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Gratitude & community are two things that are really necessary for human flourishing, so let's celebrate them both for a bit! For those of you who don't know, this is the @TribeSteemUp Community Abundance Generator. Started in summer of 2017, this is a project created to support, promote, and connect STEEM content creators focused on freedom, mindfulness, empowerment, and generally making the world a better place. To learn more about the background of the project, check out these posts:

From SteemReports

The Tribe is picking up STEEM!

The Tribe is finally going critical, we've got over 180 artists supported, 43 investors of STEEMPower, and 73 accounts folowing the curation trail! Many of you may have noticed a jump in your rewards recently... That's because last weekend, we received a delegation of almost 500,000 SteemPower from the amazing @jamesc (who happens to be the SP behind many of the best curators on the platform, and it is such an honor for our community to be something he wants to support!). Add to that the 7% upvote that @adamkokesh is following our curation trail with (with his SP also delegated from @jamesc), and it's now quite realistic for conscious world-changers to support themselves purely off their content.

Scrolling back through the blog-roll of @TribeSteemUp, it's been awesome to see how many posts about/mentioning the project there are in the last week, compared to the almost 0 not made by me (@kennyskitchen) for the 10 months before that (@adamkokesh did post this one just over 2 weeks ago).

Here's all the recent posts about @tribesteemup:










Discord makes it easier to connect

Some of us in the Tribe have been using a Telegram chat for some time, but because of the large number of us now, the limitations of Telegram, and the amount of the STEEM community that is already on Discord, @tribesteemup now has it's own Discord server!

Because the Discord server is meant to be private for the community, I have set anyone who joins to a role that does not allow for messaging or reading messages. Once I or someone else has added you as a Tribe Member, you'll have full access to the chat server. We've already got rooms for post promotion, contests, recommending new tribe members, and more; thought I'm excited to see what others want to co-create.

Important: the Discord server is only for members of the Tribe

I just don't have any other way to reach most of them.

Here is an invite to our server:

Revisiting the curation trail

The curation trail has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks since it was announced, and so has the number of creators and amount of content being created by the Tribe. Due to this, I have a recommendation to make about how you are following the Tribe's curation trail... [If you aren't sure what a curation trail is, check this out]

The above picture is what my (@kennyskitchen's) SteemAuto page looks like. With an 11% upvote following @TribeSteemUp, I make sure that my VP doesn't fall too drastically, even though the trail is now hitting an average of about 80 posts per day. I was up at around a 33% vote, but then as 20+ new members came on and many others began posting again after hiatuses, that was too much to keep in balance. Now, I generally have over 90% VP at any time of day, so I can even drop some big votes here and there, as well as rewarding those who leave thoughtful comments on my own posts.

From SteemOcean (by our very own @ura-soul)

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude is the key to abundance and joy, which are 2 keys to the paradigm shift. In honor of that, and as a reminder of how wonderful it feels to spread the wealth and empower others, every human-written, not bot-generated, thoughtful comment in response to the question "What are you grateful for?" will receiver a 1% upvote from @tribesteemup (currently worth about $1). Limit of 1 up-vote per account, and up-votes will only be given during the 7 days that this post is active.

It is a wonderful time to be alive, and it is so beautiful to be part of such an amazing community/project/movement/shift. We live at the intersection of blockchain & permaculture, freedom & mindfulness, cooperation & individuality, and each of us has SO much leverage to create the world we dream of!

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I am grateful for having a perfect life, perfect health, no financial stress, and having lot of lovely people in my life. I am also grateful for being able to enjoy nature, understand people, solve problems, think critically.... I think all of these are gifts that I got in this life.

I am grateful for a number of blessings in my life, a loving wife, a cute kid, a sound health, good friends, and a good heart. I love to help people and when I see happiness on their face, it gives me great satisfaction, and I am grateful that I have this approach towards life.

I am grateful to have stumbled upon a thing called Steem about a year ago. Over the last 300 days or so I have been able to connect with people around the world, and it was only made possible because of Steem

Great project that I must admit I didn't know about until yesterday. Empowering conscious Steemians is one of the most important things we can do in this crucial times. The truth needs to be spread far and wide and supporting users who speak truth is the best thing we can currently do.

Although I'm currently not posting enlightening content I did before but got demotivated as the ones I wrote didn't get much engagemnt so writing a new one and spending a couple of days on it not to get it seen seemed pointless.

I'll get back to writing as soon as I get motivated again but until then I would like to support your tribe members by joining the curation trail. Never done it before, so could you explain how to set it up so it burns 5% of my VP daily? That's how much I can afford to give now as I'm planning to join another trail with 5% and spend the other 10% manually.

Upvoted for visibility.


Opps soz deleted, meant to post it above

I'm most grateful to God almighty for the privilege to see a brand new morning, for this level of growth for friends, family, FOR STEEMIT, and for lifr in general

I do a regular stream on YouTube, which I currently crosspost to DTube (trying to work DLive streams without sounding robotic), a weekly eRadio show which is also avail as a podcast, a podcast series I'm starting up, and a news series I'm starting. I'll also be doing daily content, M-F as soon as I get enough Patreon patrons. All this is focused on anarchy, government corruption, verifiable conspiracies (nothing which I can't find solid supporting evidence for), and what can be done to minimize and end the state. I also do this with as many people as possible, because I want to bring other people up with me, and because having differing perspectives checks my ideas, and refines them in the fire. I need all the support I can get, and I'm wondering what I can do to be curated by #TribeSteemUp. Willing to throw 20% VP at this even tho it's not much at this point. I joined the Steemit as insanityisfree, and I look forward to your reply, should there be one. Would love my gratefulness post to include my addition to tis project, and I'd love to become a valuable asset in the years to come.

I'm grateful for live. It supersedes every other thing


Am so grateful to be among the living soul...@tribesteemup

Someone referred me to this post as it sound like you are a large step ahead of something we are trying to accomplish with the Pay It Forward Curation Contest. Plans are in the works to set up a community account to help out the great curators and those they curate. If you happen to have a few minutes to share some tips that might save us some time I'm on discord under the same name and #6765

Since I'm here, what I'm grateful for. I must say that the community of people who are willing to take the time out of their lives to help others. The other day I posted some random thoughts that kind of turned into my thanking everyone for their efforts. I was included in a list that in no way I've earned yet, but it was an honor and made me feel that I was just getting credit for the work of others.

People who are willing to spend hours to curate newbies and help drive them some traffic amaze me and help keep me motivated each and every day to come back to steemit. These people deserve not only my gratitude, but so that of more on steemit as they are doing the work that will help keep newbies around increasing the active user count.

So I'm grateful for steemit and the way it allows our large crazy world to become a little smaller and seem less crazy. For this platform allows people from around the world to share their stories and people from all around the world to show how we all care for each other as people not caring where each other are from or our colors...we are just people helping people.

So very grateful for there are other people out there that have a #payitforward mentality.

"What are you grateful for?
A big question to which I have a rather small answer.
For my live that I have a wonderful family that I love, a wife and a girl that represents everything for me, and today I thank you for finding you in my search through the Steemit site.

I took an interview yesterday, I wasn't prepared because it was sudden. At last and at large, I did well. I'm grateful for that.

When I came into steemit, it was tough, but I'm grateful today for what I've achieved.

Also, I'm grateful for the breadth I breath. All thanks to God.

I am grateful for the amazing friends the steem blockchain has given me

I'm grateful for my Mum's health @tribesteemup she's been suffering from Lumbar Spondylyosis and she wasn't responding to treatment
This month we changed her matrass to an orthopaedic bed and now she's responding to her drugs we really got scared.
But seriously I would never want to loose my Mum or Dad for any reason
This is the sole reason I grateful for at the moment.

I'm grateful someone actually introduced me to the steemit platform.. Each time I wake up, I feel happy I'm a member of this platform

Am grateful for the initiative behind Steemit, am grateful for all my friends here who are upvoting all my post, indirectly they put food on my table.

I am really grateful for the opportunity the steem blockchain has enabled me to connect with wonderful personalities from different part of the world.

It is really good to see that people can truly be united by social media in a way that rewards creativity.

Clearly the steem blockchain is a proof of brain innovation and I am greaful I am part of this revolutionary innovation

WOW! It is an amazing question.. Am grateful that i am alive and that i am a proud steemian.

I'm grateful for adding a year to my year two days ago. Though I haven't gotten to where I would love to be but I'm confident that with time. I'll be there.

Glory to the maker of the universe.

I am just grateful for being a member of this platform. @tribesteemup, keep up the good work.

Am grateful for the wonderful family God gave me my lovely friends and colleagues for the gift of life i have so many things to be grateful for thanks @tribesteemup for this

I'm grateful for second chances. It's not over until its over. Thanks @tribesteemup

Am grateful of today , am grateful for this holy month am grateful of being a muslim , am grateful of being an african.

I I am grateful for having a quick recovery because I was sick yesterday and had no idea how today was gonna look like but to God be the glory am alive and well

It is a previlege to express how grateful i am. This community has given me life and i am so grateful about it. I am also grateful for the great impact steemit has bestowed on peoples life and i'm so grateful for everything. All thanks to @tribesteemup

Wow, am grateful for my life. I never knew o Will be alive till today because I had a ghastly accident. It was pretty serious. am grateful @tribesteemup

I am super grateful most of my news resources have found their way to steem. A few more journalists and ill have no need for alt social media

I am grateful to God for giving me 100,000 with ease. Having a challenge of that amount seemed hopeless to be solved. I asked from most persons but none could help. But God being all sufficient gave me all I ever needed and more in less than 24hours. I want to say I love you Lord.

I'm grateful for life, for a week well spent... Amazing opportunity steemit is providing and the lovely people I've met here in the past few weeks.

I am grateful for all that i have, all that i am and all that is! I am grateful for being full of energy and for being healthy.

I am very grateful for the Access to the internet
Things are so unique now and despite the fact that it is only a piece of regular day to day existence. I can find out about basically anything on the web. I can add new aptitudes to make my life more joyful and more amazing with the assistance of what other individuals share on the web. Besides, there is the chance to associate with and become acquainted with individuals from all around the globe.

I am thankful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is interminable. It is astonishing how placated one can be with nothing unequivocal - just a feeling of presence. All things considered, anything for assortment. I am prepared to attempt this for the following ten thousand years, and fumes it. How sweet to consider! my furthest points all around scorched, and my scholarly part as well, so that there is no risk of worm or decay for quite a while. My breath is sweet to me. O how I giggle when I think about my ambiguous uncertain wealth. No keep running on my bank can deplete it, for my riches isn't ownership yet delight

I'm grateful to God for bringing peace to my family, after a rough while with my parents.

I'm so grateful for having my mother, she's always been there for me, she's my everything.
I'm lucky to have her.

Am so grateful for God's love on me.
And am so grateful for my late brother's love over me, though he is dead but he will never be forgotten.

I am grateful for all the people that are loving and very kind to me.

I am grateful to God that did not make me get killed on my matriculation day, i would have been mistakenly killed by policemen chasing robbers and also i want to thank God for the kind of people and groups i am meeting on steemit platform i feel blessed right now

Am so grateful to be among the living soul..

Am grateful for the life God has given to me. Am grateful for this year that God connected me to friends that has been of help to me and am also grateful to God because am not begging for bread.

Am grateful to God for you as well for putting out such a wonderful post for people to comment and earn.

Am grateful for my friends and family.

For the love, support, kindness and all the fun that they offer and I get to offer them

I'm grateful for this love you're showing to us.
I love what you are doing on your blog.

Firstly, I'm grateful for the life I have today, secondly, I'm grateful for getting to know steemit, thirdly, I'm grateful I'm for getting to know this giveaway

I've never gotten this opportunity since I joined Steemit. I'm really grateful @tribesteemup.
Thanks a lot

I always remain thankful for life.
Been looking for a link to your discord server, finally.

I am greatful to for life, health, sound mind, love and peace.

I am also greatful to be a steemian. Thanks

Am grateful that you are this benevolent. Its not everyday that we find graceful personalities like you keep a smile on the face of another.

I'm grateful for the wonderful people I have come across here on steemit. My foster parents @stach, I appreciate you for your continuous support and love.

I thank God for the gift of life...

wooh,, this amazing. joining your discord channel right away.

Forever grateful for life which loads us with more life everyday.
Great job @tribesteemup

Thanks for this awesome avenue @tribesteemup
I am grateful to God I exist and live in this space of time..because of the lives i have touched , influenced cared for and love..I am grateful for God's grace over my life

Since we are in Steem I think it is the best to share my thoughts about why I am grateful for this platform. I even made a post about this same subject when I was just 2 weeks old in the platform back in December, this is the article: "Why I am grateful for steemit".

I am grateful for Steem because of the amount of incredible people we can meet here, all with different tastes and styles, but also with their own unique creativity.

And also, because since Steem is capable of rewarding content creators, it allows me to avoid the hardships caused by the economic collapse in my country Venezuela, so this is really a golden opportunity for me.

I talk a little bit more in the post linked before, but basically this is why I am grateful at this point in my life.


The blockchain has given us a world of possibilities.. am grateful for that.

Am very grateful for every opportunity i have had in life. No amount of words can be equivocal to the grace i have enjoyed. My soul is always appreciative

Am grateful am alive

Many started and many are done even before their end am happy am alive

Am grateful for everything God have been doing for me, this week have been a great week for me won two contest this week

Thanks @tribesteemup

I'm am grateful for life and the air I breathe.
Bless you @tribesteemup

I express gratitude toward God that I'm a result of my folks. That they contaminated me with their insight and vitality forever, with their hunger for information and their affection. I'm grateful that I know where I originate from.

Am very grateful for my health. Even if i do not have the indestructible body of Superman. But if I treat it well and get plenty of sleep, work out and eat healthy then it works really wonderfully well almost all the time.

I'm grateful for my education for the love amongst people and for my life. I'm so grateful.

Wow it's good to hear of this

Gratitude is the key to abundance and joy, which are 2 keys to the paradigm shift.

A grateful heart is a living heart

I believe I am fortunate. I am grateful for this life that God has given me. I am upbeat, as I am getting the chance to do work that I need to do and appreciate doing it.

grateful for life @tribesteemup

I'm grateful for this opportunity, you're amazing @tribesteemup.

Oh wow, its really a privilege to be alive. I am sincerely grateful for that.

I must say that indeed it is an honour and privilege for being part of this family.

I am definitely going to join the discord chanel asap.

Thanks for sharing!

I am grateful that few months ago due to the financial incapacitation of my parent in failing to raise my university tuition fee roughly $70.
Steemit help me raise my tuition fee and saved me from shame.

This is beautiful @tribesteemup
I am grateful for godly parents. If not for them, I dont know what my life would have turned to. My life is organized because of them. I am grateful.

I am grateful about my life and my last session result. I'm also grateful for joinig this awesome community. Steemit has really opened my mind to a lot of things and it has broaden the way I think.

Grateful for the gift of being alive

I'm grateful for people like you on Steemit.
Thanks a lot @tribesteemup

I am grateful for the open doors I have been given to take part in that work as a delegate of my nation, Nigeria, whose individuals have, I think, demonstrated their commitment to peace.

I'm grateful for life, I'm grateful for the joy steemit has added to my life and also grateful for the things that I'm yet to get but I believe they will come... Heading over to discord to be a full member

Am grateful for the mishaps that have shaped me and made me more stronger. I have been extremely sick a couple of times throughout my life and these encounters has made me more grounded rationally and given me the endowment of being exceptionally energetic about present day pharmaceutical and of my own body and taking great care of it.

I'm always grateful for everything i have.
I'm grateful for being a friend with the one that got me acquainted with steemit.
I'm grateful for having a good life and health to witness and to be able to be one of the participant of this giveaway

I am so much grateful for my healthy 3 months old baby girl. She strived in my stomach for 41 weeks even when at some point I thought I would lose her.

I am grateful for a lot of things. Where do I start from? Well, I am so grateful for my parents. I am also grateful for my life, a lot has happened these past years, but I am still thankful. I am grateful that I am able to meet some amazing friends through this great platform.

Thank you @tribesteemup for such an amazing opportunity

I'm greatful to God for giving me and my friends good health and keeping us safe all over the years, God is great.

I'm grateful for peace and abundance of love around me. Thanks for people like @tribesteemup

I'm grateful for the opportunity that Steemit has exposed me to.
Thanks @tribesteemup

Greetings beloved, I am grateful for empowering quality writers support in earning on payout
My support has been received by @sir.skillful1 @eunireal1 @Sparrowbernard @kenn24

If there is anything i am grateful in this life, its the fact that my mum could still walk after an accident 😥😥😥

I am grateful that Chelsea FC defeated Manchester United FC in today's FA Cup final.

I'm exceptionally greatful to God for what he gives me. Triumphs, surprising triumphs, yet you need to experience the thrashings. That is the reason I applaud God for everything.

I am grateful for everyday I have had, am having and will have.
For all the opportunities I have to be a blessing and to make a difference.

Great job you've done @50
Am grateful for life.

I'm grateful for being alive to witness this in good health. Thanks to @tribesteemup for bringing this up.

Am grateful of being alive today and been born into the family am in and am happy to be a member of this comunnity...

Am grateful to the almighty God for keeping me alive to this point and this wonderful community fo exposing me. Finally to @tribesteem for helping me grow wide God bless this community.

I'm grateful to God for life and his protection towards my family. I'm also grateful for the creator of this wonderful platform it has been a blessing to me.

I'm thankful to intelligent individuals. That doesn't mean educated. That doesn't mean scholarly. I mean extremely insightful. What dark old individuals used to call 'mother mind' implies insight that you had in your mom's womb. That is the thing that you depend on. You comprehend what's entitlement to do.

The gift of life is worthy of being grateful for. Shout out to everyone that makes like sweet for me. I appreciate you!

I am grateful for being alive today, for my family ,friends and everyone around me.. I'm grateful for God's love and for His mercies. And I'm happy I got connected to this platform

We're grateful that we're making impact in every little way we can.
You rock @tribesteemup

wow, am grateful about so many things but sincerely the greatest is the interaction I have had coupled with the connections. steem is amazing.

I am grateful for life and the fact that I am alive. being in the wrong place for only a couple of moments could have implied I would not have been here any longer. If I had been conceived in some other time or in somewhere else then there is an once in a lifetime opportunity that I would not have been here to encounter my 20 th birthday. In any case, I am here at this point. I have this minute and day and ideally numerous days still to understanding and carry on with my life. It is an astounding thing.

I'm grateful for the people in my life.
I'm grateful I found this post.

wow @tribesteemup am grateful for life and am also greatful for steemit ....its always putting food on my table.

I'm grateful for the opportunities i have been coming by in my life, in school, at home, among my peer groups, and in the community. I am grateful for the life my parents gave to my about 2 decades ago, in short, i am grateful for everything.

I am grateful for the challenges that helped me grow into the person I am today.

I'm grateful for the gift of life,, I wasn't involved in accident some days ago while coming from a trip.
Also grateful for steemit, cos I've learnt alot of things, and it's really helping me.
Also grateful to @tribesteemup for this great opportunity.

I m grateful for the air that i breath. Being alive is the best thing one can hope for. I love my life because i uses it to see my beloved family and friends and fellow steemains.

Am grateful for the breathe of life given to me for I can enjoy the small and free pleasures of life.

The sunrise. And relaxing walk in the woods.

I am incredibly grateful for our Steemit Mastermind Group and @kenistyles

Grateful for self expression, freedom to explore and learn, freedom to be less than perfect.

Grateful for emojis, new content, global family and new ideas.

Grateful for the leadership of @tribesteemup