No Votes Until Sunday! How TribeSteemUp is rolling with the HF20 Madness

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Good morning beautiful Steemians!

@KennysKitchen here, still reeling a bit in the aftermath of the "successful" launch of HF20. I've started posting again myself, knowing that I'm not going to get rewarded much for the next few days, partially because it's important to my process and partially because I've got things to share that I think will help folks through this period. My post from today is a breakdown of the HF, its implementation, and the thoughts of many witnesses: Breakdown of HF20

I've been having conversations here & there with folks about how these bugs & tweaks are affecting @TribeSteemUp and the communities that it supports, but it just makes more sense to release a statement here that everyone can see.

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The VP all vanished

One of the things that happened when this HF went into effect is that there was a bug, causing most accounts to lose all of their Voting Power. @TribeSteemUp was hit very hard, it dropped to less than 1%, and we now have to wait the standard 120 hours for the VP to regenerate. As of this writing, we're just shy of 3 days from being back to 100% VP.

2018-09-27 11_07_51-SteemWorld ~ @tribesteemup - Waterfox (Private Browsing).png

TSU functions in the range from 90% - 100% VP at all times, so I'm not going to wait for it to get back to 100 to start voting again, but it's definitely going to be more than 2 days before it votes again. It's up to you (as someone supported by TSU) whether you want to be posting during that time or not. Once the VP is back, I will be hitting missed posts when I can, but I have no way to guess what the flow of content will be.

Pausing the curation trails

About a month ago, I announced that @TribeSteemUp would be be following the curation trails of some amazing communities (@earthtribe, @informationwar, @naturalmedicine, and @eco-alex of the @ecotrain) with a small %, in order to help spread the wealth. Since then, I've been extremely happy with the way things have played out, and the account is voting nearly 1000 times per week, on around 300 accounts!

Because of the confusion and imbalances caused by this hard-fork, I've got no way of knowing how viable this will be now. At the moment, @SteemAuto (the site we use as an auto-voter & to follow curation trails) is still down. When it comes back online, I am going to pause all the curation trails that TSU follows, for at least a couple of days so I can see how our new mana & VP numbers hold up. My hope is that everything will work smoothly, and I'll quickly be able to re-activate the trails, and everyone will keep on earning lots of STEEM!

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Thanks for tuning in!

Generally speaking, the word we're getting from the devs & witnesses is that things will all basically go back to normal. I don't know to what extent that is true, and really we have no idea what to expect, so I'm being as cautious as can be. With any luck, in a week or so things will stabilize and the account can continue supporting close to 300 creators per week.


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I shall remain in the fetile position. Kick me when it il all good again.


Probably a good call, just enjoy your freedom from the screen for a few days :-)

Sounds good man. 👍

Thanks so much for the update. We are all limping along together. Appreciate all TSU does to support us. Heres to post Fork equilibrium. X


You're very welcome sister! Fingers crossed that things unfold smoothly :-)

Thanks for the update Kenny! 💯

Many thanks for the update Kenny. Hope we are back to normalcy in a few days from now. Thanks for your support as always.
Regards Nainaz

Not much longer to wait now :)

Thanks for the update Kenny. I gotta say as much as the trembles of the hardfork have surprised me, I am kinda happy it fell into a time in my life where there is not much time for Steemit. I know many people feel hurt, but for me it was the perfect permission slip to take a vacation to catch up on offline life.

much love to all of the tribe <3


That's great that it lined up for you with a needed break anyway :-) All in all it wasn't the biggest issue ever, I think the biggest challenge for most was not seeing it coming.


Aye we're all BACK <3