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Tribesteemup are shining light on someone in the tribe so that you can discover more of our incredible and diverse members. There are around 100 people in @tribesteemup, and so to make it fun and easy to be introduced to each member, we will be featuring each in a post. Today we shine light on...



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About @ErikaHarris

Deep, reflective artist tapping wisdom of the Earth” is how I would probably sum up @erikaharris. Though her subject matter is broad, you can count on her bringing an artist’s perspective to whatever she is sharing.

This sometimes includes poetry, videos, photography or articles on life, psychology or “alchemy.” Always it includes a way of thinking about things that you’re grateful to have been exposed to, one that is grounded, centered, and loving.

My only complaint about Erika is that she hasn’t been posting much in the last couple weeks. Life gets busy for us all, and it can be hard sometimes to get ourselves online, producing regular content. This is one Steemian who is worth the wait. Here is one of her most recent posts that I particularly loved….

Celebrate Divine Feminine on Mother's Day

Our Mother, which art the earth...

The rest of this post is a video, which packs a tremendous amount of value into just 2 minutes. Give it a watch here: Video

For those of you who refuse to watch videos, here’s another example of her work…# A 3-Minute Self-Initiation


“With these words --
written and spoken,
read and heard --
should you agree... are hereby INITIATED
into the Power and Practice
of that which is uniquely yours:
to be,
to say,
to do,

to have,
to share.
Let your offering
shine for itself....”


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@tribesteemup I found the @midnfullife community, @naturalmedicine a while back and knew about @ecotrain. In real life I engage in activities for the environment, by providing eco-friendlier alternatives. Some of the activities can empower underprivileged societies in rural india and greatly reduce c02 emission. My account here is used for my hobbies and free time activities. I dedicated my life to helping other and would love to be a supporter of @tribesteemup

Sounds like you are doing good work @yangyanje! We always welcome your support, and you can follow the curation trail to further support the Tribe at . This will yield you good curation rewards too if you set the timing to around 14 minutes..

Thank you!

Congratulation @erikaharris . Love your post and writing. But you posted rarely. Would love to see you regular on blogging. 🥰😊

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congrats Erika! love your blog =)

I love @ErikaHarris, the passion she has for the earth and the magical way that she shares that passion through her words.

Deep, reflective artist tapping wisdom of the Earth

This really does sum her up perfectly xx

Nice to know you @erikaharris and hope to see your post more often.

The world NEEDS more artists' perspectives and it was SUCH A PLEASURE to be able to make the acquaintance with @erikaharris. Appreciating your commitment to helping us all "mix & mingle".

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