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Hello beautiful people

Welcome to another TribeSteemUp Curation, where I get to showcase some of the great Articles that the tribe members created and that really embody what the Tribe stands for.

The TribeSteemUp community, was created by @kennyskitchen. It is a Community Abundance Generator which supports authors who write articles that look at ways in which we can become more empowered and create a more peaceful and free world.The authors that were chosen to become part of the TribeSteemUp community are all writing content of high quality, which are based on the following topics:

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

The TribeSteemmUp community also has 8 Pillars/Principles that each member has agreed to adhere by and you can find The 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp at the end of this post

I have 20 wonderful articles/videos to share with you all today, articles that are all about inspiring us and motivating us to become more aware in our daily lives. This week we see the return of Earth Deed's, the wonderful contest created by @elamental, calling on us to actively promote the ways in which we are caring for the environment. We also have another contest from the wonderful @naturalmedicine community, that is definitely worth checking out. And @ecotrain have created a contest in recognition of international Forest Day on 21st March.

Life is all about learning, evolving and being mindful in all that we do. By coming together and engaging with one another we can all share our wisdom and empower one another. We can create the world in which we all wish to live. Happy reading and remember to show your appreciation by upvoting and commenting. You can go one step further by following the TribesteemUp Curation Trail, this way way you are supporting all the great authors who are creating quality content.

Earth Deeds - Volume 7 SPECIAL EDITION - CONTEST ENTRY ARTICLE - Win Up-Votes from @TribeSteemUp & @EarthTribe + A Special Prize This Week AGAIN!!


This contest is designed to inspire people to create content that reflects their services to the Earth. The process of creating and hosting this contest, has also made me a better Earth custodian, and has inspired me to reduce my carbon footprint even more than I already have been, and continuously report on my actions of conservation.
This is a chance for each of you to easily participate in a cause that is bigger than all of us, which is the crusade to make our home beautiful again. All our little Earth Deeds combined will make a big difference over time, and documenting and publishing these deeds will make our impact even greater, as we inspire others to do the same.

Down The Vaccine Rabbit Hole, Episode 2: "Just Who Is This 'Government' Anyway?"


Alright folks, I'm back with another step in my deep dive into one of the most hotly debated, least clear topics in the public discussion right now: vaccines.
The purpose of this series is to start with very little knowledge on the topic of vaccines (where I was when I started), and go all the way down the rabbit hole. I realized that this is something I need to be much more informed about, and as I go it just makes sense to document and share what I find.
The first episode of Down the Vaccine Rabbit Hole took a look at nothing besides the US government's history of non-consensually experimenting on & intentionally poisoning humans on a massive scale. The research for that article was so disturbing & dark (and I was already in a bit of a shaky place), so I had to step away for a good long time after writing it for the sake of my sanity.

Hitchhiker's Guide To Actuality | Part 1 | Preparation - Tackling Fears & Hugging The Unexpected


As I have eluded to in the foreword to this series, Hitchhiking has been described as a giant leap of faith into the unknown. We consciously let go of the urge to control everything, we surrender to the flow of life and to the people around us, offering them a chance to do good and to help us out.
But since our society has become so hellbent on planning everything, on obsessing over control, ego-gratification and fixed outcome expectancy it can be quite tough to shift to a mindset where you are able to let yourself be carried by life in ways that defy logic or that seem "impossible" to your rational mind.
In this weird way, hitchhiking is a paradox of planning and flowing, of control and surrender, and if you generally fear the unknown you may want to start doing things today that can show you that "you will survive" and that "the unknown can be a massive source of inspiration and happiness" once the overly critical rational mind steps out of the way.

[VIDEO] Supporting Homesteaders - Homesteaders Coop - A Free International Marketplace


Homesteaders Co-op is a unique and free, international community marketplace where individuals and families offer handmade, sustainable products for STEEM and SBD (as well as USD) and now bartering and gifting!
Homesteaders Coop is a community run marketplace which choose people over profit. Cooperation over corporation thus we have more opportunity to choose how we operate – as a community.
t doesn't have a middleman in transactions, so Homesteaders Coop website is basically a venue creating a venue for customers to find vendors and purchase a product. Once the customer goes through to purchase the product, the transaction goes through directly from the customer to the vendor. That’s both with STEEM and PayPal.

Why Ratings are Rank: Am I Really 'Better' or 'Worse' Than You?


It'll be rubbish. It only has a 5.5 on IMDB!' my husband says. He's ready to dismiss the film I've chosen for Friday night all out, based upon this all hallowed rating. I look at him pointedly. I'll have to explain it again slowly, just so he understands, and he'll get irritated for treating him like an idiot. '5.5. It'll be crap'.
Here we go. Darling. It's a science fiction film. That's a selective audience, right? So alot of people won't like it because they simply don't 'get' science fiction in the way we do, so won't give it a higher rating. Now remember we agreed that anything above a 6 is probably entertaining, especially on a Friday night when we are half brain dead with lower expectations? Plus, we like that actor. And that reviewer I trust - he said it's worth watching too.

Ulog 61: Making Citronella Oil


The other day when I transplanted my supersized citronella plant, I took off some of the larger and healthier leaves with the idea of making some citronella oil so I could use it for making a bug repellent for the upcoming summer season. Where we live, we have at the back edge of our property line a wooded area with a creek running through it; which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests.
The lotion I make will be for us (mainly me as I work in the garden more than Mr Golden D- he just does my grunt work out there) and I will be keeping some of the oil to use on our chocolate lab to hopefully help deter fleas and ticks that seem to run amok where we live.

The lifetime of your lives


The journey towards Realization necessitates the reunion of the self. But, what does it mean from a spiritual point of view and in what way does it relate to relationships and True-love in particular?
A proper understanding requires to remain open to new ideas and to broaden the mental box in which you live. So breathe deeply, relax and when ready carry on. I will try to explain it in plain and simple words and as remote as possible from the science-fiction jargon.
You are aware of your human self, which is the person you see each time when you look in the mirror. That person has feelings, thoughts, wishes, desires and a life that it lives. Now, imagine that your mirror reflection came alive and began to conduct a life of its own in the mirror world. That reflection carries one attribute of yours, be it, for instance, your short temper, and disassociates itself from its creator, that is you, drifting away to live its own life in its mirror realm.

Totalitarian Technology is Engulfing Us, and Many People Like It


The rise of technology has brought great advancement for humanity in the last century. We've been able to advance in food production, medicine and propel the communications landscape, especially with the internet. But the benefits also have detrimental counterparts.
As we've made strides, we've increased the pollution of our environment, from the land to the see. From plastics to other chemical waste products, we harming ourselves and other species on the planet. Digital technological progress is also leading us down a dark road.

Will CBD and Hemp Cooperatives Using DAC Technology Change the World?


Could CBD be the future of healthy living? Will the legalization of Hemp in the US in December of 2018 change global industry and heal the planet?
These are some of the things I've been pondering lately.
I just got my package from and they ended up sending me more than I ordered! :)
I was one of the first people to buy the POLLEN token on BitShares. Now their HONEY and POLLEN tokens are on EOS. I paid for this order using POLLEN with the Lynx wallet. Travis and his team are doing some really cool stuff, including exploring the @eosdac technology to build their community as a DAC.
Also, last night at CryptoMondays San Juan (which I've been throughly enjoying!) had a special panel talking about blockchains and agriculture. It's so exciting to see these technologies used in ways that impact the real, physical world!

Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form and The Perfect Number 432


Geometry, music, math and time reveal the significance of certain numbers, which are connecting with each other through harmonic energy frequencies. They reveal the mysterious 432
The 5000-years old Sumerian culture of Mesopotamia is where our 1260-based math is coming from. We count the 12 knuckles of the four fingers of the left hand, ignoring the thumb, and multiply it with the five fingers of the right hand. This gives us the numbers 12 and 60. It is interesting to note, that the Sumerians claim to have been given this knowledge by the Annunaki.

Artemisia Arrives With the Mosquitoes!


Never have I been happier to see one of my perennial herbs making her seasonal comeback. Wandering barefoot outside just after dawn this morning, I was thrilled to see Artemisia vulgaris - the common wormwood - popping up all over the place.
Only yesterday the Thai government issued some serious mosquito warnings: from January 1-March 5 this year there were 9,044 cases and seven deaths associated with Dengue fever. In January there was 5,555 cases – four times the 2018 figures. There are already crisis meetings in various provinces as Thailand contemplates the beginning of the rainy season in the coming weeks and the consequent surge in mosquitoes.

🌿 Post-Natal Depression: The TCM Perspective


Understanding that this is a normal physiological process
In Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is much written about the clinical experiences of physicians' treatment of Depression and other psycho-emotional disorders. TCM's unique theoretical framework describes the inter-connections of body, mind, emotion, and spirit, and can help us understand that Post-Natal Depression is a consequence of normal physiological processes. With this awareness, mothers (and those who support them) can prevent and mitigate the effects of PND.
The physiological root of the spirit
In TCM, mental, emotional, and cognitive elements are termed 神 shén, which is often translated as either 'spirit', 'mind', or 'consciousness'. 心 Xīn, the Heart, is said to the be the organ where our spirit/consciousness resides.

Life is Like a Tent - It's Often Brighter on the Outside


I am a numbers guy, even though I sucked at mathematics in the last three years of high school ( I can blame my teacher for this though ). This morning I woke up in a tent - again - and checked the thermometer/hygrometer next to my bed. I don't remember the exact temperature ( probably around 7 degrees Celsius /45 Fahrenheit ) but I remember the humidity to be very high: 91%
As it was a Saturday morning and I had no obligations, all was well. In fact, I have hardly any obligations on any day. Tomorrow is an exception. I will have to set an alarm, as I'm going on a group hike in Coimbra. Looking forward to that! :>)

How dare you? How dare I?


A few months ago I was helping to facilitate a Spiritual Mind retreat and I surrendered for a profound learning opportunity during that retreat. Despite all the work that I do, I've never really accepted the fact that I've influenced people in my life. When ever somebody shared with me their gratitude or appreciation, I would say thank you but dismiss their expression as I did not feel worthy to receive it. Some people saw that as being humble, but when I reflect on it all, it was me feeling unworthy to receive such gratitude and appreciation.
Then something magical happened to me. During this retreat, every single individual in attendance, stood up, sat down in front of me and shared how I've influenced or impacted them.

[Plant Medicine] 🌿 Win Steem for Exploring A Natural Medicine!


Last fortnight was fascinating as Steemians explored and talked about basil, elecampane and plantain. Even if they didn't write a post, many joined in the conversations in Discord or in the comments, so it was a great success. We were particularly enamoured with @freyafri's artwork!
This week's plant medicines to explore are:
You don't have to be an expert in the field, just be willing to research, experiment and explore either ONE or more of these plants in a post. You can write three posts if you like - we accept multiple entries.
We're also super open to the kinds of posts you write.

The Food We Eat


I found it really difficult to eat healthily the last few weeks. Feeding myself and my children became more and more like a chore and as a result we ate more convenient food. I simply did not have the time or energy to prepare wholesome food daily.
I certainly felt the affect, that all that food was having on me and now once again as I have returned home and am eating food that is partly from my garden and from the local market. I am a big believer in the fact, that you are what you eat and that to truly honour and love yourself, you need to start by paying attention to what you are putting into your body.

Crypto-Anarchy: A Lesson in Decentralization, Peace, and Freedom


Many hear the world anarchist and immediately move to the idea of violence and overthrowing the establishment. This is a logical conclusion because this is how political anarchy works. We live in a world where, to create a new establishment, the old one needs to be overthrown.
This usually means violence since the existing entities are not going to simply lie down and let someone else take control.
Crypto-Anarchy is nothing like this. It is not a battle with the existing establishment. In fact, it has nothing to do with what is taking place. Crypto-Anarchy is not designed to destroy either the existing political or economic system.

It's Astro-Logical -- practical advice for conscious living ---> Issue #51


The Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
Mercury moves behind The Sun
Mercury has moved behind the Sun for a while, marking another milestone in his current retrograde cycle. He'll turn around and start moving direct on March 28 at 16°, but he'll be playing catch up until May 21 -- about 5 hours after the Sun enters Gemini! (That's a long time in this position when you think about it -- the tail-end of Pisces and all of Aries and Taurus!)
The conjunction here in Pisces occurred at 24° -- FWIW. If you have Natal Planets that aspect that point, it forecasts an especially active time for you intellectually in the matters ruled by the house where this Pisces conjunction occurred and those ruled by the house(s) that the aspecting planet(s) occupy and rule. Those are different for everyone, which is why Astrology can get ... well, ... complicated.

International Forest Day 21st March | Please Join Us For A Steem Challenge!


Thursday 21st March is the International Day of the Forest to promote education to Learn to Love Forests and we at @ecoTrain, @tribesteemup and @Earthtribe want to put it smack bang on the steem blockchain's agenda by throwing down a challenge. @ecotrain are offering 20 steem in prizes – 2 x 10 steem for the best entries, and upvotes from the @ecoTrain and @tribesteemup accounts.The prizes are just to make it a bit more fun, because I hope we all get into the mood and enjoy taking part even more.
The challenge is simple, to post about something related to forests. I would like to encourage us to get out there and do something, but you can also stay at home and write or be creative. Below are some ideas, but please feel free to let your imagination run wild.

March 2019 Conference Call to Discuss Intentional Community Plans


It's time to get serious about focusing on solutions! It's time to have serious discussions about launching an intentional community, permaculture farm, agora, etc!
*Thanks to our partners Fairies Pyjamas!
Continue the conversation on our Discord channel:
The Conscious Resistance Network is an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, health, and community organizing. We work to create a world where corporate and state power does not rule over the lives of free human beings.

A big thank you to @hungryhustle for creating the amazing infographic of the 8 Pillars Of TribeSteemUp and For @eco-alex for creating the tribesteemup banner and logo.



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Another incredibly fine issue. I feel so honored to be included in this company. Thank you for assembling it. it makes keeping up with these jewels so much easier.

My thoughts and prayers go with you as you navigate life's challenges. May you continue to find courage and strength. Bless you.

Thank you for the @tribesteemup curation lurve. 💚 and much gratitude for featuring my artemisia mosquoto post!! The @ecotrain forest challenge looks AWESOME... 😃 so glad to see @tribesteemup supporting it too!!

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you are welcome, it is a great post and I love the new ecotrain challenge too, looking forward to seeing what people submit xx

Im really curious to see the diversity & depth we will collectively bring to this. The @ecotrain gathers steem.... 😍

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