Gene Codes: Reflections on Human Nature - Page 11


Adaptive Supportives: Most of the People You'll Ever Meet

The various Dynamics and the Creatives, interesting though they are, actually comprise only a small segment of the population. Let's look now at the natural life energy group that includes most of the people you'll ever meet - about 90 percent, in fact. This NLE group's numbers, and the volume and type of work it gets done, make it arguably the most important one of all. What is this single largest energy category in our society? It's the Adaptive Supportives. And in a lot of ways, when we talk about "our society" or "our culture," it's the Adaptive Supportives we're referring to. Because there are so many of them, their values and way of life pervade our culture, and this is true not just of the United States, but universally.

It may be surprising to you what I'm about to write, considering that about 90% of the people we meet throughout life are Adaptive Supportives, but I actually personally know very few of them. This is because, as a Dynamic Assertive, my lifestyle has always been one that strongly contrasts with that of an Adaptive Supportive. Yet, I highly respect this group for it is they who keep our society running. These are the simple worker bees who repeat those mundane, but essential, jobs on a daily basis, all of their lives. And we benefit greatly from the conscientious work that they do, often without being noticed or properly rewarded. Like I said concerning the Adaptive Assertives, these are natural followers in life. This is something difficult for other Life Energies, like Dynamic Assertives and Creatives Assertives, to digest, but it explains a lot if you deeply contemplate the Natural Life Energies, and each of their roles in humanity.


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