Poetry: I met an angel today, in the meadow.

in tribesteemup •  5 months ago

I met an angel today, in the meadow.
It was looking at me with such peaceful, kind eyes.
A world of gentleness I saw in the glistening, opaque, yellow, blue and black.
No judgement could be found in there.


It stood still attentively while I cuddled it,
just watching me with those un fathomless eyes.
It let me kiss and embrace it with the innocent softness of a cloud.
It accepted my thankfulness for it's friendship, while I wiped my tears away.
When I sat down on a bench, it kept watching over me from a distance.
And then it walked with me for a while, me on one side of the fence,
my angel on the other.
I remembered it's number: 88014
So I could recognise it between all the other angels,
next time I feel lonely.

Undrach-Clara @wombloom




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I enjoyed reading this poem! Thank you for sharing it!


Thank you!

Oh, @wombloom, this poem is so beautiful. It breaks my heart that these animals are considered only as numbers – units on a production line – rather than the wonderful, loving individuals they are. 💔 I am glad you struck a bond with your angel.


Thank you Ailsing, I feel you got my message I wanted to convey through the poem very well. They are such wonderful beings. <3


They absolutely are, and this poem really touched my heart.

I love this poem, it speaks some many volumes of where to look when you are feeling lonely. I've been looking in the wrong places <3


Thanks, yes there are many angels around!