Over 200 Creators!! Big Updates, Tweaks, and Announcements on the Rapidly Growing @TribeSteemUp Project!

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Over the last 2 weeks, some crazy big things have changed in the world of @tribesteemup... Beautiful, magical, empowering things! Just over a week ago, we were blessed with a large delegation by @jamesc, one of the biggest supporters of great content & curators on Steemit. That delegation absolutely blew up the votes of TSU, just in time as @AdamKokesh is launching the @libertarianparty curation trail and having to shift most of his support in that direction.

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We're now over 200 creators being supported, well over 100 outgoing votes per day, a rapidly growing Discord server, and things just keep getting bigger! When this project was started 10 months ago, I definitely didn't guess it would grow like this, especially so rapidly, in just a couple of weeks. Before moving onto the new stuff, let's recap the project briefly :-)

@TribeSteemUp is a collective voting bot, created to support content & content creators focused on making the world a more peaceful & free place. Most of its role in this steem-ciety is simply to curate, to help the Steem block-chain recognize & reward the value of great content. The focus is on high-quality content, from under-recognized content creators, and more specifically on those who create content related to:

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

The list of creators started off relatively small last summer, all people that @kennyskitchen knew personally, and has since expanded based on recommendations from within the growing community, new members of the Tribe joining Steemit, and new Steemit creators who are in alignment being discovered.

Here's the story of @TribeSteemUp so far:

What's NEW?

  1. A week ago, we received a delegation from @jamesc that increased our voting power by about 925%
  2. The voting levels have all been adjusted; Members will now receive 10% upvotes
  3. The auto-voting has been moved over to @SteemAuto
  4. which allowed us to add a built-in cap of 2 posts/day/account
  5. Our Discord server is becoming pretty active, and we've got a lot of projects brewing (including our own website, project led by @flauwy)
  6. Recruitment is paused for the next week or so while we adjust to the new setup and make sure everything is working

From SteemReports

Supporting the Tribe: The Curation Trail

There are a variety of ways to support the @tribesteemup project: obviously we greatly appreciate follows, up-votes, and re-steems here on the @tribesteemup account, and you can also actively & directly support the creators in the Tribe. Anyone and everyone can follow the curation trail on @steemauto, meaning that your account will automatically vote for all of the content that @tribesteemup votes for (with whatever voting weight % you choose).

How everyone can support: A curation trail is a way to automate some of your curation. Maybe you don't vote much, or you don't have the "vote slider" yet so you can only do a few per day, or maybe you're just not really active on Steemit anymore.

By following @tribesteemup's curation trail, your account will automatically vote on the posts that TSU does (with a weight % you choose, and only as long as your VP is high enough). This means that you're spreading the wealth much wider than you probably could with manual votes, and you don't have to do anything. To get started, follow these simple instructions to set yourself up on @SteemAuto, then go to @TribeSteemUp's Curation Trail (https://steemauto.com/dash.php?i=1&trail=tribesteemup) and click follow. Once the page reloads, you will have the option to adjust settings; I would recommend "fixed voting weight" and setting the weight to around 11%, unless you like to do a lot of manual voting, then down to 5%.

The above picture is what my (@kennyskitchen's) SteemAuto page looks like. With an 11% upvote following @TribeSteemUp, I make sure that my VP doesn't fall too drastically, even though the trail is now hitting an average of about 80 posts per day. I was up at around a 33% vote, but then as 30+ new members came on and many others began posting again after hiatuses, that was too much to keep in balance. Now, I generally have over 90% VP at any time of day, so I can even drop some big votes here and there, as well as rewarding those who leave thoughtful comments on my own posts.

Important! If you have not been selected to be part of the Tribe and delegate SP, it will be treated as a donation. You cannot buy your way into being on the list.

From SteemOcean, created by @ura-soul

How @TribeSteemUp's Voting Works

  • @tribesteemup votes with 10% power for everyone author on the list (see below)
  • Each author will receive votes on a maximum of 2 posts per day
  • Posts about/featuring TSU will be given higher voting %s, based on VP available

What @TribeSteemUp Re-Steems

  • Posts specifically featuring/about @TribeSteemUp
  • Posts featuring 2 or more Tribe members (for example if one member interviews another)
  • The #ecoTrain Highlights Magazine by @eco-alex

Who is the Tribe?

@aggroed @alchemage @alexaventuria @alexstacy @amvanaken @an0nkn0wledge @andrewmarkmusic @andybabbmusic @annasuvorova @annemariemay @antimedia @artemislives @ashe-oro @ausbitbank @be-empowered @benswann @borrowedearth @brightstar @brooklynwildfire @bryandivisions @bryanj4 @burntmd @caitlinjohnstone @canadian-coconut @canadianrenegade @careywedler @catherinebleish @celestialcow @churdtzu @ciontheemrald @claireremz @clivedecarle @colinhoward @consciousangel7 @corbettreport @cryptoshow @csmedia @dannyquest @dannyshine @dbroze @diabolika @doitvoluntarily @dollarvigilante @earthmother @eco-alex @edgecanopy @eftnow @elamental @emancipatedhuman @encryptdcouple @enjoyinglife @erikaharris @evolutionnow @flauwy @flynnjohnson @freebornangel @freemanreporter @futurefarmers @geliquasjourney @gentlesouljah @ginacarr @goldendawne @haileyscomet @hempress @iamjamie @innerverse @inspirewithwords @jeffberwick @jerrybanfield @johnnyhurley @johnvibes @jolly-homestead @joshsigurdson @joycamp-benny @juansgalt @kennyskitchen @kieranpearson @krnel @larkenrose @leecamp @lesliestarrohara @libertyepodcast @libertyranger @lifegoalmentor @lily-da-vine @lishu @livesustainably @lovenfreedom @lpfaust @lukestokes @lukewearechange @maceytomlin @makinstuff @mandyfroelich @maxigan @mckeever @melinamarie @mickeybeaves @mikeonfire @mistermercury @mountainjewel @mountainwashere @moxieme @mwolfe13 @news2share @nickhans @nomad-magus @paradigmprospect @purplepencilgirl @rainbowlightning @rainbowrachel @riceowladam @riverflows @sashadaygame @scottermonkey @scottiemac @scottsantens @seededvision @silverspade @solarsupermama @sovereignbtc @steemer-x @steeminganarchy @sterlinluxan @suzi3d @tamaralee @taskmaster4450 @tatianamoroz @teamsteem @terrybrock @thejimmydoreshow @thepatrick @tibra @tonysayers33 @treaphort @trucklife-family @truthabides @truthinmedia @ura-soul @v4vapid @valorforfreedom @vincentnijman @wearechange-co @whatamidoing @yinyangmichael

Dormant Tribe Members

These folks either have not been posting for some time, or we're still waiting for them to start posting, but they are content creators in alignment with the goals of this project.

@adventurehealing @akaskew @amacthegeneral @andyharrison @artoftheanimal @athonwy @atrickpay @audioalchemy @battleayzee @berenguel @bruceb @brutledge @cantohondo @captainmouse @chireya @chuckwilliams37 @copperchildren @dankfart @dicksonscheme @dragonanarchist @earthpermit @electron @elissahawke @firstwords @holarchy @justinpedini @juxley @kerrismiles @ladyofliberty @lallyiam @laraelle @layl @mearone @miningio @mscleverclocks @mygateway @nuggplug @paradise-paradox @paydaymonsanto @phoenyx @pomperipossa @robhustle @rossulbricht @rydia @sacredheretic @sbedwards @spark @starwatermagick @teryani @thebookworm @thora-toft @tidywithjoy @truexpression @truniversal @tryptastic666 @uoslavery @xerephine

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These are great changes and will hopefully help to keep the equilibrium of the TSU account balanced. For the trail I would suggest a system that benefits all trailers by letting the TSU trail follow everyone else, rather than the other way around. This could be achieved with a new account that does not holds much SP but initaites the trail while the TSU account votes last. With Steem Auto this could be achieved easily by unfollowing the trail and refollowing the trail with the TSU account about once per week or so. That way, all new followers will benefit from the massive whale upvotes and people would earn MASSIVE curation rewards. This would incentivize more people to vote with higher weight on the tribe posts. There would be even people from outside the tribe who would use this benefit to gain high curation rewards. I have tested something like this efficiently with the Utopian 1UP system and it increased my curation rewards to over 250% to what I had earned before.

Self-upvoted for visibility.


This is an excellent suggestion. It even aligns all the incentives.


This is an excellent idea and could really engage more new curation trail followers.


that's a great idea @flauwy!


loving it! :)

Thanks so much for the update, this all looks and sounds great, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in @kennyskitchen to keep this great project moving and evolving. It has been real good connecting with some of these great folk on Discord.

thank you for your daily dedication and for staying positive despite any challenges! you rock!

i will spread the word as best i can to try to get you the curation followers and delegators that you need... I would LOVE to delegate but that will mean reducing what I give to the ecotrain which is very hard for me to do!


Great job @tribesteemup it's been wonderful getting to read through all the previous updates and I must say you have been doing a great job.

Helping authors and appreciating their efforts towards the promoting and sustaining the Steem blockchain. I must commend you for that and say you deserve some accolades.

So In a way to help I would love to join the curation-trail so I can also give out the little I have to support the project. Dunno if I should join the trail since I'm not a member of the tribe.

Your response will be highly welcome. Thanks for your support once again.


The curation trail is available for anyone to join, so they can also support the community of content creators that has been/is being assembled in the Tribe :-)


Okay that's nice, I will support by joining the curation trail. Thanks for your response.


I joined the trail yesterday.. Used 25% but it drained my VP, so I changes it to 11% today. Hope that is still okay?


Ya, 11% is much more manageable haha


Yeah.. Feels great to help, thanks for the opportunity.

It's precisely what I hope(d) Steemit to be, conscious people sharing their insights and energy to spread abundance and appreciation for heartfelt creations to overcome the rigid structures of fear-indoctrination and superimposed scarcity.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw my name on the list. From the bottom of my heart - thank you for all the love and support, to all of ya on the trail and to you Kenny!

I had been looking to spread my humble SP around lately and delegating to this cause was a real PLEASURE. It will also be a real pleasure to check out all of you in this group and join the trail, have stumbled upon some of you already and looking forward to meet the others new to me.

Thank you all for being here, you know how much it means to me <3 <3

Let me first state that I find this a very good iniative!

Today I had a look at the possibility to gain high curation rewards by using your iniative. At first sight this looks as a good possibility as it seems that you upvote precisely after 30 minutes. And I noticed a few upvotes where it was much later.
I did not check any specific Steemonians yet as I didn't have so much time. But that could be the part that makes it more difficult or even impossible. As there could be many authors that are pretty popular. And those are not the best ones for earning curation rewards.

Anyways do you mind if I write a post about this subject a bit later (next week probably)?

And do you mind if I ask a few more questions?


You are more than welcome to write whatever you would like :-) I'm also happy to answer questions, and you can reach me on Discord (kennyskitchen#9057). Our auto-voting system is set to 30 minutes, but @SteemAuto has been having hiccups, leading to the need for me to manually vote later much of the time.

I'm over the moon to be involved with this awesome tribe. Thank you for everything that you are putting into this @kennyskitchen. I'm excited to get to know more members and see what amazing co-creations, we can conjure up.

Oh my goodness! I am so incredibly appreciative to be added to the group! I am excited and I look forward to getting to know everyone! Lots of love! Thanx again! ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for including me, i know i tend to be abrasive, but if you are seeking the truth and all you include in the conversation are like minded, agreeable voices, that isnt a conversation seeking the truth, its a circle jerk.

So, in the spirit of supporting those that support me, i will delegate and join the trail, for now.

I support this community. I am simply attempting to draw attention to an unsavory character associated with the tribe. Since Kenny, in all his consciousness downvoted me with two accounts, I'll reply here:

I've posted the screenshots, and will post them again, but now I am muted. Woops.



Liam is a nine year old kid, the child of Kokesh's former staffer, Angela Owens, who I am in direct communication with.

IMG_8794 2.JPG


I've also posted about Kokesh's upvoting of comments calling Larken Rose a Zionist Jew,

and calling for "hits" to be placed on people, even after I verified from the commentor, and made Kokesh aware that they referenced actual, non-joking, violence/killing.

You haven't re-added me to this community because I am a pain in your ass.

Address the threats. Address the call to drop the voluntaryist ideology. Not good for your social capital here? I though this was about "consciousness."

EDIT: Looks like I am not actually muted, as Ken said I was, as he has now upvoted other comments to bury this one

Kokesh is a quasi-scammer, snake oil salesman politician that wants to centrally, via a federal election, plan the redistribution of resources (not via the market, but via he and his "custodians"), has threatened 9-year-old children and women, and calls anyone (usually former staffers and girlfriends) who disagrees with him "mentally disturbed," while upvoting comments calling for "hits" to be placed on people, and calling for the entire Voluntaryist movement to "drop the ideology."

Google "Shield Mutual Adam Kokesh"

Search Steemit for "Kafka Kokesh" to see the extensive list of posts I have made regarding this guy.

If you'd like to see screenshots corroborating my claims here message me in Steem chat. The Kokesh 2020 campaign is a stain on the face of real freedom and voluntaryism.

Now the question, who can join your group to receive votes? Do you need some requistoo is a group already formed?

love this community abundance generator! love the vision and the actualization. so grateful to be a part! <3

This is a superb initiative. I am really glad that I came across this wonderful community supporting each other. I make videos about personality development, relationships, health, food, motivation, lifestyle and how to become a better version of yourself. I would like to join the tribe as I want to connect with like minded people. I am a little new to the platform so I am not sure how to provide support. I couldn't join the discord server, can anyone guide me? Maybe someone from the @tribesteemup's team. I would really appreciate it!


oh wow, I'm so glad to be a part of this!! I want to be more involved... I will figure out who to talk to about that soon, I just had to say hi, thanks for all y'all do, can't wait to get to know you better!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for including me in this, it has changed my life literally!

I can only join this tribe by delegate my sp? Or there are others way...plz


There is no buy-in mechanism or submission process, your content needs to reflect the values of the tribe and if kenny sees your profile he will add you to the list, but the content really needs to be mindful and conscious.


I would love to be on this list, but unfortunately I have called attention to the fact that @adamkokesh is not a very savory or conscious character, both on Steem and elsewhere, so I doubt I’ll be able to, though as a high rep account Voluntaryist, I’d love to contribute.

Threatening women and children and calling for Voluntaryists to “put down the ideology” doesn’t seem very conscious to me, nor does calling fellow activists like Larken Rose “coward.” Nor does upvoting and supporting accounts that call for “hits” to be placed on people, assert that other activists are “Talmud thumpers,” etc. Nor does self-upvoting ones own vitriolic single comments at 100 USD. Oh well.

Try speaking out and you’ll get a face full of spite, even from “conscious creators” like Kenny.


To be honest, I am not aware of these issues, but I will keep an eye out in order to form my own opinion and cat from there.


You are a rare breed, @lishu. Thank you for actually having a mind willing to weigh, consider, and truly engage.


So, i just have to create the contents which are reflect same as you guys, right? I have nothing else to do. You will find me yourselves?


First, start by reading all the post here on the @tribesteemup page and make sure you understand what is going on. But even if you reflect the desired content, there still are no guarantees in any way.

One thing that can help would be doing some research before asking questions that are answered in this post of other here. Someone who does their homework before engaging is better viewed around here :)


I actully could not pin point the matters, that's why i am asking. Plz don't mind me. Thank you for your time.

@tribesteemup... i think i have to give you guys a trial on my next article...you guys seems to be doing great. And i also know that anywhere @kennyskitchen is involved, such a place must be a success

Hello there,

You project seems really great and you just want to know if you think to develop it for other langages than English ?

We have some great content creators in the French community that will be more than happy to be included in this program in other to grow the French Steem community.

I think about it because my main goal on steem is to write and share as much as possible about self development, happpiness & joy and always upvoting all the French people speaking about it so I'm feeling well connected with your vision.

If you want to discuss about it or finding a way to implement it, feel free to contact me via Discord : happydaddyfr#5698

Have a great day and I wish you the best for your amazing project.
Laurent Alias Happy Daddy

Wow this is fantastic!
I just found this right here and I think this is an amazing system.
Great updates through.

I would love to connect with you guys.
How do I find the discord server?
Well done guys, benefit for all Steemians that participate.
Of course I will resteem this for more visibility.

Congratulations for growing up so fast and harmonious @tribesteemup.

I just joined the curation trail.. I'm sure this will however help other content creators like myself. Great job you are doing @tribesteemup.

Recently joined and loving the community. Thank you for dedicating the time and administering this project!


How can I join?

Thanks for the Update. ;)

We are lucky to have an awesome Leader, who is truly working on himself haha

Resteeming this for Visibility!

It's all a nice and lovely development @tribesteemup and moreover, I am already promoting @tribesteemup because I used the tag on my most recent post and I won't stop doing so...
Good one guys, more grease to your elbow...

What about the people who always write about life stuff in a funny way to make people forget their sorrows and make them smile? Or at least thats what my posts are about, trying to make people smile one post at a time. If you accept people like that, then im in! 😊

Congratulation tribesteemup! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 62min with 27 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

I hope you guys could extend the topics to Anime or Television too so I could also get the chance to join The Tribe XD

Anyway, Congratulations on the very large delegation you guys have received. Let me know if there is an opening and if my account qualifies :)

Excited to be part of such a fantastic community of people supporting one another. Many thanks.

I will definitely lower my percentage for the trail - oops I had it at 50 percent! Thrilled to be part of the tribe - I've been punching air all day haa. It's amazing how this is taking off! Well done y'all for your efforts. It's been great watching the Discord go off too and the amazing ideas and community efforts that's putting this in motion. Yay! And yay - Friday! It's night time here in Australia and here's to you all having a FABULOUS weekend - looking forward to getting to know the tribe!

Just found out. I still don't know what's it all about...

I was on, now I'm off. no complaints, just curiosity. any chance of knowing why? It would be useful information. peace ya'll


You're still on. I pulled the following list from SteemDB and it was missing a bunch of folks.


Thank you for the reply. That is great news! I'm still figuring things out, like steemauto where I've been following (curation trail) @tribesteemup but I'm not always seeing the auto upvote. I think I've just about got it figured out now.

wow, let me know if I can become a part of @tribesteemup, i'm glad I found out about this, and thank you !

We're very honored to be part of the tribe!

Congratulations to you one and all. What a fine selection of creators and so happy to see so many names I recognize in alignment with each other and the tribe. Well done 🙏

Aim to be a member of this great group

@tribesteemup why am I not getting any up vote from tribe members?

It is an honor to see an steemians giving rewards to an author for free..more power @tribesteemup..


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How does one become a member of the @tribesteemup ?

Well, that didnt take long.
Im not delegating to anybody with more than 500k sp, my 50sp are more helpful to someone that has a vote that rounds down, ie, less than 150sp.
Ive also only been getting one vote per day.
I dont guess i need to ask why.

Im still following the trail, but i vote alot of folks, mostly with less than 500sp, many of them in venezuela and africa, so i cant see voting folks that need the votes less.
If this disqualifies me, well, so be it.
I dont sell my principles for cash, even when i need the money.


That's another part of the reason I removed the delegation/investment side, because most folks were putting in less than 1000 sp, and it can be of much more value in other ways.

You're set to 2/day like everyone else. I've been off the computer since Friday at a retreat, and will just be getting back to it in a couple hours and I'll take a look.

If this disqualifies me, well, so be it.
I dont sell my principles for cash, even when i need the money.

The great thing about this project, and another benefit of losing the investment side, is that I just get to put people on the list who are creating aligned content, with no expectations of them. Those that support the others on the list I am grateful for, and those that don't are free to do whatever they want :-)


Thanks, kenny, you have made it possible for me to continue my adventure here in mexico!
I was looking at having to go back, and not relishing the prospect of the rectal exam at the border.

Im staying on the trail, but i need to save some vp for downvoting abuse, so my autovoter cuts off at 92%, but whenever im away, those votes are all for the group.

How do I join the tribe @tribesteemup

Thanks for all of your hard work!! This is such a great project:)

This is simply amazing, wow I never heard about @tribesteemup, great projects , great community.
How can I be a part of the community?


Begin with actually reading the Article :)


@kennyskitchen manually checks accounts for conscious and mindful content related to several aspects of life. If he sees that on your account you are added to the voting list, but there is no way to apply and for now, this post said new additions will be halted for a week.

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

I'd really like to know if tribesteemup supports quality science related posts? Because I know of a member @alexdory who creates science posts with the tag.


Some of our members write scientific articles sometimes, but it is not something that we focus on.

Also, TONS of people use our tags, but that has absolutely nothing to do with being a member or receiving support.


Thanks a lot for the clarification