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A Look at Steemit through the Lens of Life Energies

  • Dynamic Aggressives

It is my intuitive opinion that there are no visible Dynamic Aggressives participating in the growth of Steemit, and this for me explains why the project has not grown to a larger scale than it has thus far. Without Dynamic Aggressives, projects don't find a way to expand into the masses of Adaptives.

  • Dynamic Assertives

It is equally my intuitive opinion that Steemit is mostly populated by Dynamic Assertives, and that the co-founders - Ned and Dan - belong to this Life Energy group. So although this is indeed a revolutionary, trendsetting and trailblazing project, all hallmarks of Dynamic Assertives, the energy for expansive growth towards mass adoption has not happened because Dynamic Assertives do not understand, nor exploit, the Adaptive Energies in the way that Dynamic Aggressives do. Most of the Steem witnesses are also Dynamic Assertives, so we have a system that mostly seeks to remain egalitarian, and growth moves much slower.

  • Dynamic Supportives

This Life Energy is not so visible in the bigger picture of Steemit.

  • Creative Assertives

I believe this is the third largest group (second being the Adaptive Assertives) participating in Steemit, and they are assisting the Dynamic Assertives in promoting the project and its principles, and attempting to beautify the content through their creative nature.

  • Adaptive Aggressives

There are always plenty of Adaptive Aggressives on hand for any large project, and Steemit is being helped by this group, but Adaptive Aggressives tend to gravitate more towards the trendy and popular platforms. Nevertheless, this Energy is present and assisting in the growth of the platform and blockchian, but because they are not visionary, they can only stay at the pace of the Dynamic Assertives.

  • Adaptive Assertives

My intuitive opinion also leads me to believe that the second largest group involved in Steem and Steemit is this Energy, because this project involves a lot of technical know-how from coding, developing and the fine-tuning of the system. This is a very good advantage for Steem because the Adaptive Assertives are the ones who make sure the system runs with great precision and efficiency.

  • Adaptive Supportives

Until mass adoption occurs, if it occurs, this group will not participate, which is unfortunate because they have the numbers. They are the real mass in the term mass adoption. Steem and Steemit is still too complicated for this group to use it.


1UP Pre-Alpha Release

You can learn more and help support the 1UP project through Fundition.


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