Tribesteemup Tie Up Post- What Would You Do for Society If You Had All the Resources You Needed?

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What Would You Do for Society If You Had All the Resources You Needed?

This fantastic question was put forward by the wonderful, @whatamidoing and I must say it has been one of the most exciting ones we have had so far and also the one that has been answered most, by both tribe members and non tribe members. These questions are always open to anyone who wishes to answer them.

It is really inspiring to be given the opportunity to dream big and just imagine the type of world that one wants to live in, that one wishes to create. Of course now all of the Tribe members and non tribe members have put their intentions out into the world and that of course is the first step in making them happen. For some, they are already living that life and that is always so encouraging to hear about this, to hear about those that are taking the steps to achieve this. I am a huge believer, that we are the creators of our own reality and if we really wish to bring about change, to create change that is for the benefit of the earth and all her occupants, then we only have to ask and it will happen. I know I am not allow in this way of thinking and have to give a shout out to my brother @elamental on this.

So today I have 21 articles to share with all you wonderful people, that were written by the tribe members. I know that it will take quiet a while to get through these articles, but it is worth it. Every tribe member has come up with an answer that really does look at ways that will benefit us all and benefit the earth. A shout out to @eco-alex for bringing some animation and humour to the question,we certainly do need a lot of laughter in our lives, but with that it is highlighting some obvious things that need to be changed.

@tribesteemup Question - "What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?"


Greetings Steemazoids!
It's another #tribesteemup question and this one had a very simple answer for me.
If I had unlimited resources, I would do what I talk about in this video.
It's only 1 min 30 long, so you can watch it to find out.
And, if that's too long, remember, you can speed the video up to 1.5 x speed and it will just be a minute!
Now, the interesting thing is, that with the development of crypto-economics, this could become a reality.
As I say in the vlog, I'll work out the details later!
Sam x

TribeSteemUp Question - "What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?"


I love to answer the very intersting questions from the @tribesteemup community. The latest one was kind of funny because I would probably not do anything differently than now. :)

TSU Weekly Question - What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?


This is a super fun question to answer. It's fun to just think about it.
Now if you read my post from yesterday, you know I'm capable of quite long posts. But this one, despite taking on a huge subject, is actually going to be only half as long. That's because what I would do for this world with all the resources I needed is quite simple.
That's because "all the resources I need" happens to be exactly what I now have. And what I would do is largely what I am doing.

What People Think of Service
So many people think that they need to wait for something before they can start living the life they want. They particularly think they have to wait to have more before than can start giving as much as they want.

A Tribesteemup Bi-weekly Question "What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?"


I love this question, because I have often asked myself this on my path toward living life more on my own terms. I do want to address this question first by stating: "If you lack resourcefulness, it won't mater how many resources you are given."
I first learned this from Tony Robbins and it stuck with me, he has a great talk about this that is worth your time to check out:
Now this being said, I would like to describe the approach for what I would do for individuals to affect society.
I recently came across this quote from a fellow steemian @stan check out his sovereign sky sci-fi short stories Sovereign Sky

What would you do for society if you had all resources you needed? @tribesteemup QOTW


The term "resources" to me in this case does not only refer to means of money, but mostly to ones inner resources, that of being our authentic version and shining our Light irrespective of which obstacles and hardships are being thrown at us at any time.
So when we are to look at the term "resources", doing our inner work and becoming our authentic Self is the most basic foundation to our service to society as a whole. Only when we are responsible for ourselves and our inner well-being it is that we can act responsibly for the collective.

If I Could Give You - Haiku - TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly QOTW - What Would I Do for Society If I had All the Resources I Needed?


Several years ago I read an interview with British musician Steven Wilson, and when asked what one gift he would like to give to the people of the world, his response was: a passport.
And I instantly thought it was the best possible answer he could have given.
In our current times, as we are seeing a resurgence of the intolerances and prejudice that have never been far beneath the surface in many parts of the world, it is more imperative than ever to bring people together, not to drive them further apart.
And what better way to bring people together than to do so physically, to take people our of their usual insular bubbles, out of their routines and comfort zones, and to give them the lure, excitement and adventure of travel to another land?

Mindfulness in Schools as a Way of Improving Society: A Response to TSU QOTW


Whenever I am asked a question like this, I believe it starts with education. I'm an educator and I already have some resources at my disposal to effect social change by impacting on the students I teach.
I don't often talk about my role in education as it's not part of my wider identity and I don't like to be pigeon holed as a teacher as that has it's own connotations for many, which isn't entirely fair. Many have had their bad experiences at school and tar all teachers with the same brush. Truth be told, I'm not entirely happy with the education system as it stands as it is far too results driven and works to funnel you into universities and the workplace to support an economy and society that is far from perfect.

Spread The Love, Spread The Knowledge and Reignite Earth Wisdom. "What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?" TribeSteemUp Bi Weekly Question


I do believe that I am already on my way to creating this reality. I am very happy with the life I have and also with the support project I am in the process of setting up. But the bigger dream, the one that will happen, but a little bit down the line, links in with what I am doing already. Our priorities change all the time and right now I am putting my time and energy into where it needs to go. But like I said the bigger vision, well that will need extra resources. Some that I have already and others that I am working on getting right now.
There are many things that I am passion about, to name just a few:
Birth Freedom, Birth Choice, Natural Birth.
Respect for Our Children.
Reconnecting to our natural self, to the natural cycles of life.
Spreading Earth Wisdom, helping others to remember that all that we need comes from this amazing earth.

"What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?" (@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question)


I'm excited to get into this topic, which is so wide-open & imagination-stirring, after a few days of dealing with some heavier topics like voting, culpability of order-followers vs order-givers, etc. Let's dive right into:
The first thing that comes to mind as I begin to sit with this question is that we already have all the resources needed for absolutely anything that we want/need. From the millions of acres of land that can be cultivated to the nigh-infinite energy available from the sun, waves, and geothermal, from the rapidly accelerating technologies like blockchain & 3D printing to the billions of humans just starving for causes & projects worthy of dedicating their time to.
Of course, to me the physical realm and all of our resources in it are actually reflections, fractals, of the larger scale, the energetic, the vibrational reality in which we fit.

What Would You Do for Society If You Had All the Resources You Needed? (@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question)


Since I'm of the opinion that shifts in individuals' attitudes, beliefs, and values have the potential to trickle up through our communities, institutions, and social systems, and that meaningful change comes from within, rather than from an external authoritarian power, I take a bottom-up, individualized approach to healing. In order to increase the amount of compassion, care, and generosity in the world, and decrease the greed, hatred, delusion, violence, and suffering, I would start by addressing trauma on a broad scale, redefining the Anglo-European idea of justice, and meeting the basic needs of all people, regardless of ability to contribute.

What Would You Do for Society If You Had All the Resources You Needed? (@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question)


I assume that what is meant by “resources” is financial instruments, rather than earth elements or personal skills.
I’ll also start from the premise that these financial resources are on a nearly unlimited level, similar to the Rothschilds or Rockefellers.
And now to let the imagination run wild…...
I would, of course, as I do now, do everything I can to bring freedom into the world, and end slavery.
In order for people to be free, they must have knowledge. Obviously, people must willingly gain knowledge themselves. However, by putting it in front of their face, literally, it might help galvanize things a bit.
So I would have the following knowledge resources translated into numerous languages:

What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed? (@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question)


The question "what would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?", says that resources would be there for whatever a specific need is. Whatever the "doing" for society you want to materialize, the requirements or needs to actualize that action would be fulfilled by resources being present in whatever form. Whatever your goal for society, you would have the resources.
As it stands, the world is driven by energy demand. Energy makes everything happen in our modern world, from the electronics we use, to the transportation that interconnects the people, resources and economies of the planet.
Having energy resources gives us the freedom to move around and have access to so much.

What would I do for society if I had all of the resources needed? [Dabbing with a Mage episode 175]


Society at large has developed many symptoms of a flawed system. Some of these symptoms manifest in the forms of homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, disease and disorders, destruction of ecosystems, and more. @whatamidoing, a @tribesteemup member, has presented this biweekly question- "What would you do for society if you had all of the resources you need?" Join me in today's episode as I discuss some of my thoughts on this question. My low battery light came on, so unfortunately I wasn't able to cover everything that I wanted to, but I feel I adequately answered this question regardless.

What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?


This question is going to be an easy one, for me, I've been plotting this for decades.
If I could speak to every ear on the planet I would remind them that nobody likes a bully.
Rule by force is not a necessary evil.
We can each be masters of our own destinies without men in suits telling us what to do.
That the authoritarians think they can prevail over the rest of us is our own fault for not nipping them in the bud.
What would I do for society?
End rule by force.
But that is just the first thing.
Next I would end wage slavery.
It's really easily done.
On some future Tuesday we simply keep doing the work that keeps consumerism afloat, but instead of charging wages and getting shafted by the banksters, and crapitalusts, on the exchange, we just order whatever we need from the internet to be delivered to our door.

@tribesteemup Question: What Would I do If I Had All The Resources I Needed?


This question brings up another question: does everyone else have the resources they need?
By resources, I am going to presume the idea is basic, physical resources like food, clothing and shelter. Also, that one has an income stream to maintain these necessities regardless of situation or economic cycles.
I do believe we are heading towards that end, quicker than many can imagine. This is what my writing about the Age of Abundance and crypto-economics is all about.
Personally, when I reach that point, I will continue working towards ensuring everyone arrives also.
There is no reason for anyone on this planet to not have the minimums to survive. This is a goal I believe everyone should have.
We live in a multi-dimensional universe. That said, we cannot deny the 3D plane or physical aspect of ourselves.

What Would I do for Society if I had all the Resources I Needed? - A TribeSteemUp Question


This question allows us to ground our dreams into this reality through our etheric Steemit practice of posting. Since I have a vast number of ideas for what I would do if resources were not an issue, and not much time to write about them this week, I have decided to record a video for your enjoyment.
What @ELAmental would do if resources were not an issue - click pic below to play:

Implement Utopia - What Would I Do for Society If I had All the Resources I Needed?


What would I do for Society if I have all the resources I needed? Tribe Steem Up Bi - Weekly Question
Thank you @whatamidoing for this powerful question. To be sure there is a lot to be done. It does seem to be a matter of resources for this world, we seem to be working more for resources than resources are working for us. Private wealth has a tendency to simply be concentrated and consolidated, without impacting the well being of more than a select few. Private wealth has a tendency to keep to its self, impacting the flow of resources.
How do we open up these resources for use in responsible and sustainable ways?
How do we free all of these humans to not work for the resources?
Human resources are the main resource I feel. Dedicated and passionate people are the ultimate resource. It's about activating our intelligence and genius to meet the needs of a task or a project.

TribeSteemUp Weekly Question: What Would I Do If I Had All the Resources I Need?


I have been wanting to do the TSU weekly question for quite some time and I think this week is the perfect week to get into it!
I really love this topic and it resonates with me a lot.
As many of you know, we were going to do a SmartCash proposal to use SMART to feed, clothe, and help the homeless people here in Colorado.
There are many of them and essentially what the community said in the SmartCash forums is “how will this help SmartCash?”
At first I was in awe that these people didn’t get the same warm fuzzy feeling at the idea of using a Blockchain to change lives.
Instead people only want to change their portfolios nowadays, and that’s sad.

Tribe Steemup Bi-weekly-Question: If you Had Unlimited Resources What Would You Do For The World?


A cyclone passed by two days ago and in my spare time i discovered Adobe Character Animator. Ive only been using it for a day, but i can see the potential to have Great fun with it!
So to test things out i decided to do a sketch on the Tribesteemup Bi-weekly Question.. This was totally unscripted and just for fun.. but as always there is a moral to the story! Let me know if you enjoy it as I this MAY be just the start of something new!

TribeSteemUp BiWeekly Question -- What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?


In a lot of ways, this essay is about how I would like to see society change ... and everyday life improve. There is no one thing here that I can really prioritize over another. There is no one "magic bullet." The elements of this vision -- like life itself -- are all interconnected.
For this reason, some of these changes may introduce other problems that we'd need to solve -- but at least they'd be different problems. And creative solutions to might be easier to devise. At least they'd be challenging!
Universal Basic Income ---> This is absolutely essential. Problems like homelessness and extreme poverty are an illness any civilized society needs to heal. People have a right to feed themselves and live with dignity.

My Dream Gift to the World


Boy this is a big and loaded question! My first thoughts were about what I would want to live like. Then I remembered not everyone wants that. That made me think about missionaries and the US government and how they go about trying to make people do what they want in the guise of helping them. Spreading democracy and Jesus. I think about my own self trying to figure out how I think I can help people here in this village where I live. In truth they know what they need better than I do.
That said, I think there are some things we all need and some things I feel certain would solve a lot of problems. I feel pretty sure global poverty is the source of so many massive issues. Far beyond simple things like sufficient food, shelter, and energy, poverty is the root cause of most crime, war, and abuse.

A big thank you to @hungryhustle for creating the amazing infographic of the 8 Pillars Of TribeSteemUp and For @eco-alex for creating the tribesteemup banner and logo.



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It gives me hope and excites me that these conversations are happening. Thank you so much for compiling this so I am reminded that there are many people out there living and dreaming a better existence into reality. Much love!!!


thank you beautiful, yes it is very much happening and very exciting, we truly are living in exciting times xxx

This is, of course, a brilliant question as it actually starts a very powerful intention and movement in the right direction!!


yes it is a great question and I really enjoyed getting to read everyone's answers, very inspiring xxx

Awesome! I am still catching up on reading these!