, I know better than to believe I can wow you with these insights. In the end, it has been helpful for me and this is what counts.

Before I leave, however, I will share an experience that really opened my eyes and helped me to understand what kind of audience I am seeking. Years ago, after having given a public lecture on the subject, I encountered one of the members of the audience a few weeks later. She remembered me and the talk. She then went on to tell me that she did not understand how the 7 Life Energies could be useful in her life. She asked it in the form of a question, and I did not have a short and ready answer. Seeing my confusion, she smiled and told me that the talk was very entertaining and that I was a good public speaker. I certainly appreciated that, but was left in a rut for months.

What is the usefulness of the 7 Life Energies?

Please allow me to reflect on how I'd like to answer that question. Thank you!


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