Why I Have Delegated to @tribesteemup - A Curation Trail For Conscious Co-Creators of Reality!

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I wasn't sure if I would ever find a curation trail that fits me on Steem, but it surely exists - @tribesteemup focuses on supporting exactly the kind of content I produce on a daily basis - how could I say no?

This curation trail currently supports 180 Steemians who write/post about the topics that will bring peace, abundance and balance to the planet - anarchy, veganism, love, music creation and cat memes (ok, they don't really support cat memes).

tribe steem up

Some of those I am already familiar with are delegating sizeable amounts of Steem to the trail's wallet - including a major boost from @Jamesc. @dannyshine is a supporter and so too is @adamkokesh.

So today I decided to test out a delegation of 2000 SP to @tribesteemup, since I don't always have as much time as I would like to upvote other people's posts and I trust @kennyskitchen (the creator of @tribesteemup) to upvote and support quality authors who post about the topics I support too. I'll be keeping an eye on the account using the handy analysis tool at Steem Ocean to see how the community is expanding. Maybe I will also post some summaries for them too.

I would really like to see the topics that TribeSteemUp supports gain traction on Steem and I feel this is a great opportunity to do that and to create some real and felt changes for the better in ways that the mainstream is just not capable of.

If you want to get involved, check out their profile page and have a read through some of the posts in there to find out if it's for you.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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So happy to have you with us, and grateful for your support! We just keep growing, bringing more creators into the fold, and building our SteemPower. Let's make sure all the world-changers are being rewarded!

Up-voted (duh) & re-steemed!


Hehe - thanks - Indeed, let's 'make it so'!

This is great, I recently joined tribesteemup and I really am so grateful to be part of this project, it really is such a huge positive light within steemit, really bringing value to the awesome authors that are being supported. It's great to have you on board @ura-soul.


Thankyou and for your witness vote - followed!

Thanks for the sizable delegation. I'm one who it helps support.


You are welcome! We are all helping each other. :)


Yessssss! That's the beautiful thing! Man, as we all grow, we all grow! How fucking cool is that?!

Great idea, rather than delegate to bid bots. I still believe in organic growth and support inside a community and when I am saying community I'm not referring to he whole Steem platform, but to a group of people inside Steemit that share the same principles, post about related topics and support each other.

People like you and @adamkokesh are why I still maintain hope for this platform, as well as for us getting it right with our politics. Thank you for this @ura-soul


Thanks for your kind words!

Am All in. And hope to be useful in such project.
I named it upgrade.

Well done!
And thank you for letting me know @tribesteemup: topics that will bring peace, abundance and balance to the planet - anarchy, veganism and love are my preferred ones! ;)

Thanks for the heads up! Definitely going to check it out!

Interesting! I have to say,

"Steemians who write/post about the topics that will bring peace, abundance and balance to the planet - anarchy, veganism, love, music creation and cat memes "

The idea that anarchy brings love and balance is debatable... I'm totally down for the debate and feel it's worthy of our time but just hope that questioning the usefulness of Anarchy towards a peaceful world is welcome!

I'm a journalist/poly sci through academics and love sociology! With that being said, I'll see you around the community! Hopefully....


Greetings. I actually intended my words here to be read as meaning that anarchy is part of what brings peace, abundance and balance - not specifically love. Typically, people have a definition of anarchy that is not accurate - usually because it has been warped and twisted by those who think they 'lose out' due to anarchy - namely monarchists and their cronies.

Anarchy simply means 'no rulers' - which means no hierarchy and an increase in personal freedom and liberation. Self empowerment is balanced and requires the absence of control by others - we are our own best authority on us. There is no possible way that being ruled over can be balanced or entirely peaceful.


Your point is well received... These are the type of conversations I'm excited to have! I'll save some Long, drawn out back and forth for a more suitable time! :)



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