@TribeSteemUp switches to 1 post/day/creator, increases voting weight, and begins to add new members again!

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After almost 2 weeks of really tightening things up here in the @TribeSteemUp project, it appears that we've found some level of equilibrium with our voting power, and can begin to move forward. Yesterday, the 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp was released, clarifying the goals & intentions of this project.

Image by @eco-alex


As of late last night, the switch has been made to up-vote each member just 1 post/day, while increasing the voting weight from 10% to 15%. The goal, as always, is to create the highest guaranteed payout for our members, while maintaining a balanced VP level.

For those of you who haven't delved too deep into how voting works, a 100% weighted vote uses 2% VP, thus a 15% weighted vote uses 0.3% VP. Voting Power regenerates at 0.01388888% per minute, meaning that our 15% votes each take 21.6 minutes to recharge from. Since the goal is to keep VP between 85-100%, meaning that if we had 67 upvotes in a given 24-hour period, that at the end of that period we would have roughly the same VP as we did at the beginning.

Voting Exceptions

Articles promoting/supporting/sponsored by @TribeSteemUp will still be receiving larger upvotes (minimum 33%, higher when the VP allows it). If you plan on releasing a "personal" post and a TSU post in the same day, please post the personal one first, as that will save VP & time needed for the manual voting :-)

Regularly scheduled posts supported by @TribeSteemUp:

Opening the Gate

The most exciting thing about getting our voting power stabilized is that we can begin opening the community up to new members again :-) Before you come ask how to join, this is all done internally. There is no application, there is no way to buy-in, people are only added based on the community recommending them and my verifying that they are aligned with the stated principles. Right off the bat I have over a dozen folks on a list, so they will be added, and then we'll be pausing again to make sure things are steady.

I've written up this welcoming for new members:

Blessings on your day!

You may or may not already know that you've been added to the @TribeSteemUp Community Abundance Generator!

You can find the principles of TribeSteemUp here: The 8 Pillars of @TribeSteemUp: Clarification, Refinement, and Re-Casting the Spell

@TribeSteemUp is a voluntary, consent-based community; the understanding & expectation is simply that each individual chosen is capable of making their own decisions, asking for help, and communicating their needs, questions, and desires. You will never receive spam comments (this being the one exception), you do not have to do anything besides what you have already been doing, and you will receive 1 up-vote per day from @TribeSteemUp & its curation trail (currently 15%), We're always working to keep the voting weight balanced between stability and maximum rewards.

If you would like to be more connected with the community, you can join us on Discord (a free chat app used by many Steemit communities), where we keep in touch, share tips & questions, run contests, and generally just get to know each other. When you join the server, you'll start off as a privilege-less member, and you will be "approved" as quickly as possible. Only way to put the link out publicly without issues, haha!

There is no investment needed, nothing is being asked of you here (and nobody from @TribeSteemUp will ask for your private keys). There are, however, plenty of ways to maximize the effectiveness of your curation, and the community is happy to share those tools & tricks, and we're creating some exciting new things in that area.

Thank you for being you, for being alive, and for embracing your role in the paradigm shift!


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Thank you! 1x a day is great because my mom can help me with posts once a day. It's getting busy here at the homestead but we will share what we have going on.

thanks for the update Kenny! happy to hear things are equilibrated and even allowing expansion. That is the way! We all fully appreciate the time you put into this.. so much love.. look what you have done!! ;-)


Hi Alex, could you help me join the #discord? my attempt was not successful, I could not enter.


In think thats because the group is for tribe members only roseri


Oh, my dear friend, how could I be a member? Do I need a requirement?


The only requirement is to write great posts! ;) right now we have taken on a lot of new passengers and need to wait a bit before taking any new people on.. but please keep using the EcoTrain tag so i can still give you some support! Thank u!


Thank you dear friend, I will do it.

Fantastic that we have now some room for more people. it would be awesome if you could post and updated list of all members. I want to go through them manually and support each one I like with my frontrunner votes. I have already 50 people from the tribe on the list but there is still a little bit of voting power left each day. :)


Great news indeed about new authors! And I can't wait to learn more about the 1up project!

I'm new to Steemit, and so is my 'Voyage Home' series. In regard to @TribeSteemUp, the series is covering Anarchy, Veganism, Mindfulness, Love (specifically of ALL), Esotericism, Truth, and (at some point) Original Music. I've been a musician for 35 years, and all my my material is centered upon spirituality and truth.

I'm now 60 and have so much to share from my research and experience, particularly in health and spirituality from the past 15 years. I feel my 'Voyage Home' series might be quite valuable to @TribeSteemUp because it comes (largely) from the perspective of properly returning folks to health they've never imagined, the RIGHT and SIMPLE way. This is critical because for most, their toxin-clogged lymphatic systems (along with arteries, brains, etc) render them too lethargic to effectively take on the task of awakening themselves, much less the world. And the solution is truly simple. Maybe not easy, but dirt simple, and FREE. I'm exploring the TRUTH of the human design, so folks can maybe think about how much fuller life will be if they can manage at least this one discipline, if not maybe one similar. If the masses can experience TRUE health (and CLARITY) for the first time, getting them on board with concepts such that we're discussing here would be tremendously facilitated.

I'd love to become part of the Tribe, and I'm hoping members will give 'The Voyage Home' a look and maybe agree. Regardless, I will continue on continuing on!!!

Much love!

Logan (@aware007)

The 1 up project is a perfect way to inspire higher quality content within the tribe, putting the post limit at one per day will focus that passion into one topic per day, instead of two, which will inspire greater comprehensivness in posts across the board (and possibly over-comprehensiveness at some point, at which time an adjustment should be made), and higher up-votes for posts promoting TSU will expand our community to the places we need to be in the future, however we must be cautious with that last one. As with any system, when people find a way to manipulate it, they then abuse it. Too many TSU posts will cause another VP issue. The hope here is that the Tribe understands this, and will not abuse it out of respect, but I guess you have manual control over that anyway. We are definitely moving in the right direction.

I wrote a thank you article this morning to all three groups that I am a part of here on Steemit, before I read this. It seems it was published around the same time that this article was. Blessings everyone & thank you for existing @kennyskitchen! Great introduction for the new initiates btw.

This is superb @kennyskitchen. Got to know about the community from @eftnow and since them I am hooked to see the amazing job you guys are doing everyday. A great move i.e. to support one post per day per member. It helps to cover more number of people and support them.

I tried to make a suggestion on the other post titled Finding Balance, Maximizing Effect, Moving Forward - The Evolution of the TribeSteemUp Community to include daily curation report or synopsis as well. I hope you got the chance to read it. I got the response from @truck-life as well as he is already doing a weekly curation of posts supported by this initiative. Personally I follow a few members and they are doing an amazing job. Hopefully I will get to join and support the community very soon. :)

thank you kenny for keeping things moving forward and opening the way for more people to become part of this great community, really appreciate all the time and effort you put in xxx

I have been watching over the project for some time now! It's definitely one of the best project that gives out upvotes to members. I'm glad you received so much SP in delegation. It really allows you to help out a lot of people with heavier upvotes.

I hope I'm going to be a curated member one day, because I post about lucid dreaming and I talk about meditations and mindfulness within those posts. I haven't been receiving a lot of upvotes though, which is quite discouraging when sometimes I put out even 2000+ words per post. But I keep on grindin :)

I keep seeing all the people I follow getting upvotes from tribesteemup, I've been away from writing so I guess I better get back in action to hopefully be accepted by the tribe one day. This is an awesome project and most all the writers I've seen on it are some of my favorites

It's a good opportunity to express my thanks for your support. It allows me to delegate my own SP to other streemians as I explained here:

Keep up the great work! 🙏

Amazing!! this bring a whole new opportunity for steemit members that may been not seen before!

I love the idea here, we need to see better content on steemit and i feel like this supports that initiative.. I would love to be a part of this! How can I get on the list to be a member?

This is an awesome project and I have been seeing it around a lot lately. I just joined your Discord. Looking forward to learning more about your community @tribesteemup! Thanks! I think my latest post might even qualify as something you would enjoy. Take care!

I hear about this project from so many of my favorite Steemians. I love what you’re doing for the platform and the dedicated folks on it.

I invited you on Discord to ask a few questions. Did you receive my invite? Or should I join via the link in this post?

Love it. Great to hear that balance has been restored to the force.

Excellent move @tribesteemup.

I am very impressed how things are progressing. I look forward to continued support of this project. I will be casting another delegation your way soon.

Let us all see how we can make this thing grow.

Good update right here.

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you guys built here.
Steemit is a kind of social media and social media should always be mainly about community.
With your work you're supporting the community in a perfect way.
I love seeing good things growing bigger and bigger and tribesteemup definitely is growing bigger.
Keep up the standards you're standing for.
Freedom is the most valuable thing that someone can have.
Doesn't matter if physical, mental or whatever kind of freedom.

Keep up the community work here man.
I'm already following the tribesteemup curation trail to support guys with the right attitude ;-)


Congratulations to the lucky new members of the tribe! I certainly hope to one day be deemed worthy of an invite but I should probably post more content in the first place haha... Oh well, what is, is

I'm loving the switch! Also, hadn't seen the space banner yet! That's pretty sexy!

Hello Kenny. Just wanted to know why am I not getting any up vote from the tribe members?

Really amazing, @tribesteemup is what steemit I think should be all about, lifting people up.

I totally love this!! How do I get more involved? Do I just add you to my curation trail?

Amy Honey

Hello community, I'm @ponpase, sorry if my comment makes you disturbed. "8" very amazing concept has me. Incredibly, this is a great energy that emanates from the rays of life. I am sure that with the spirit and hard work of this community will be able to produce a very spectacular power. Although sometimes the spectrum makes the reflective glare close our eyes. I believe that the community can maximize its performance to select eligible members to join here. Maybe this is just a prelude to me for this life.

Well, I'm very inspired by what this community is doing. My hope is that I can be a part of this community. If you do not mind, how do I do it? It would be highly praised from god if anyone responds to this. Thank you very much ... have a nice day ... greetings ... @tribesteemup

I'm @ponpase | Thank You

Discord link not working for me


The Discord chat is locked so that only those who have been invited to the community have access to it.


I will try to read all the posts from TribeSteemUp, but if I may ask would posts like this be interesting to this community:
Lion Mane mushroom - Amazing healing properties
MuSkin - natural lather from mushrooms
Cannabis is not only plant with cannabinoids

sounds cool. Still learning

congratulations, incredible project

No other better place to be than here. I will join up as soon as possible

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Ahhhh thanks man! I'm sure everyone will be really happy about this! :-D

The more I think about it the more the 1 post a day will be for the better, personally as well. I could easily post 2-3 meaningful posts that I'm proud of in a day and I was doing so but there are other things I want to focus on, finishing long standing projects like a collection of short stories and a sci-fi novel, as well as my developing the songs I'm working on, and also reading work by others and hanging out in discord and having a social life! 1 upvote a day helps encourage me not to overwork myself at steemit so i still have steam for other projects!

Wow this is so heart warming