Recorded meditation for support by Phylis Krystal: The tree/cosmic parents.

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Hello dear people,

I decided to share this meditation that I recorded last week once again as it was spotted by so few people it seems and it is really worth trying. At least I am benefitting from it a lot. I have done it every morning this week en notice that I really feel supported. And the nice thing about it is that the support comes from the inside so you always have acces to it.

Some background information:

The meditation was designed by Phylis Krystal a very nice old lady who is a Sathya Sai Baba devotee and who passed away recently at age 102. She developed a method called: Cutting the ties that bind, which helps people to let go of all kinds of things that are blocking them from realising their highest potential. Her meditations and exercises stand out because they carry archetypical symbols in them that speak directly to the subconscious mind. As the subconscious mind is the place where the keys to most of our patterns are, this is a highly effective method.

If you would like to learn more about her here is an article on her life:

This is one of her meditation I have recorded for you:

I hope you enjoy it:

Love Clara @wombloom


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