Vulnerability as protection.

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There are so many things in life that we can feel threatened by, aren't there?
Physically we can be scared to have an accident or fall sick, or to get too exhausted or any other kind of survival fear.
Emotionally we can be scared to have a fight or not be approved of, or to be left alone.
And even though we all want love, above all, I think we are mostly scared to let love in.
Well, we are vulnerable beings... We can hurt. And when we have hurt very deeply, it can get stuck, because it seems too big to proces. When hurts get stuck like that, we can move in to a mode that makes us avoid all things that remind us of that stuck hurt as we try to ignore it. That is hard work. Very hard work. One of the hardest jobs there is, because it never ends. It never ends because we try NOT to be vulnerable, but we are...... WE ARE VULNERABLE!


Trying to deny our vulnerability, we are always defensive and can never really receive what is given to us.
And that is sad. Because our vulnerability is a gift. It enables us, to FEEL. To feel our hurts and proces them when the time is right. And to stop being defensive and to start having compassion and to finally RECEIVE that what we have been craving when it's given to us.
When we are not vulnerable we are out of touch with ourselves, dissociated, not grounded and more in danger then when we are in touch with that soft side, because we FEEL. And therefore we can get real life signals about what's going on and how we can be safest as possible, remembering that we will always be vulnerable and that this is a gift.
When we are in touch with our vulnerability the dangers in life somehow don't seem as big and frightening as they seem when we are dissociated. We might not be feeling the fear when we are dissociated but we walk around in fear all the time. Fear for anything that reminds us of what we are suppressing, especially our own vulnerability.
We are so scared of it. Our own vulnerability. But it is our protection, to keep us real, to keep us open and in the flow of life. And there is no greater protection then that.
I am writing this article because this has been an insight for me through recent challenges. And want to encourage myself and everyone to embrace it instead of fear it as it is very precious.

Lots of love and courage,

Clara @wombloom

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