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Welcome to another TribeSteemUp Curation, where I get to showcase some of the great Articles and podcasts that the tribe members have created and that really embody what the Tribe stands for.

The TribeSteemUp community, was created by @kennyskitchen. It is a Community Abundance Generator which supports authors who write articles that look at ways in which we can become more empowered and create a more peaceful and free world.The authors that were chosen to become part of the TribeSteemUp community are all writing content of high quality, which are based on the following topics:

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

The TribeSteemmUp community also has 8 Pillars/Principles that each member has agreed to adhere by and you can find The 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp at the end of this post

I have 20 wonderful articles/videos to share with you all today, articles that are all about inspiring us and motivating us to become more aware in our daily lives. Imploring us o spend time in reflection and to learn how to sit and really listen to ourselves. It is our responsibility to take control of our own health and well being, to educate ourselves and to stay informed. For me life is all about learning, evolving and being mindful in all that we do. By coming together and engaging with one another we can all share our wisdom and empower one another. We can create the world in which we all wish to live. Happy reading and remember to show your appreciation by upvoting and commenting. You can go one step further by following the TribesteemUp Curation Trail, this way way you are supporting all the great authors who are creating quality content.

Illuciferium | A Study of Consciousness in Relation to Nature


This is an animated study of consciousness and its relation to nature where Pat uses an epicentral coordinate and the Cubit, a Sphere within a Cube, to explain Spirit's mathematical unfolding into Matter.
He has taken a different approach to measuring the ratio known as Pi which is currently measured with the linear radius and equals the irrational value of 3.14159265359..
In this study Pi has been redefined as 2, however it may be necessary to create an entirely different value for this alternative perspective as the same 180° ark is measured but, with curvature aka circuitous lines.
Theories evolve and Pat has since come up with a potential new character/value/name for this 180° ark and would call it Tres.

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms, the Next Health Trend


Magic mushrooms are vilified, as is cannabis, despite the health benefits it also possesses. Used for thousands of years in various cultures, psilocybin can be found in over 200 species of magic mushroom. In recent years, scientific studies have come out to support the wisdom of ancestors in how magic mushrooms are an effective therapeutic treatment for mental health.
Denver, Colorado, and all of Oregon are voting to legalize magic mushrooms later this year. If things progress positively for the fungus, there could be another wave of legalization and health improvements to sweep the nation. Hopefully.
The safest intoxicating substance in the world, cannabis, is still federally classified as a Schedule I drug. And so too is psilocybin. Schedule I substances are supposed to provide no medical benefit and high abuse potential, yet both cannabis and psilocybin do provide health benefits and are low in addiction potential. Cigarettes are more addictive.

Honoring Our Fallen Brother John Galton - A Spirit of Courage, Freedom, Honor, & Truth - Memorial Mexican Sugar Skull Ceremony


John Galton was one of the best of us, and I have personally been missing him, and his council. Last night I decided it was time to hold a ceremony in his honor. Since I purchased a Mexican Sugar Skull candle cover as as a gift for my friend, and had the chance to buy some blessed candles from New Renaissance Bookshop, I used them both to send love to his spirit.
The candle I choose to light was blessed for COURAGE - which truly exemplifies who John is. I said many words that I will leave in that ceremony, then lit the candle, placed the skull over top, and turned off the lights.
The blessing was received in the spirit realm. Once no one was paying attention to it, the candle COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! I recognize that a candle can melt all the way down, but there was not nearly enough wax on the paper underneath to represent the entire candle, the burnt wick however was still there.

Marketing Tips for Vendors at Homesteader’s Co-op


You’re just minding your own business scrolling through your Steem feed when all of the sudden... bam! You’re hit with a beauty explosion!
Such happened to me today when I saw the strawflower photos @sagescrub posted & has for sale on @homesteaderscoop.
This is our very own, no transaction fees charged Steem economy. Where others have talked about doing it, we are doing it and you can go there and read the reviews of many happy customers.
Recently we’ve come to the conclusion that in order for Homesteader’s Co-op to thrive, we need to hear more stories from the vendors, we need to see photos of their products and witness vlogs and blogs about what they have for sale. In short, we need more marketing! It takes a community to make a co-op run.

The fast track to bliss . . . Surrender <3


There are many paths to enlightenment, some are long and windy, some are steep uphill slopes, and some are breezy downhill runs. Surrender is the like a downhill run, and if you cho(o)se this path you may transcend the world of polarity (right and wrong, good and bad, happy and sad) that you have today, and exchange it for never ending bliss. Surrender is a deep state of being that is a natural quality (it is endless) once discovered. It can be discovered by the process of detachment and equanimity, which are traits that can be nurtured and amplified in many different ways.

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out: a personal statement on the study of sociology


People often look at individuals experiencing homelessness as though there is something wrong with the person, or that they should stop begging and get a job.
However, this sort of person-blame approach to a societal problem is severely detrimental to social evolution. The idea that one can simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps is rampant within the working class. This perpetuates the illusion that an individual is completely in control of their situation and is provided with the same set of tools to succeed as every other individual.

Prototype for a Daily Sri Yantra Meditation and Education Tool


I'm playing around with an idea, and would love your feedback. What's the deal with sacred geometry anyway? Is it worth learning about and incorporating into our mindfulness practice?
Would you pay for a tool to help with your mindfulness meditation, has some education, and hopefully is a little entertaining as well?
Click through to see the DTube post. Otherwise you can view the YouTube version below:

Have You Ever Met An Energy Vampire?


Do you ever feel tired after a long day of work? Sure, most of us do. It's nice to come home after work and just relax, take our minds off of things and try to find some peace and quiet before the next day begins. Some days might be busier than others, filled with more tasks to complete, and it can leave us feeling exceptionally exhausted once we've finished all that we need to get done. Why? Because we don't have an infinite amount of energy to give out, eventually we will get tired. And so we need to be careful about what we choose to spend that energy on, who we are going to give it to.

Unique Green Recycling In My Thai Kitchen


It IS possible to eat something for a decade or more in Asia and not quite know exactly what one is eating. I proved that in the last days. Proved that many people don't know what exactly is on their plate, or what it's called.
Recycling is far more common in the developing world than most people believe, simply because people strapped for cash (and particularly farmers) need to eke every last drop of value out of what they have, be it food or a crop or something they have purchased.
I did a little happy dance in the market yesterday when one of the old Thai grandmas had my favourite vegetable for sale. It's not around steadily and only comes in dribs & drabs and small amounts, and for over 15 years I have been buying, cooking and eating it with great pleasure.

From a slave to a master chapter # 55 - Fully accept who you are


Once the first principle, that is "live with everything in your life", is implemented, you might feel detached more than ever from both the personal and global reality. You will indifferently hear the news, indifferently listen to other people’s stories and dramas, to their sorrows and misfortunes, but you will not be able to show emotional involvement simply because such a thing will tire you too much. You will not be able to go back to your old way of life - the dualistic one. You will feel comfortable being able to sleep well at night unbothered by the things that going on around you.

I cured my diabetes!


Contradicting the ignorance and misinformation from doctors, big pharma, and the grain industry
I keep hearing about drugs being sold to address problems that lifestyle can fix, and since I'm in the middle of one of those problems myself, I want to share about a more healthy and less expensive solution that worked for my body.
Ok. Technically, I've not cured my diabetes. I have, however, accomplished the first step; getting off the meds and proving the symptoms can be managed via diet and exercise.

What is the Dominant Culture and is it a Good Thing?


Derrick Broze talks about uncontacted tribes in Colombia, their fight against the dominant culture, and asks whether such a "dominant culture" is healthy.
The Race to Save Colombia's Uncontacted Tribes from Outsiders
Unraveling the Mainstream Culture
Please help us advance truth, healing, community building, and empowering the people to wake up and build a better world:

Earth Tribe Update Video - Our Community Needs Your Help


The following video gives general updates for @EarthTribe including asking for suggestions on how to move forward progressively, calling for new community leaders, and how we can generate more delegations and quality members. We have lost the trail follow support of @TribeSteemUp due to some necessary technical adjustments, so it is up to us AS A COMMUNITY to generate higher exposure and rewards for our Earth conscious content. All the missed votes from SteemAuto have been caught up to present (let me know if I missed one), and the technical voting problem has been solved. If you are a member of @EarthTribe, please watch this video.

The Cardinal Signs in Astrology -- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn


Roaming back through my blog stream, it appears I managed to post essays on all the element groups in Astrology -- the Fire, Earth, Air and Water clusters ---> way back in 2017 as a matter of fact. Then apparently I dropped the ball and never did get around to posting about the qualities ... which is another way of dividing the Zodiac into sections that define similarities and differences among the signs themselves.
Signs that share an element group -- the Fire signs, Earth signs, etc., are considered compatible with one another. Their personalities contain similar traits. They share character traits that help them understand one another easily. The Fire signs are the "personality kids." The Earth signs are the practical ones ... the builders and sustainers. The Air signs are the intellectuals. The Water signs are the mystics, artists and healers.

It's Not Important What You Think, But Rather How You Think


It seems like one of the most common themes that has been coming up in much of my writing and the videos I've made recently is around the difference between what someone thinks, and how they think. Somehow I started to get pulled into far more of the conversations happening in the mainstream American culture than I have any interest in over the last year.
What I find is basically two ideological teams, with no interest in searching for truth, using logic & rationality, or in really having a conversation. The level to which the average person seems to not be thinking, but simply regurgitating pre-programmed beliefs.

Activate the Real Self


What are we even doing here?
Is there any purpose to our life, or are we just going through it stuck on autopilot?
Where are we heading?
Did we encounter peace, or love?
Have we managed to overcome differences that divide us? Acceptance is the key.
Do you participate in connection, on a deeper level?
Or you simply connect through Nokia? Khm Connecting people
What do you do for a bigger picture of this planet?
Or have you convinced yourself how you got no voice? Cause you do.
Your voice is strong and you can make it stronger day by day - without even speaking.
You can make a badass spiritual voice that comes from the depth of your very self.

Celebrating The Mother


Today I created and held a Mother Blessing for my friend, she recently became a mother and I wanted to take the time to acknowledge and honour this transition, from maiden into motherhood, with her and her close friends. There is a huge lack of supportive and creative rituals taking place today in western society, leaving us unprepared for the many rites of passage throughout our lives. When we preform rituals we bring awareness an understanding, we bring clarity and respect to those different stages within our lives.
I strongly believe that we need to be creating rituals, holding space for one another so that we feel supported and confident moving forward in life. Today was all about that for my friend. She was surrounded by her closest friends, who care for her deeply and wanted to celebrate her and her rite of passage into motherhood.

Natural Medicine Curation Collection # 37: Alder, Black Ginseng, Lavender and a Whole Lot More NM Goodness!


There has been some amazing posts this week with quite a few entries to the Natural Medicine Plant Medicine Challenge this week exploring Mullein, Ginseng, Alder. The contest runs for another week so there is still time to enter. Details Here And it wasn't just the plant medicines, there was a whole variety of topics covered, ranging from the simple act of breathing properly to discussions on, as @metametheus puts it, "To Be [sick] Or Not To Be [sick]"

Lexicon of spirit animals: seal


The seal, also called the common seal, is home along temperate and Arctic marine coastlines of the Northern Hemisphere. Most distinct traits are their v-shaped nostrils and tiny auricles devoid of ear flaps. With their pinna they are capable of moving about even on land, where they spend a decent part of their life. Female seals have a longer average lifespan than males: they become 30-35 years old, while males only become 20-25 years old. Thanks to blubber under their skin seals are able to keep up their body temperature irrespective of the ambient temperature. They prefer rocky areas for resting because here they find protection against potential predators. During mating season male seals often engage in fights with each other to win the females' attraction, while each male usually ends up gathering about 50-60 females in its territory. Over a period of two months the male mates with each female without eating anything.

Deep Listening: Three Promises to Myself


When I am at my most stressed and anxious, all I can do is listen to the shout of my body, and lie in a quiet room, or on the sand in the sunshine under the clouds and wait for my heart to slow. I cannot function. I cannot take words in, nor can I finish sentences. Every cell vibrates, warning me at a very deep level to slow down, to rest, and to heed the signs it is giving me to slow down, my love, slow down. And listen.
I am getting better at deep listening so that I can sense these signs earlier. When I do, I can make adjustments to my life that allow my system to cope with everything that the modern world throws at it.

A big thank you to @hungryhustle for creating the amazing infographic of the 8 Pillars Of TribeSteemUp and For @eco-alex for creating the tribesteemup banner and logo.



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Another fine edition of some fine pieces of work!!

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Ok. I officially need to sit down, cos I am simply OVERWHELMED by the love & community & creativity & talent represented by this curation. Much gratitude & respect to you trucklife-family for all your work. Blissednblessed by global community & feeling a little less alone out here in Northern Thailand.

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I so love being in community with you @artemislives, thank you so much for all the encouragement you give me xx


You give so much.... to encourage & up-hold is the least I can do. 💜

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As always, thank you @trucklife-family for including my work in this awesome collection. It's an honor to be part of this group and contribute to the work we assemble to keep other perspectives and different options available to those wise and curious enough to embrace them.

This is awesome! Its only what I post about a mixture of these things! So its a curation trail on steemvoter?


It is a community that was hand selected by Kenny, all the tribe members write content that fit within the topics listed above in the post. He wanted to find a way to support those who write good quality content. Anyone is free to join the curation trail but it is Kenny's decision who joins the tribe xx Thank you @movingman


For some reason I cant access steemvoter since a very long time :( Im not so interested in being accepted ect but to upvote the same content that I like just makes sense hahaha :)

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

Such a fantastic lineup of posts to read, I will need to set aside some time as they all seem so wonderful. Thank you for such an extensive list and for your effort in bring them to our attention!

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